Newbie Nuo

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Newbie Nuo

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Name: Huang Nuo
Ring Name: "Newbie Nuo"
Age: 25
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Height: 5'8 / 176cm
Weight: Around 145lbs / 65kg
Alignment: Face
Nationality: Chinese
Entrance Music

Strategy: Nuo believes it's best to lure her opponents into a trap as well as trying to avoid their strikes. Once her opponent gets tired or left in an opening gives her a chance to go for a grab and using any moves she can use against her now trapped foe.

Preferred Attacks: Submissions, Simple Strikes, and Smother

Preferred Matches: Standard, Submission, Last Woman Standing, Smother, Hentai

Attitude towards Hentai: "Listen, I'm a lonely person... If it's enjoyable and fun then I wanna try- What, expect me to immediately say yes because of my appearance..?"

Strength: 3/5
Speed: 3/5
Endurance: 4/5
Defense: 2/5
Technique: 4/5

Strikes: 2/5 - She Doesn't know where to land her hits.
Submissions: 5/5
Aerial: 2/5- She doesn't want to get injured...
Power: 4/5
Counters: 3/5


Favored Moves

Abominal Stretch

Boston Crab

German Suplex

Backhand Chop



Full Nelson

Finishers & Signatures

Bonsai Tree: Useful for standard and hentai matches, with her opponent on her shoulders to preform a torture rack move. However when doing it will let her play with her now weaken foe.
Dragon's Reach: With her opponent weaken, she applies the a power bomb but once that lands is up to her. Taunting her opponent depending on the match.
Qipao Cover Spread: When Nuo's opponents are weak and vulnerable, she'll have them trap into a painful hold where she can spread their legs apart where the type of match can decide it from there.
Personality & History:
Wang Nuo seems to be energetic girl that manage to get herself from pale or tan skin to darker just from playing outside. She seems to be very polite and been formal to those she meet when she travels with her family. Through her childhood, she seemed to be getting injured every week when coming home from school. When time came by, her family went to Okinawa to visit a family member when she was introduced pro wrestling by a small group at their place. It was interesting for her, with all moves and stunts being pulled got her to watch more. She got quite interested, it made her copy the moves she saw on TV on a pillow with the help of her father since he seem to had fun with her creative mindset.

From middle school to high school, Nuo made small group of friends as they try have small "matches" with her manage to lose the most. It was either Nuo's friends are stronger or her being weak or easily beaten which she got used to for 5 months. Her schedule were off but she manage to get good grades as well as getting better of her skills throughout the years. She studied hard but less as much as she trained herself for her future, becoming a wrestler. Of course the family find it being a joke but she was dedicated to become one like the people she saw on TV since there's no other interest she could've thought of before. After graduations, she moved to Okinawa and continue training but in her uncle's for a while. After Nuo joined, she continue to train in her now new home after her Uncle passed away and became a shut in when in her casual self.

Wang Nuo can be energetic as it was told but doesn't mean she can express it in the public when being in her normal clothes. When being in the ring, she usually gets serious in half of the match as long as she has fun is what she believes. Can't help for her to express her excitement when she puts on the mask, acting like a different person from an introvert to a pro wrestler. Though the mask is the only thing that can keep her confidence since her attire seems appealing due to the lack of creativity as it was the only thing she thought of. With the attire looking appealing, she believes it will help her with movement and she wore a swimsuit before so it's probably fine for her, though her outfit is tight so there's no reason of it to go wrong.
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Re: Newbie Nuo

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[!] Newbie Nuo vs Jenny Rodouko - Submission Match - Lost via Submission

[!] Newbie Nuo vs Tia Langray - Standard Match - Lost via KO by Tia’s sleeper hold
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