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Lei-tzu Sun
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Wrestling Images
None, so here is a butt

Nicknames: Lei, the Crimson Captain
Age: 28
Eyes: Red
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 5'11
Weight: 190 pounds
Nationality: Chinese, from Xiamen, with dual citizenship in the US
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Heel

Entrance Music:
Black Kirin - Yellow River


Personality Lei is a bold, brash woman who crashes into her obstacles like a runaway train. The 'captain' seems singularly driven by a lust for success, prestige, and pleasure, yes, but there is an analytical woman with a sly smile and a silver tongue beneath the rough surface who knows how to fight or talk her way into what she wants. An injury that stalled her career put a chip on her shoulder, adding more aggression to her already intense wrestling style. The time away intensified her addictive side, too (a side that loves alcohol and domination, among other things). She is physical, driven, and stubborn, the type of woman who does not choose tapping over napping, but she also lives life to its fullest and knows how to enjoy herself on her off days.

Fellow wrestlers sometimes mark her as a bully due to her violent wrestling style, but Lei has nothing against anyone unless they give her a good reason. She does have a cruel streak (see: her love for dominating). She is loyal once her respect is earned, but Lei does not go out of her way to make friends. Enemies (who become longtime rivals often) can also earn her respect if respect is given. When it is not, there are no lengths to which Lei will not go to bring them to heel. She can intimidate people, sure, but she can be fun companion for drinking, fucking, and impromptu fighting. If you don't mind being tossed around.

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Lei has peerless power among women who are not two hundred pound monsters. Every move she makes in a match comes with the intention of using more of her power. She has an array of dropkicks, body blows, and clotheslines, but she uses them to set up piledrivers, slams, and the other lifting moves in her nearly endless library. These power moves can be elaborate, held for long periods of time, and humiliating (like showing an opponent's ass to the crowd) which she uses to play mind games. She sticks to basics on the ground, using submission moves that hold opponents inside of her powerful arms or legs (her holds lead to plenty of knockouts) or muscling opponents into more lifting moves.

Style: Momentum-Based, Violent Bursts
Type: Pure Power

Preferred Attacks: Leghook Scoop Slam or Piledriver, Kudo Driver, Vertical Suplex, Glam Slam, Michinoku Driver, Package Piledriver, Grapevine, Breast Smother, Scissorhold, Over the Shoulder Backbreaker, Kinniku Buster, Torture Rack, Sleeperhold, Bearhug

Preferred Matches: Almost anything

Attitude To Hentai: "I don't seek this out. But anyone who tries to fuck me in a ring better be ready to get fucked."

Physical Statistics

General Statistics
Endurance ★★★★★
Strength ★★★★★
Speed ★★
Defense ★★★
Technique ★★★

Wrestling Statistics
Strikes ★★
Submissions ★★★★★
Powerhouse ★★★★★
Counters ★★★

Match Ending Moves

Signature Moves
Over the Shoulder Backbreaker:
Package Piledriver:
Kirifuda Clutch:
Finishing Moves
Sea Beast's Scourge:
Humiliation Finisher
Drunken Sailor:

Lei always had a chance to be the bully around the other girls. She was born in America to a Chinese sailor but raised in China, where she towered over classmates since her mom was a model, partially American, and bordering on an amazon, too. But Lei was too busy getting shit done to be a bully unless anyone crossed her, since her parents were both fine influences. Her dad taught her the value of hard work, and her mom taught her about fiercely claiming what she wanted. Both gave her a sharp business sense and sharp tongue. She was a successful student thanks to all this, but she did have to kick a few asses when the students made fun of the 'giantess'. Lei got more than a little frustrated with this over time, but the chip on her shoulder had not formed yet. Her dad calmed her down many times by letting her drive the family's boat and go on a few trips that he took. She always loved them and came to love the sea, spending lots of time at the beach when she could.

Lei was in China until about fifteen, when they decided to make a move to America for a few years. There in her mom's world she got praise for her looks and her height, not mockery, and her mom got her some modeling gigs. She liked the attention, but posing for people wasn't her thing and neither was the fact that the attention came because she looked a certain way. School did not go much better than in China. People either gave her space for being Chinese or fawned over her for the wrong reasons.

Lei was struggling to find her place in the world until a chance meeting introduced her to wrestling. Her mom had a few friends among the adult entertainment community, and Lei learned that one of them wrestled for some online companies on the side. Lei became attached to the idea of wrestling after this. She wasn't too big, she wouldn't be a shallow pretty face, and it would give her an outlet for her mounting irritation. Her mom would not have her fall into the porn side of the wrestling world with Lei not even nineteen yet, but she was supportive of Lei's entering sports entertainment.

Lei loved wrestling from her first training spar. Trainers and wrestlers told her she was overly aggressive, but she didn't care. Her parents were both aggressive people and got what they wanted. She tore through her age and weight class on a circuit in Nevada, then bulked up and tore through the next weight class with much older women and a few men. Lei was on the cusp of national attention.

Then she tore her knee to pieces when an angry rival attacked her. She was laid out for well over a year and her momentum was gone. Dealing with a great deal of anger, Lei went back to China alone and spent some time there thinking and seeing the sights, wondering if she even wanted to try this wrestling thing again and developing an alcohol problem.

She decided she did, but the start back was slow. Lei moved over to Japan and started wrestling there, but in small promotions she was struggling to get her skills back. During this struggle, a LAW talent evaluator came to her. She had seen Lei's old film and was curious if that woman was still around. Lei claimed yes, but the woman was brutally honest. Lei was overweight, was drinking too much to keep herself healthy, and did not seem to care. Lei was pissed, but she knew the woman was right. After a few weeks of watching LAW, she rededicated herself. She went to hitting the gym to the point of exhausting herself and cut down her drinking. She came out on the other side with an undefeated record over the next year. She kept expecting for the talent evaluator to come back, but she was starting to doubt she would. Did it matter? No. She would do the best with what she had.

It was a week later when Lei took on a bigger schedule in the small promotion that the evaluator returned with a LAW contract.


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