Mirae Choi, the Future seeker

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Mirae Choi, the Future seeker

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Name: Mirae Choi
Age: 18
Height: 163cm
Weight: 55kg/121lbs

Background: Mirae "Mirai" Choi is Korean and was born in Seoul, South Korea - exactly 18 years ago, on March 18th. From young age she often watched wreslting programs. Unfortunately, wrestling is not popular in Korea and her dream as wrestler was far from being achieved. Also her family was against her, saying that she will not succeed as a wrestler and it will be a hard road for her.

Nonetheless, Mirae did not give up her dream and continued to go to gyms to learn various sports, such as boxing, judo and mma. At first her parents believed that she will give up in a month or two, maybe a year. But to their surprise, she never gave up even she was brutally beaten up in a match. More than that, it seemed that she became better after she lost a match as she just practiced and practiced whenever she lost a match. It was then that her parents knew her passion and decided to give her full support.

After she became 18, Mirae's parents told Mirae about LAW, a league full of various opponents with various skills and told her to go register and achive her dream there.

Now, Mirae is at LAW, and it was her dream come true. Now the only thing she is going to do, is becoming the best Korean wrestler and to become the best above all - to become a champion of LAW title.

Personality: Mirae is very proud of herself and never lose faith in herself. She is always smirking and enjoys whatever she does - even when she loses.

But she does not like cheaters and whoever cheat against her face "fist of justice".

Durability: 3/5. She is strong, but her body is skinny, making it vulnerable to strong attacks, especially to her stomach.

Swiftness: 5/5. Fast, agile just like a jet fighter.

Power: 4/5. She learned various sports and knows how to use and amplify her strength. Be careful, or you will be seeing stars in a second.

Technic: 2/5. She has very little knowledge of technics. She can perform what she knows, but...she needs to learn a lot.

Mental: 5/5. No one can make her feel depressed. She just loves everything.

Match Preference: She will accept any kind of matches, even the H-matches and mixed matches.

Skill: U will never reach future
The ONLY skill she does perfectly(well for now). This is combination of three powerful skills.
1. Argentinian Backbreaker
2. Power bomb.
3. Then she just elbows or jump onto her enemy's body or stomach
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