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Name: Roxanne Robinson
Age: 20
Gender: Female
From: Baltimore, Maryland
Height: 5’6 ft.
Nationality: American
Ring name(s):
-The pink cladded warrior
    -The underdog
Babyface, heel, tweener: Babyface
Allies: TBA
Rivals: TBA
Enemies: Tba
Tag partner: Tba
Style of wrestling: grappler/submission

Theme song:

Signature moves:
     -Running bulldog
    - Ceiling hold (submission)
    -Dead Red (Roxanne performs a RKO on her opponent with a twist. After she hits it, the woman will then backflip backwards to slam both of her heels into her opponent’s back!)
-Dragon Sleeper

Move set:
-Punches, kicks, stomps, Elbow drops
-Grappling (Suplex, backbreakers, etc.)
-corner (chokes with foot/knee)

Roxanne was Sonia’s sparing partner back in their hometown in Maryland. After Sonia was sentenced to prison, Roxi started competing in the underground league to quench her thirst for a good fight. She was expelled 3 weeks later after she killed 5 opponents in the ring. Distraught and tired, Rox fell into a drunken haze. Her girlfriend left her shortly afterwards, making Roxanne’s mental health decline even worst...

4 days later, The half-drunk received a envelope from under her door. Perhaps the ONLY letter she received from anyone after sonia’s arrest. Once the girl opened it, a smirk appeared on her face. A fire burned inside her, the same fire that was burning when she was fighting Sonia in the ring. Eager to meet her old friend, she packed her bags and headed off!

Info: Roxy (or is mostly known as Roxanne); is a nice and overall fun girl. However, once she feels like fighting, that demeanor changes in a heartbeat.

Endurance: 8/10 Roxanne can take a beating. There’s a reason why her friends call her hard headed!

Stamina: 4/10 If you thought the underdog’s biggest threat was having a ferocious offense... then you’re right. She wasn’t the best when it came to running. Her stamina is under par, so anyone who contest her would have a 65% chance of winning and out-grappling Roxanne

Speed: 6/10 The red cladded warrior moves at normal speed. Nothing special there

Submission 7/10 Roxanne knows how to hurt people. And she’s not afraid to show it by making them beg for mercy under her grasp. From stinkface to Dragon sleeper, Roxanne makes sure to drain her opponents stamina regardless if they tap out or not!

Grappling: 9/10 While Roxanne used to be a boxer as a side career, she fell in love with grappling for a “hands on” approach. Those who do end up in her grasps will have a hard time getting free...

Overall: 70
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