LAW Magazine Fan Mail!

LAW's Official Magazine comprised of articles, interviews, tidbits, etc on general happenings at LAW. Written and managed by LAW's Magazine Writers
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LAW Magazine Fan Mail!

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An Explanation
This is an open thread for users to post in-character letters to LAW Magazine and its staff, written by its fans and readers (these can be wrestlers or just random subscribers). Feel free to give your thoughts on articles, storylines, characters, etc., or just whatever you feel like sharing. This way, we can see what people are enjoying in the magazine, as well as giving users another way to engage with the world of LAW.
I would like to contest the rankings of Milly Limerance's article on the ten biggest jobbers in LAW. Heather Sunderland is NOT a jobber! If you'd bother to watch her in the indies you'd know that she has a 5-0 undefeated record in Hell in a Cell, and I don't see you getting in that cage any time soon! She's just had a bad break in LAW, but just you wait until she turns that around. If anything, I think her place should be given to Vanessa Lancaster. I mean, how can she expect to be a good wrestler when she's drunk all the time?
- Hitomi Akari of Yubari, Hokkaido
Why does S-chan wear the mask all the time? I bet she's really pretty.
- Steve Imp of Virginia

It isn't easy getting the insider knowlege I do, and not everyone at LAW takes kindly to my sort of investigation. Every day on the job, I'm risking my life and well-being to bring the information that you, the fans, want to know! When I'm out on the job, I hide my true identity just in case someone would want to track me down to give me a piece of their mind. Of course, I'm sure I could handle them any time! - S-chan
Serious question, why does LAW Magazine hire Eiji Matsumoto when all he does is complain about the product? What good does it serve LAW to have some drunk grandpa talk about how much they suck in their official magazine? If he hates the business so much, he can always leave.
- Ross Vinco of Thornton, Colorado

Well, I don't know, kid. I must be doing something right if I'm hired by the official magazine of one of the hottest wrestling promotions in the world, and they're not afraid of me telling it how it is. They're paying me, so I don't care. Probably more than the money you make flipping burgers. - Eiji Matsumoto
Don't tell Panther, but Ran is TOTALLY a hottie <3 <3 Aged like fine wine~
- Chouko Kato of Osaka

No one asked for your input! Last time I checked, this is a wrestling magazine, not a dating website! - Eiji Matsumoto
LAW fans! LAW wrestlers! Looking for a new place to eat on your way to the show? Check out House of Lai Chinese and Taiwanese Cuisine, located right in the heart of Tokyo in a convenient location not far from LAW HQ! We do delivery too! We were rated 50/100 by reviewers!! You won't regret it!!
- Meiyun Lai of Tokyo

It's not a classifieds page either! Who even is this no-name idiot anyway? - Eiji Matsumoto
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