Alice Rose - The Royal Servant

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Alice Rose - The Royal Servant

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Name: Alice Rose
Nickname: The Royal Servant, Wilted Sister, The Blooming Rose, The Banished Rose.
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Pink
Height: 5’1
Weight: 101 lbs
Nationality: British, Japanese
Alignment: Face
Entrance Music: Aimee - Brave Shine

Personality: Alice is a kind-hearted, easy-going, loyal, individual who is always determined to do her best. Despite her short stature, she is always determined to fight for her master.
Past: Formerly a servant for the Starling Family. She was first hired by the Starlings for being the model servant. Kind, obedient, perfectly skilled at her duties. It was her daily life until one night, her life changed. She was banished for accidentally breaking a family heirloom while being a wrestling practice dummy for Starling’s favorite daughter. Despite her not being at fault, the family had none of it and kicked her out.

It was a tough time for Alice. She was publicly ridiculed. She was left without work, which meant that she couldn’t help pay for her sick little brother’s medicine. She grew desperate and eventually went into one of the underground fighting leagues to make some money. While suffering losses, she did develop more of an edge and eventually started climbing to the top.

One night after one of her matches, a limo approached her. The side window was pulled down which revealed a kind old man who heard about her situation. He offered to take her and her brother into their mansion in exchange for her services as a servant. Unlike the Starling family, they treated her with kindness and respect.

She lived a fairly quiet life with her newfound family until a wrestling advertisement popped up on the TV, which prompted her master to reveal that he used to wrestle back in the day until an injury forced him to retire early. Although he was saddened by the fact that he never won a championship, Alice reassured that she’ll help fulfill those dreams in his honor. She wanted to repay her debts for the kindness that her master and his family provided to her and her brother. She also wanted a chance to wrestle Victoria Starling, the girl that got her banished and prove that she’s the better wrestler.

Under the training of her master, Alice spent the next couple of months improving her wrestling until her new chapter begins into the big leagues.
Fighting Style: Taking note under the Starling family as well as her new master, Alice picked up a few things here and there which allowed her to develop an all-around moveset. She tries to use her small size and speed to her advantage.

Signature Move(s)
Servant's Kiss
Servant’s Kiss
“This should do it!"

Dead Flowers
Dead Flowers
“Feel the thorns of the blooming rose!”

Finishing Move(s)
Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland
“This is my master’s special move! You won’t escape!”

Ultimate Move(s)
Noble Fantasy
Noble Fantasy
“Don’t look down on me because I’m little!"
“Every rose has their thorns."

  • Currently will NOT do Hentai Matches.
  • Will consider mixed wrestling opportunities.
  • Open to Discord Matches too.
Update History

5/7/2020 - Alice Rose enters the league!
5/7/2020 - Added Rules and Match History.
Match History
Match History
W:0 L:0 D:0

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