Sam 'Diamond' Miller

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Sam 'Diamond' Miller

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(Artwork was done by thesteedman, featuring his character Drifter)


Name: Sam 'Diamond' Miller
Age: 28
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue (Grayish)
Height: 5.9
Weight: 150 lbs.

Entrance music: Tomb Raider -
Alignment: Face
Nationality: Canadian
Fighting Style: (Hybrid of Grappler and Striker)

Part of her fighting style, as stiker, involves boxing-style punches combined with use of leg sweeps and high jump kicks. Her main strategy is to use these to wear down her opponent before using a grappling move to finish them off.

Appearance: A woman of decent medium build, Diamond has long blonde hair tied in a ponytail. Attires that she wears in the ring includes:

Athelete: WIP

When not wrestling, she usually wears less, name a bikini or a sport bra paired with short-shorts.


Seeking worthy challenges for both the thrill of the challenge and winning and (most importantly) to improve herself, Sam is willing to face any opponent who comes her way. While wanting to win, she prefers to defeat her opponents fairly. As such, she will disprove of any dishonourable methods and will even give her opponent a chance if some accident occured, such as helping them back up if they accidently fell; even if it could cost her the match.


An adventurer and thrill-seeker at heart, Sam has been on journeys to collect different types of treasure around the world. However, hunting treasure is not her only passion as she would soon discover.

Upon discovering one local tribe guarding relic of great worth, Sam learned that that the only way to gain it fairly was to defeat the local tribe's strongest warrior in a wrestling match. After a long and tough match, Sam was able to come out on top and win the relic fair and square. It was at this moment that Sam experienced the thrill of victory and it gave her a new calling and a desire to fight more challengers. Going by the codename Diamond, Sam has joined LAW to compete against the different wrestlers that this particular entertainment industry has to offer. She has had experience wrestling before and is eager to put herself to the test.

Finishing move/s:

Diamond-Cutter - A leg-scissor move that involves Sam delivering bursts of squeezing power on her opponent's waist, instead delivering a long-winded squeeze, as to wear her for foe down and not adapt to the squeeze.

Gem-Breaker - A bearhug that focuses on long-winded squeezes. Only employs this move once her opponent has been worn down and cannot adapt to the squeezing.

Sapphie Raise - A ceiling hold maneuver.

Physical Statistics

General Statistics
Endurance ★★★ - While Sam has decent stamina and can endure different submissions and grabs, she cannot do so forever. She more or less focuses on offense.
Strength ★★★★ - Sam is strong to be able to pull off the different strikes and submissions she would need to secure victory.
Speed ★★★★ - Being focused on offense, Sam has worked to make sure her speed and agility are at the level to needed to carry out fast strikes and grab her opponents quickly. At the same time, it allows her to dodge and side-step her enemies to avoid taking unecessary hits/blows from them.
Defence ★★ - As Sam prefers to avoid attacks and being grabbed, she has not focused on defensive abilities as much. She can block basic hits, but can only use certain prying techniques when grabbed (depending on the situation), though she can use certain counters; again depending on what her opponent utilizes.
Technique ★★★★ - Being a striker/grappler fight, her techniques for both areas are considerable. Part of her fighting style as striker, involves boxing-style punches combined with use of leg sweeps and high jump kicks. She can use these offensively, as well as means of counter. While these can be used to knock out an opponent, her general strategy is to wear her opponent down and finish them off with a hold/submission. With these holds/submission, Sam has excellent control of the amount of pressure she wants to use from long-winded pressue of force to tight bursts of power; making sure that every effort is not a waste of stamina

Wrestling Statistics
Strikes ★★★★ - As mentioned previously, Sam's fighting style with strikes involves boxing moves combined with leg sweeps and high jump kicks to deal hits and throw her opponents.
Submissions ★★★★★ - Sam utilizes submissions to great effect. This includes using different bearhugs, bodyscissors and other moves on opponents to finish off a round or a match.
Powerhouse ★★- While certainly capable of utilizing powerhouse moves, such as powerbombs and body slams, she rarely uses them as they come at the risk of losing needed stamina, hurting herself or leaving herself open to a counter. She only uses powerhouse moves if her opponent is weakened or they make a mistake she can capitlize on.
Aerials ★ - Sam is familiar with aerials, but will use them even less than powerhouse moves due to the fact that they have their drawbacks of her hurting herself in the process and it gives her opponents time to recover if she goes to set one up.
Counters ★★★ - Sam's counters are based on two different scenarios. First off, when trading blows against an opponent, she side-step her opponents and attack them at an exposed flank. One of her favourite strategies if to get at these exposed flanks by doing a feign attack to get her opponents to strike her while leaving their defenses down. Sam will use certain opportunities to grab and redirect the momentum of her attacker into a position advantageous to her. She can also use certain counters if grabbed, such as using submission holds if she is in the right position.

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