Tasha Jackson - The Southern Twister

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Tasha Jackson - The Southern Twister

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Tasha Jackson – The Southern Twister
"You’re on the path of a twister!"


Real Name: Tasha Jackson
Nicknames: The Southern Twister
Age: 23
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 5’8 (172cm)
Weight: 170lbs (77kg)
Nationality: American "Tuscaloosa, Alabama!"
Alignment: Feisty but Sweet Face

Entrance Music: Ida Corr – Ride My Tempo

Recognises past AFW talent and relationships, depending on their own canon.

Tasha is an inherently good girl with a big heart and soul. She has always been sociable and amicable and an honest person in general. However, there’s a good amount of feistiness in her as well. She’s also very confident, both mentally and physically. She has put a lot of effort in sculpting her body suitable for a pro wrestler, and as a result of all the work she has done over the years, loves her body and isn’t afraid to show it off.

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Years of experience have developed Tasha quite a skillful wrestler. Her technique and knowledge of various moves is quite extensive, and her efforts at developing her body over the years have paid off and left her with a strength that many can envy. Accordingly, her strategy relies a lot on power moves and submissions at times, but it can still be said that Tasha’s pretty all-rounded as a wrestler.

The additional challenge that LAW provides for Tasha is that she barely falls into the heavyweight category. Thus, she must be ready to face the biggest if she wants to achieve glory and fame, even if her opponents in the past may have often been smaller ones.

Style: In the ring Tasha’s personality shows. She fights fairly and counts on her own capabilities. She’s bravely facing all kinds of opponents and enjoys the variety, regarding both foes as well as types of matches. However, she’s very willing to take advantage of her power and skills and can be merciless to her opponents, provided that her actions can still be regarded as fair.

Preferred Attacks: Depends on the opponent really, but commonly Suplexes, Slams, DDTs, Scissors, Chokes

Preferred Matches: Being rather confident with her strength and skills, Tasha is a fearless fighter and a brave opponent who believes she can take on anyone. That also means she believes she can wrestle well in all kinds of matches, and is not one to turn down a challenge and new ideas. (However, she’s most comfortable with the standard ones.)

Attitude To Hentai:Now I’m not a naughty girl or anything, but I’d beat yo’ ass in one!

Physical Statistics

Endurance ★★★ – Tasha has some decent stamina, but she’s not the best at taking a beating.
Strength ★★★★½ – Something Tasha has developed over the years, and believes her strength can be comparable to toughest opponents (whether it is factual or not).
Speed ★★ – Tasha counts more on strength and technique than moving fast in the ring.
Defence ★★★ – Her defending capabilities are rather average.
Technique ★★★★ – Years of training have made Tasha a skillful wrestler.

Wrestling Statistics

Strikes ★★★½ – Tasha’s strikes lack in speed, but excel in power.
Submissions ★★★★ – Skills Tasha has gotten over the years have made her a rather skillful submissionist.
Powerhouse ★★★½ – Tasha can be a deadly powerhouse against smaller opponents, and she’ll try to be one against bigger opponents as well.
Aerials ★★½ – She has some decent knowledge of them, but is quite unlikely to use them herself.
Counters ★★ – Counters are not Tasha’s specialty.

Finishing Moves

EF5: A Tilt-a-whirl mat slam followed by headscissors and a pin.

Sweet Tea Dreams: Basically a Dragon sleeper, with the exception that Tasha pours a bottle of Sweet Tea on the opponent before performing it.

Tasha comes from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Her childhood was rather decent and happy until the age of 12, when her father was killed on his way home by a tornado ripping through the county. From that point on the life of her family turned more chaotic, often leaving Tasha having to take care of herself. Luckily, her good girl nature had already stuck deep into her, and she managed to avoid getting dragged into bad ways and habits.

However, when Tasha was 16, she was coincidentally asked by an underground wrestling federation to join them. For the independent teenager that thought sounded curiously appealing. She remembered her father had always enjoyed watching those shows from TV, and was quite flattered that someone had considered her body to be great for an aspiring young wrestler.

For the federation agent, the motivation was just to get some young and hot girls to join them. That was obviously never told to Tasha. The consequence was that she turned out to become the federation’s favorite rookie jobber. But while her success was nonexistent, Tasha didn’t quit. On the contrary, she started to train harder and harder, gaining lot of strength at the gym and experience in the ring as well. Gradually the young rookie started winning some matches, eventually becoming over the years one of the top contenders of her federation.

Wrestling became her passion, wrestling became what she loved to do. Tasha also adopted “The Southern Twister” as her ring name in order to honor her late father’s tragic fate in the spirit of his love for wrestling. But unfortunately, the wrestling federation that she was fighting in was suddenly closed down after some official probes into the practices of its agents. Thus, Tasha was left with no home.

Luckily, some recruiters for Japanese wrestling federations quickly contacted her, and Tasha chose to join the ranks of AFW. Her start at the federation wasn’t all that great though, as she was quickly placed into the ownership of another wrestler due to losing to her. This left Tasha with a tricky situation at AFW and without many matches, and she decided to contact another Japanese recruiter as well, who was very eager to sign her onboard LAW as well.

Wrestling Attire
Back in the days when she was still a rookie


LAW Record: W: 0 L: 0 D: 0
AFW Record (at the time of joining LAW):
W: 1 L: 3 D: 0
(includes unfinished matches)
Link to AFW profile






Match Ideas Mostly standard matches, but is willing try out ones with tougher stipulations or unusual locations. No Hentai.

Possible Opponents Anyone who's ready to wrestle her, big or small.

Fun Facts

- Tasha drinks at least one bottle of sweet tea every day, in fact she usually brings one next to her corner by the ringside for matches as well

- Until the age of 14 she thought that “Sweet Home Alabama” was the national anthem of the United States
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