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Rym's Stuff and Things

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would you like a glass of water? Well too bad.

Cool Bug Notes
  • Everyone here can do mixed matches.
  • Criticisms? Sure, hit me with them.
  • That being said, I am pretty flexible with ideas and always open to plotting. Just message!
  • I like redheads.
  • You might notice my bad habit of re-writing portions of profiles. Primarily, they're either tweaks after experimenting with the character or I want a section to read better.
  • Want a Cool Bug Fact? Characters here are listed from oldest to newest.

  • Bold, extremely arrogant and donning a full suit of pure black. This former boxer turned wrestler loves to humiliate her opponents and demands your respect while doing so.
    Currently: Semi-available

The Restless Maiden
  • Mysterious, unpredictable and cloaked in bandages. A seamstress from France, supposedly possessed by her evil alter ego, "Liona" here to terrorize everyone she sees.
    Currently: Semi-available

Miss Fallacy
  • High-energy, kind and showboaty. America is her home, can you tell? This daring competitor is here to live out her dreams and put on one hell of a show.
    Currently: Available

  • Cool-headed, ovely-cautious and passionate. Also donning black. This elder Reinhardt is hoping to repay her debts while seizing back the years she missed due to injury.
    Currently: Available

Ember Days
  • A loud powerhouse, bad-mouthed and missing proper wrestling gear. Her motivations are quite simple: Slam them all.
    Currently: Available

Nikita Ghost
  • Silent, serious and technical. This versatile mute combatant loves to bring out the best in every opponent before tearing them down.
    Currently: Available
The Ditzy Devil
  • Smug and sassy, a flirt and loves lollipops. She's here to tear up the L.A.W world with good ol' fashioned chaos!
Currently: Available

Miss Paradise

  • A bubbly, cheerful up and coming idol! Or perhaps, a cunning heel. Who knows, you certainly won't until it's too late.
Currently: Available

The Future Is Red
  • While no official profile has been made yet, K.R.R and Scarlaheart can perform Tag-Team matches. Until I make that page, uhh...

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