Interview: Tina Kelley - T.K Has Her Say!

Pretty much as expected. Interviews with characters, wrestlers, staff or otherwise. You can do these as one singular post, or a back-and-forth thread akin to a match, with one of you playing the interviewer and the other interviewee.
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Interview: Tina Kelley - T.K Has Her Say!

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Written By Claire Garcia

Mere months off of her debut, Tina Kelly has certainly kicked off a storm. With dominant wins via her crushing finisher, Tina looks poised to head straight to the top of the heavyweight division, with those standing before her being given the choice.

Step aside, or be squeezed out cold!


Tina Kelly, thank you so much for joining us. With an absolute dominant finish in one of your opening matches against Trent Masters, it's certainly a pleasure to interview a new star of your immediate-high calibre. For those at home who missed it, could you summarize 'what' is Tina Kelly?

"Thank you for having me Claire, I'm so honoured to be here today. I guess the simple answer to that is I am a former model that decided to pursue something she's enjoyed watching since she was a kid and that is pro wrestling. However to give a better answer to your question. Tina Kelley is an experience, much like how people are like 'I love pizza!' and then someone else is like 'Yeah, but have you ever had a New York style pizza?' I want it to be like that 'I love wrestling!' 'Yeah, but have you seen a Tina Kelley wrestling match?"

How are you finding the transition from professional modelling to being a professional wrestler?

"Mentally, surprisingly, not so different, you have to prepare for eyes to be on you and you have to be prepared to give your best. Physically though, definitely night and day. Fortunately for me, I've always enjoyed wrestling and have had plenty of times in my childhood where I practiced some moves on my friends at the time, so I've always did my best to keep my body in shape to one day do what I do now."

What are your goals in LAW, short term and long?

"That is a good question, I honestly have never though about the short goals, I've always thought about the long term. I would love to get to challenge the Heavyweight Champion, I would love to win that and become the champion. I would love to form friendships, love interests, partnerships, be a part of factions, and so on. Regardless, I want to go fans and those that watch me the best matches they can ask for, win or lose, I want them to know that I will always try to give my best to make sure they are entertained."

A small question I myself have to ask is, why the jumper around your waist?

"Why do people wrestle with cat ears and tails or wear a bikini and a scarf? It's just kind of my thing. You know, I'm sorry that it covers up my butt for the viewers and opponents, but I feel like it does enhance my curves a little bit. I've always tied long sleeve shirts, sweaters, jackets, and the like around my waist ever since I was a kid and...I don't know, I guess, since I love hugs, it just feels like the fabric is just giving me an ongoing one."

Heavyweight championship you say? How do you think you'd fare if you had a shot at the belt tomorrow? Any thoughts on Ms. Osterberg and her reign so far?

"Oh, I would lose in a heartbeat! If there is anything in which my debut match with Selket taught me, it's that the top talent is many levels above me and, you know, it's like The Price Is Right with that yodeller climbing up the mountain. I'm going to have to take it step by step and give my hundred percent until I can reach their levels and then some. As for Astrid Ostberg, I love that woman, she's been a huge inspiration and she is doing an amazing job and she is the kind of wrestler that I would love to end up developing into. I also need to thank her for her workout videos as that's how I've gotten into the shape I'm currently in. So yeah, don't get me wrong, I would love to have a match tomorrow with Astrid and I would do my best for myself, for her, and for the crowd, but, I know I would just get crushed in her bearhug and she would probably find me to feel like a jobber compared to her and I would end up not earning her respect."

So you've been a fan of wrestling from a young age. Any family members of yours ever involve themselves in the sport? Any ideals growing up?

"I have a younger sister interested in signing up, especially since it's Anime wrestling, she's a big anime geek. She dressed up like Mai Shiranui all the time and loves to do those Naruto hand whatchamacallits....seals! That's what it's called. Her name is Katrina Kelley and she would be in the lightweight division, but she's wondering if she wants to arrive with a ninja gimmick or just be her true self, like I'm doing, no gimmicks, it's just me. Also yes, my sister has my, jumper as you like to call it, habit. As for ideals, it was just to be mischievous around my friends and just crush them in a bearhug if they annoyed me, but then it became to take this more serious and eventually I would find my way into doing this professionally."

Friendships, love interests, possibly even rivals. Is there any one in particular you could see currently fall into any of those categories?

"Well I'm already best friends with April, who got me into this business. I'm already in talks of maybe forming a faction with her and a few of our friends that are trying to get into the business, we can form The Sweaterbelt Gang. I know, real intimidating sounding group of individuals don't you think? [Laughs] But, seriously, I was thinking of calling my faction the Kinetic Konnection, with a 'K' because, why not? -chuckles- , let's see, I would love to team up with Astrid, I think that would be a huge dream come true. I think even though we're two different sides of the spectrum, I believe I could work well enough with Karen Starring that we could earn tag team gold. Especially since I've already been training and have had some back and forth matches with Karen outside of the ring that we just have a good synergy, you know? Ashley Lucas and Rainbow Mika seems like another two solid wrestlers that I would love to work with. Origa Xenia is also one that would be a lot of fun. As for rivals, I would love to go against Valentina Morozova and Rindo Kobayashi, though I don't know if Rindo would like to have a standard match. I feel like I'm currently feuding with Yukari Yakamoto as I'm not ok with her needing to use her parasol to defeat me, so watch out Yukari, I'm coming back for you. As for love interests, well I am currently dating Trent Masters, but I'm not committed to anyone yet, is there any beautiful woman or handsome man out there also willing to step up to challenge? [jokingly mwahaha's] "

We look forward to seeing how Ms. Kelley fairs against both Tara Kwan and Yukari Yakamoto in the coming weeks.

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