Elle Alresford

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Elle Alresford

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Gabrielle Alresford
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Wrestling Images
Give her the chair!
Charming the referee for a little more time

Nicknames: Gabi, Elle (preferred), the Flower Girl, the Honey Bee
Age: 22
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown/Chestnut
Height: 5'5
Weight: 140 pounds
Nationality: American, from Santa Fe Springs, California
Alignment: Chaotic Good/a naughty Face

Entrance Music:
Lindsey Stirling - First Light


Elle is a buttercup but one with a "go get 'em," elf-starting independent attitude. Growing up poor and in a rough neighborhood, she had to mature her spunk and street smarts and learn how to greet people with a smile but be ready to deck them or chat, maybe even flirt her way out of a rough situation if need be. She usually looks and acts like the sweet budding flower saleswoman she was in her teens but she has slyness and cleverness in spades that help her to maneuver the personalities of a wrestling promotion locker room.

Elle is quick to make friends and finds it easy but recognizes her enemies quickly, too, and longs to beat them, embarrass them. She is pleasant and bright company with her friends, but she can be manipulative and demanding sometimes too. Her independent nature does not stop her from loving when people are willing to defend her and watch out for her. Her ability to turn the other cheek stretches on for a while but has a limit. Those who try to hurt her or shame her can find themselves on the end of either a physical or a sexual onslaught depending on the degree of their crimes against her.

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Elle understands that she has limitations and uses her best moves, looks, and savvy to claim wins. With good strength for her size and no martial arts training, she sticks to lifting her opponents with power moves instead of striking at them so she can ground them, and when they are on the ground she has an array of submission holds and drops that can put a hurting on to opponents of all shapes and sizes. When she can sense that using her sexuality would be beneficial or when she gets hot and bothered herself, Elle will subtly make sure to do so and has moves that utilize her curves for all types of matches whether meant for sex appeal or not. She also is not too sweet to be stopped from pulling out a few tricks here and there like swaying a referee or tampering with an opponent's clothes.

Style: Slow-Paced, Flirty
Type: Power and Submission

Preferred Attacks: Fisherman's Suplex, Hip Attack, Crucifix, Swinging Neckbreaker, Buttdrop, Face Buster, Powerbomb, Schoolgirl Pin, Facesit, Bodyscissor, Bearhug, Camel Clutch, Figure Four Leglock, Spladle, Dragon Sleeper, Paro Special, Indian Deathlock, Caballete, STF

Preferred Matches: Almost anything

Attitude To Hentai: *waggles finger* "Mmm mmm mmm! Keep that to the bedroom. Usually."

Physical Statistics

General Statistics
Endurance ★★★
Strength ★★★★
Speed ★★★
Defense ★★
Technique ★★★

Wrestling Statistics
Strikes ★★
Submissions ★★★★★
Powerhouse ★★★★
Aerials ★★
Counters ★★★

Match Ending Moves

Signature Moves
Fisherman's Suplex:
Camel Clutch:
Finishing Moves
Bush Poppy:
California Aster:
Humiliation Finisher
Bee Sting:

Santa Fe Springs might sound like a glamourous California haven when ring announcers call it as Elle's hometown, but in reality it was a place where Elle, an only child, had to watch her mother struggle to make money on the poor concrete-laden side of town while the rich filtered into the few resorts on the other side. Elle maintained a bright and cheerful countenance and tried to be a bright spot in her mother's life and in the lives of the other poor in her neighborhood, but she had to develop a sharper side thanks to dangerous walks home alone from school on a weekly basis.

She found two ways to solve her problems when she became an older teen. One was to help her mother financially by opening a flower shop where she sold the pretty flowers she could coerce to grow in her part of the town. The other was to truly learn to defend herself by spending time learning how to wrestle when a small promotion in the county opened up a camp for people in her age range. Elle became more and more of an inspiration and charm for the people in her town, and once a figure in management told her that she definitely had the look, spunk, and dedication to make it as a wrestler if she set her mind to it. She did set her mind to it, and while she had to give up her flower business, she found a greater purpose and passion.

Elle became good enough to compete with the adults and start beating some of them. Keeping a strong grip on her roots by playing up a flower motif she became more popular and became a statewide competitor around the same time she was losing the chance to attend college. It gave her just enough money to attend while also getting her mom out of her hellacious circumstances, but costs were still a struggle.

She got her break when a representative of Japan's LAW promotion came with plans to sign her. She moved herself and her mother to Japan, re-enrolled in college, and became a LAW wrestler.


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