The SWAT Cats (c) vs The Imperial Russian Empire

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The SWAT Cats (c) vs The Imperial Russian Empire

Unread post by winner3 »

Following the events of We Are LAW, The SWAT Cats were recuperating. They had fought their hardest tag match to date and barely scraped by with the titles in hand when they fell victim to an assault from the Ashford family. The aftermath of the match was still pronounced. All the members of both 3-woman teams would have the match and the experience remembered by wrestlers and fans alike as career-defining. But career-defining or not, the match would not be the only one to define the SWAT Cats' inaugural tag championship run. No, the trio intended to continue fulfilling their promise of providing an open challenge to any pair/trio of women that were willing to step up! And tonight, their open challenge would continue!
The stadium speakers would go off as the SWAT Cats theme played! The monitor would play highlights of their in-ring adventures/talents as the three lovely luchadoras sauntered out together to meet the crowd! As soon as their entrance music played, the fans knew what time it was! Tracy raised her hands and wiggled her hips, swaying the gold belt on her waist provocatively. Kat held the other belt on her shoulder and posed with her hands on her hips. Aurora, the lightweight of the team, jumped up and placed her hands on Katherine's shoulders, leapfrogging up so she can ride on Kat's shoulders and look out into the crowd. The audience filled the arena with cheers and whistles. The LAW World Tag Team Champions have arrived!

While making their way down to the ring, high-fives and hugs were exchanged with the audience. Many fans wore SWAT Cats tee shirts, masks, and other merch. The three of them would take their time making their way up the steel steps and into the ring. Having basked in the praise and applause, Aurora finally fetched some mics from the production crew at ringside.

"LAW!!!! You world tag team champions have arrived!" Tracy called out. Much to the enjoyment of the fans.

"We've only had these belts so long but it's already been a wild ride." Estrella, the Galaxy Cat chimed in.

"Wild indeed. We can't lie, those Ashfords really put a hurting on us. You can see that I actually have athletic tape on my right shoulder heading down my back behind my leotard." Kat explained. She motioned for the cameraman to come closer and zoom in on the defined but hurting back of The Super Kitty.

"And despite being put through the wringer by Dana and her daughters we, The SWAT Cats are STILL your tag team champions, bayyyybeeeeeee!" The audience cheered at Kat's energy and emotions. Aurora and Tracy would hold the belts up high to further prolong the cheers.

"And we are going to continue setting an example! We are going to continue elevating this division and elevating LAW. We gave the Ashfords the best match of their career, and for as long as we remain tag team champions, we are going to give each and every tag team that's willing to step up to bat, the chance to continue proving that LAW has the best tag team division in the world. And the best tag team CHAMPIONS in the world!"

"So if any you ladies, any of you rapscallions wanna come get outfoxed by a couple of cats! Head on down to the ring and strut your stuff if you think you've got what it takes to win these belts!" Tracy followed up.

"Our rules remain the same. The challengers will decide the match stipulation and which two of us they want to go up against. And we'll decide how overcome the odds against any team! The SWAT Cats Tag Team Open Challenge is back online! Becaaaauuuuuuuse!" The trio would huddle together before starting up their team chant!


Soon the crowd joined in the chanting. The confidence and charisma of the champions filled the arena. And that energy would only be broken by the entrance music and arrival of any tag team that was willing to face them tonight! And little did they know, a certain pair of pesky Russians- their career-rivals would be waiting in the wings practically frothing at the mouth in anticipation of the chance to rip their belts away from them!
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Re: The SWAT Cats (c) vs The Imperial Russian Empire

Unread post by RiotGrrl »

"I don't get it Nat..."

The voice was Valentina, the bigger half of the Russian tag team, the Imperial Russian Empire. She stood with Natasha in a quiet area of the backstage. Valentina paced back and forth whilst Natasha ruefully looked at the floor. The purple haired Russian had her arms folded across her chest and sighed deeply.

She went to speak but paused. Nat needed to think before she angered her partner.

"I guess it is her... body."

Valentina stops and shrugs. "So what. Kat has a big ass and big breasts. Thats not the first rival you have faced like that. So, explain?"

Natasha shook her head as a cascade of memories tumbled in her mind. The noise, the reaction of the crowd, and the sensation. The sheer helplessness of being squashed against the canvas, the weight that piled on top to ensure that the Russian was unable to even think of escape. Natasha raises her hands and holds her head. Valentina could tell something was wrong.

"OK, please dont be mad, but whilst you were back in the Ukraine, I did something... stupid."

Valentina raises an eyebrow and says nothing. Her silence would drag the answer from Natasha. It was the same method that Valentina used in her basic military training, she could make anyone confess to anything without even lifting a finger.

Natasha knew this, and continued.

"I challenged anyone in the roster to fight."


"I got my fight. Several girls came down one by one, Alaina, Ashford, The Wings... and the Swat Cats."

"Oh for god's sake..."

"After Alaina, and Ashford battered me into submission, the Wings took their time smothering the hell out of me. I mean boobs, butts and ugh... double pins."

Valentina could feel the anger rising in her. Not only has her tag partner been humiliated but the Baltic bruiser knew it had left Nat's submissive side exposed.

"So the Swat Cats?"

Natasha shuddered as she answered.

"That was the worst, Kat used me a smother toy, those huge breasts, she full body pressed me until I was close to passing out. Then she rode my face for as long as they wanted."

Valentina by now had chosen to comfort her tag partner, she reached back a fist and slammed it hard into the locker nearby. The metal crinkled and bent such was the force. Natasha looked sorry and humiliated. She wanted the ground to swallow her.

"It is fine Natasha. Remember we are the Imperial Russian Empire. We do the smothering, we humiliate, we dominate. You are the greatest wrestler in LAW. You have even beaten me. Do you recall that?"

Natasha smiles and laughs in relief. She nods.

"Yes, you I wore you down with submission and applied the Lenin Lock. You tapped straight away and of course I let you go. It as such a hard match..."

Valentina stretches and pushes her tag team partner to go on.

"Then what did you do?"

Natasha blushes and looks Valentina in the eye.

"I took my prize and rode your beautiful face, it meant I fell in love with you and knew you were my partner."

"I didnt want you to stop..."

Natasha now is confident, recharged and ready. She nods to Valentina. The Baltic bruiser cracks her knuckles and the pair exit.

"There are three of them now."

"Dont worry, I have a plan."

The sounds of Prokofiev rumbles loudly and menacingly across the arena PA. The crowd instantly ring out with boos. It has been a while since the IRE were seen in LAW but no one had forgotten just how devious and heelish they could be. Valentina and Natasha walk stone faced as they walk to the ring. Each wears their matching red outfits with boots. Valentina blond hair and Natasha purple. As they move down the aisle, a fan reaches out and makes an overzealous grab for Valentina's chest.

The Baltic bruiser at once unloads a rocket like punch to the fan's chin. He sinks like a lead balloon into the crowd KO'd. The crowd around him all protest as the security scurry to check the fan is still breathing. Valentina meanwhile smirks and kisses her closed fist, proud of her terrible act. Natasha too engages in heat. She turns to a fan who wants to get a signature. Like a 70's heel, Nat stops to sign the book but then rips it into as many pieces as possible. The young fan bursts into tears and Natasha arrogantly blows the torn paper with a kiss into his face.

As the pair reach the ring, they climb through the ropes and are given microphones. The music dies down and Valentina is first to speak to the SWAT's.

"You called Kat?"

Before the SWAT leader can answer Valentina dominated the microphone.

"Don't answer, save your precious air, you are going to need it, although I am surprised that you are carrying that gold.... and all that weight.. but I digress..."

She pauses to soak in the unhappiness of the crowd.

"... So those belts are, well... fake?"

Natasha now pipes up and adds her commentary.

"This is true, WE are the tag team champions of LAW."

The words bring a ripple of derision, and its all part of the IRE diabolical plan. Natasha continues.

"So, you can take those, and put them in the nearest trash can because they are worthless. WE won the belts, WE are the champs and WE will ALWAYS be the champs."

Valentina nods along and looks to finish up this bombshell of an announcement. The IRE are not carrying any gold, but the crowd know to expect some technicality or ruse.

"So Kat, take your little jobber friends and get out of OUR ring!"
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Re: The SWAT Cats (c) vs The Imperial Russian Empire

Unread post by winner3 »

The Imperial Russian Empire. They were perhaps the SWAT Cats first major rivalry at the promotion. The rivalry between them was the longest-running one in LAW's tag division to date. And with the trio of luchadoras having become the top cats of the division and the top team in the league, there was no question of whether or not The Soviet Seductress and The Baltic Beauty would come after them. With or without the open challenge series the Cats were doing to showcase LAW's tag division, Natasha Rostovik and Valentina Vladinova would have made their move to pounce on Katherine, Tracy, and Aurora, and blindsided them for their shiny new championship belts. It was always a question of when not if. And tonight, the Ravishing Russian duo were finally making their move!

Despite Natasha's recent follies, the two of them made their entrance with even more confidence and charisma than they had come to be known for! Their appearance together in matching red attire, their daunting theme music, their stoic expressions. All of these signs came together to show that IRE was once again setting themselves on the path of dominance. They were eager to show once again that they were every bit as dangerous as they were curvy! And the torrent of boos that followed the sound of their entrance music playing was proof enough that they had the resumes and the skills to be major threats to the champions and the titles!

Of course, behind closed doors, Nat and Val were inseparable. In and out of the ring, whether they were being naughty or nice, it was easy to see why they were a career tag team, and cornerstones of the LAW tag team division. Their interactions with each other backstage were warm and uplifting. The two complimented each other quite well. Any rumors heard second hand by passerbys eavesdropping on their chats backstage or cameras picking up warm moments like Valentina lifting Natasha's spirits earlier brought smiles to the faces of people that heard about them via tabloids or the internet. Fans online had been shipping the pair for as long as they had been teaming. And IRE had always delighted in making sure they wiped any smiles and approving expression right off the audience's faces! And as the super-serious heel duo made their way to the ring, they got to do just that!

An overzealous fan tried their hand at groping The Baltic Beauty. And he earned a swift right hand for his troubles! The echo of Val's fist smacking the side of his head rang out! Replays on the big screen above the entrance ramp would show that the fan got what was coming to him. Katherine, Tracy, and Aurora in the ring clapped in approval as security swarmed in on the KO'd fool and Val marched on unscathed and confident. She was well known for being quite the character and quite the talker. It was easy to forget that she was the muscle of the team. Commentators at the desk at ringside were quick to point out that Vladinova just gave us an empathic reminder! One that it seemed the champs and the fans could get behind, as that fan clearly got what was coming to him! But any semblance of cheers was once again replaced by heat when Natasha stepped up to indulge in some fan interaction of her own....

Kat shook her head and extended a hand out towards the fan when she saw Nat sign that book. She knew exactly what was coming next. Natasha ripped the book up cover to cover, scattering the pages all about the ring! As the paper flew everywhere, Hart facepalmed. Tracy stepped up to the ropes to tell obscenities at the Seductress. Aurora shook her head. The Russians were back in full swing. Having been the brains of the team, even Aurora, their newest member, was keen on IRE's devilish and devious ways. They were back in full swing! And their presence here could only mean that Natasha Rostovik and Valentina Vladinova wanted to accept the SWAT Cats Open Challenge Series and fight them for the titles!

Once The Russians were on the ring, it took a moment for the boos and the jeers to settle. And once they did Val addressed The Super Kitty, Katherine Hart. Kat would nod and raise her mic up to her face.

"Yeah, as a matter of fact, I-" Hart began, only to be interrupted by the ever-arrogant, ever-rude, ever-imposing Valentina Vladinova. Kat adjusted her title belt over her shoulder as Val continued. An annoyed, yet dismissive expression formed on her face as she waited for IRE to make their point. She raised an open palm at Tracy, who's just about ready to let Val have it, and Aurora, who clenched the other title belt tightly, seemingly ready to throw down as well! The trio held their tongues. Surely there would be more verbal jabs thrown their way. But maybe, just maybe IRE was going somewhere with this. Kat communicated nonverbally to her teammates that they should give Nat and Val a chance to explain themselves, at least.

As Nat and Val slandered the integrity of the belts and the champs, eyebrows would raise in the ring and throughout the arena.

"Fake...?!" Tracy exclaimed while pointing at Val. "Only thing fake around here is those pair of-"

"Calm down, Trace! Let's relax. They're just stirring the pot. It's been a while but we all know that's their thing..." Kat stepped in, grabbing Tracy by the shoulder and holding her back so that this encounter wouldn't devolve into a brawl here and now!

"Kat, might I "hit them the facts"?" Aurora offered Kat and Tracy the chance to step in and set the record straight. A chance that The Super Kitty and The Circus Cat signed off on by nodding in unison.

"Natasha Rostovik, Valentina Vladinova. Pleased to meet you. Aurora Estrella, Galaxy Cat. I'm the newest member of the SWAT Cats and current tag team champion alongside my best friends here." The lightweight luchadora began. She tucked her shiny, translucent skirt to the side and curtsied while introducing herself. A kind gesture meant to contrast the scathing words to come.

"Let's get onto business, shall we? At the LAW pay per view event We Are LAW 4, exactly five tag teams displaying the most initiative in the division signed up to wrestle a gauntlet match to determine the first ever LAW World Tag Team Champions. The contest was won when The SWAT Cats defeated The Wings of Wrestling via submission to capture the gold. Since then, we've been the poster girls of tag team wrestling at LAW and tag team wrestling in the pro wrestling industry as a whole. We're on the promotional posters, in the commercials, on the mugs, tee shirts, the ice cream bars, what have you. We have moved on to bolster the tag team division as a whole by allowing any and every tag team to come on down and challenge us for the belts every time we appear on the card. And we've given each of our challengers the best tag matches of their careers!" Aurora spoke clearly yet quickly and eloquently. She finished with an empathic remark that sparked cheers throughout the stadium!

"And while we were winning championships at the top of the card in pay per view events, while we were taking on all comers as distinguished, capable, charismatic, and attractive champions, I believe you were idly twiddling your thumbs while your esteemed partner here was getting stretched out and sat on by all the top stars in the company. Soooooooo-" Estrella pointed to Val first, then Nat. Tracy was quick to follow up on her statement.

"If you wanna feel how "fake" these belts are, we'd be happy to whup your Russian backsides holding these title belts in one hand while showing you the LAW record books with the other." Tracy stepped in, lifting the belt on Aurora's shoulder and holding it high in the air as she stepped closer to Natasha!

"There's only one set of real undisputed tag team champions at this company, and you're looking at them. And if it wasn't for the fact that we were openly defending them against any eligible team, you might not even be here." Katherine finished up. The trio exchanged fist bumps and hip bumps as they celebrated telling off the Russians.

But even as they celebrated, the SWAT Cats and every savvy fan in the arena knew that IRE would not take this tongue lashing sitting down!
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Re: The SWAT Cats (c) vs The Imperial Russian Empire

Unread post by RiotGrrl »

Valentina and Natasha knew that their appearance in the ring would draw some annoyance from the tag team champions. The crowd certainly voiced their opinions as the duo spoke. It didnt matter one bit to the Russians, in their minds, they were the legitimate tag team in LAW, and would go to any length to prove it.

Natasha scowled at Aurora, she had no idea who this wrestler was but as far as the purple haired Russian was concerned, she had no business being in the ring, let alone part of this long running rivalry.

Valentina meanwhile smirked and blew a kiss at Tracy. She heard the protests and was keen to once again squash the troublesome wrestler flat. As Tracy insulted the Baltic beauty, Val spoke, off microphone, but enough for the SWAT's to hear.

"Yeah they are the perfect size to bury your stupid face, AGAIN!"

The Russian was ready to forget the plan and just go at it with Tracy, but at the last moment she held off, knowing that what was to come was far more important.

As soon as Aurora started speaking, Natasha and Valentina watched on with laughter. They mocked, they waved a hand to dismiss all that the Galaxy Cat said, and generally acted with disrespect. Natasha turned and kicked her boots back as if scuffing dirt toward Aurora and Valentina yawned, tired of the words she spoke.

The others played their part and added their insults, to which Valentina and Natasha had an answer.

The comment of Natasha getting smothered to oblivion stung, and the purple haired Russian was fired up. She gave a growl and clenched her fists.

This was a short fuse and it was burning faster.

She unleashed a tirade of comments in her native language, no one but Val could understand but the message was clear enough. If she had the chance, Natasha was going to show Kat and Tracy what smothering really was.

Valentina however took the lead. She placed a hand on Natasha's shoulder and leaned to nuzzle the purple haired Russian's cheek. Natasha giggled and flushed red, it was either the sensation or the promise of some late night fun, perhaps an intimate match, that caused the reaction. No one else was privy to it.

The Baltic beauty raised the microphone and spoke,

"Ah Tracy so easy to turn from pussycat to tigress, unfortunately, you seem to forget how you were flat out suffocated between my perfect round breasts. I mean, it is understandable, no one has ever wanted to escape such a delight, but I digress."

She stepped forward and leaned in so she could speak quietly to Tracy, but ensuring the others heard.

"I guess we won't tell these two how you nuzzled and begged me to become my little submissive smother slave...."

She smirked and raised a finger to her lips to make a SHHHHH motion.

With a flick of her hair she returned to address Aurora.

"Hello Aurora, it is lovely to meet you, I guess you had to start somewhere in wrestling, and Kat is known for taking on new talent to help. It is funny you mention what happened because there is a very different story out there...."

The crowd gave a curious gasp. The Russian tag team were building something and everyone knew it.

"Now Kat, lovely Kat, woman of a hundred holds, even if most of those holds are holding onto the ropes to desperately escape a submission or pin...."

Natasha seized the moment to tag in and verbally add her insight.

"You know Val, the last hold she did was hold her breath as I sat on her face for the count!"

Valentina nodded and the pair high fived. The Baltic beauty would deliver their verbal finishing move to this whole stand off.

"True you smothered her hard and she was purple, as purple as her wide ass in that outfit by the end! But there is one more of you, so Aurora, you can get out of our ring, you have no business here and as much as I would like to squash you, right now, we have no trouble with you."

She waited, even if Aurora didnt leave, Val wasnt done.

"Anyhow. I guess SWAT Kitties we should show you the REAL facts, yes?"

The pair turned and pointed to the large screen. The crowd turned their attention as it flashed into life.

What was shown was a tag team match, the Russian Imperial Empire against... the SWAT Cats?

Natasha was shown torturing Kat in her famed Lenin Lock, a move so dangerous that LAW threatened to ban it. Valentina was seen delivering a crushing Powerbomb to Tracy and falling into a full body pin to apply her trademark breast smother.

The final scene was both Kat and Tracy finished off. Kat was flat out on her back, eyes closed and looked KO'd. Tracy meanwhile was enduring the one hold no one ever wanted. The Baltic Burial. Valentina was casually and arrogantly sat atop of her face in the corner, meanwhile Natasha rested on the blond Russian's lap to KO the thorn in Val's side.

The screen fizzed off and the crowd booed loudly. Many didnt know what to make of it. Some were unhappy that it appeared the IRE were legitimate tag team champions.

Natasha stepped forward and snatched the belt off Tracy amid the ruse, she paraded around the ring before disrespectfully tossing it down at the feet of the SWAT member.

Valentina meanwhile egged on her partner and addressed the crowd along with the SWAT Cats

So, you can see it is fairly obvious who sat on who and who won what titles? I mean you would have to be a total idiot to deny it. Would you like to see it again, I would, and I know Tracy is going to want that for her... quiet time.. to replay and enjoy... alone.. you know..."

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Re: The SWAT Cats (c) vs The Imperial Russian Empire

Unread post by winner3 »

The Russian duo was quick to stir the pot. From the moment their entrance music came on until now, they imposed their will in any way they could. From Natasha's gesturing towards Aurora in much the same way that a cat or dog would bury good that they disliked, to Valentina's constant potshots at Tracy, the heat from the crowd, and the annoyance of the inaugural tag team champions only continued revving up!

Contrary to some of their usual more morally gray antics, IRE had come to dish out zingers and get right down to business. There were no cartoonist plots or kidnappings like Val had done in the past with Alaina's family. There were no demands to be named the top wrestler of the company outright like Nat had done before she was unceremoniously squashed by all her rivals. No, tonight, Natasha Rostovik and Valentina Vladinova did not miss a beat.

From the way they carried themselves, to the way they played off one another while hurling insults the Cat's way, Katherine began to suspect that IRE had found their second wind! That tonight, at the very least, they were at the top of their game! Maybe better than they ever have been. And this was even before the bell!

"You mean the perfect size lose to us with, AGAIN!" Tracy roared back to Val, not so subtly. Katherine was still trying to contain the spitfire of the SWAT Cats. She held Tracy back. It seemed Val wasn't the only one that was considering foregoing the formalities so that the two teams could get right into it and start teeing off on one another!

Despite her bragging, Tracy was irate. Her fist trembled with frustration as she doubled it up. The fact was that last time both teams had met, Val did exactly as she said! She flattened Tracy outside the ring. She hugged and smothered The Circus Cat into an unconscious heap. Had Val bested Tracy even a minute sooner, IRE most certainly would have won their last PPV encounter quite easily! And Tracy was all too aware.

After Aurora had laid down the facts, Natasha nearly flew off the handle as well. The lightweight luchadora's tone grew more and more annoyed as IRE dismissed them, yawned, and carried themselves disrespectfully, but Estrella realized that she hit white a nerve when she brought up Natasha's famed squashfest incident. It was exactly as Aurora had said. The events that saw Rostovik get squashed by darn near every rival she had made at LAW. And as Nat was reminded of this, she lashed out, likely swearing up a storm in Russian!

Before Natasha could turn this into a brawl, Valentina got them back on course, comforting her partner by subduing her with a nuzzle. The SWAT Cats collectively reacted with disgust. Tracy outright gagged. The audience got in on it, jeering the act of affection between the heel duo. Of course, no one understood what the two were saying to each other, but the looks on their faces as they gazed upon each other's eyes, along with the blush on Nat's face gave the nature of the conversation away.

Rather than spend more much time on this moment, Valentina took command of the mic yet again. By this time, Kat was rolling her eyes. She and Tracy especially seemed to dread it whenever Vladinova had something to say. And say something, she did. Tracy jumped up at Val when the heavyweight heel gal suggested that Tracy was even remotely submissive to her. Canon's lunge at The Baltic Beauty was stopped short only by Kat, who had quickly hugged her from behind to keep her from assaulting Valentina! Tracy would be letting loose a torrent of obscenities in the background as Val moved in to address Aurora, who had been standing in the center of the ring, dutifully, still waiting for IRE to define the terms of their title challenge. Despite Nat's words, Aurora remained beside her teammates. It seemed she wasn't ready to leave the ring just yet.

But rather than jump into the details of the match, Valentina alluded to some sort of rumor or story regarding the champs. Of course, before they actually got to the point, IRE saw it fit to make fun of Kat in such a way that made the two of them look like a pair of mean girls picking on someone in high school. The Super Kitty laughed along with them.

"Yeah, Nat gave me the business, I can't lie. I was quite smothered and quite purple, almost as purple as Natasha was after she lost." Kat said in passing. She rubbed the back of her head as she thought this aloud. Tracy and Aurora would react with a shocked expression, playing up the moment and adding an exclamation point to the comeback!

But the tone would soon take a drastic turn when Val called for a video to be played up on the big screen in the stadium. The SWAT Cats looked on in disgust and disbelief as they witnessed what seemed to be done rather convincing footage or IRE squashing Katherine Hart and Tracy Canon in a match for the tag title belts!

Was it some kind of deep fake? Did Nat and Val hire some top-notch editors?! Is there any way that this could be the genuine article and not some farce? These questions filled commentary st ringside. The crowd murmured in confusion. The SWAT Cats all blinked, shook their heads, and stared in dismay and bewilderment. They knew that there was no way this could be real. But the quality of the video was far too convincing! Historically, Kat has come very close to tapping to Natasha in their previous match. And Tracy was bested by Val, but no record of anything so one-sided had ever come to pass!

"I' such a loss for words."

"This is such a farce! Who did you pay to fake that for you?!"

"I concur..."

The SWAT Cats were beside themselves. Of course, the suspension of disbelief was there for a good minute throughout the arena. The mood of dissatisfaction reached its peak. And just as Katherine stepped up to declare that this forgery wouldn't stand, Valentina took advantage of the mood and snatched the belt Tracy had slung over her shoulder! She rubbed it in, of course. The Baltic Beauty declared that the IRE were the rightful tag team champions, using this clip as justification!

"Let's not get bogged down in the details." Hart spoke up for her team, filling her unofficial role as "leader" of The SWAT Cats.

"I know by now not to get dragged into your pace and argue with you. I'll give credit where credit is due. I can't beat Val on the mic. I'm The Super Kitty, but the loud shrill of that booming banshee's voice of yours would send any cat running." The crowd, of course, laughed, adding to the sting of Katherine's insult. No doubt Val would have something to say about it. When things finally quieted down, Kat would begin again.

"So I'll humor you. The Imperial Russian Empire is too great to allow doubt to be cast on their so-called status as "champions", right? So why don't you answer our open challenge right here and right now! And decide UNDISPUTED LAW World Tag Team Champions! That sounds good, yeah?" The Super Kitty would bring the focus back to what it was all about back to the reason both teams were here: to decide the fate of those two title belts!

" your stipulations."

"You've already dismissed Aurora so I'm gonna assume you're gonna wrestle me and Kat? Can't wait to put you cheating harpies in your place, AGAIN!"
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