Countess Theresia "Sia" von Karnstein

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Countess Theresia "Sia" von Karnstein

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Name: Countess Theresia "Sia" von Karnstein
Age: 29
Hair Color: white (coloured), natural black
Eye Color: purple
Height: 1,70
Weight: 58 kg

Entrance music: Enamel by Sid
Alignment: Heel
Nationality: Austria
Fighting Style: Grappler
Favourite moves: Bodyslam, Stinkface, Bronco Buster and all moves that are humiliating her opponent
Finishing move/s: Tombstone Piledriver, Romero Special, Torture Rack
Signature Finisher: "Eine kleine Nachtmusik" (Sleeperhold)

Trivia: Here and there Sia reverts to her native language when she is angry or particularly excited.
She is intelligent and also does'nt shy away of unfair practices but mostly relies on her moves.

Personality: Cocky, arrogant, intelligent, sneaky
General Statistics

Endurance ★★★ - Sia is tough but also a little soft in some regards, but she has average stamina
Strength ★★★ - Sia has an average strength and no problem with lifting moves
Speed ★★★★★ - Sia is athletic and fast
Defence★★★- could be a little better
Technique ★★★★★ - As a grappler Sia has some exceptional technical skills

Wrestling Statistics

Strikes ★★★- Average, not the best striker
Submissions★★★★★ - be it a Boston Crab, a bearhug or a sharpshooter, Sia knows how to grapple
Powerhouse ★★★ - Average strength,relies a little bit more on tactic
Aerials ★★★ - Has some experience but not the best high flyer
Counters★★ ★★ - Very good as she is quite the technician

Fighting style: Grappling and Humiliating

History: Born as the eldest child of the rich and influential von Karnstein family from Lower Austria in Austria, Sia had a sheltered life with a good upbringing.
She is intelligent and stubborn and was also able to shine in her studies. During her university years, she developed a fondness for wrestling, something rare for an Austrian woman and especially as a noblewoman.
With her family's money, Sia was able to travel to England, America and Japan where women wrestling was more famous.
She trained her body over the years and was able to make a name for herself in underground battles without the knowledge of her family.
In the end, she felt ready to join L.A.W. .
Since her subject was superstition and witchcraft, she adopted a witch gimmick.
She may be a spoiled, cheeky noblewoman, but Sia shouldn't be underestimated. Her grips and maneuvers are feared in some circles.
She loves fighting with sexy ladies, no hentai fights, but fights in mud, oil and other substances, preferably in tight bikinis or naked against women who are equal in beauty, are exactly her thing.
Now she's hoping for a commitment from L.A.W.

"I am a von Karnstein, Darling. You are beneath me but I think you can amuse me for some time. Wanna try?"
"Ooh, does it hurt? Well let's see if we can't make it even worse!"
"Schätzchen, you may kiss my feet when this is over."
"Ach du liebes bisschen, are you getting no air? Please tell me if so because then I pull just harder..."

A little time for myself...

Bikini 2

Aw, tut es weh Darling?
The last thing you see before you go to sleep...

W/L: 1/0
Debut Match against Alice Starling: Victory through bearhug
Against Akeno Kurojin in a ROTC Match: ongoing
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