"Gothica" Julie Merriweather

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"Gothica" Julie Merriweather

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Julie Merriweather
Occult Expert In Need Of Squeeze Toys

Real Name: Julie Merriweather
Nicknames: Gothica
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Black with pink/red streaks
Height: 6'2
Weight: 190
Nationality: American
Alignment: Tweener

Entrance Music:

A beautiful woman with piercing grey eyes and a smirk on those black lipstick colored lips that can lure you in like a succubus. She wears thigh highed boots with multiple straps, fishnet opera length gloves and a latex black evening gown as well as finger claw jewelry as well as an assortment of other rings to compliment her features.

Easy to get along with if she views you as a friend, views others (and some friends too, pending on her mood) as things for her to capture to have her way with. She doesn't care much for the rules and they are meant to be broken if that means some fun is to be had.

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Depends on which side of her comes out, there's the side that wants to be submissive so will sometimes try too botch things on purpose so her opponent can place her in a submission, then there's the dominant side of her that wants to draw things out, the more pain, the pleasure.

Type: Powerhouse/Submission

Preferred Attacks: Submissions/Striking

Preferred Matches: Prisoner Of War, Submissions Only, Hardcore, Bedroom Matches

Attitude To Hentai: "Mmmm, looks fun, however I would rather take my victims home to do something like that"

Physical Statistics

General Statistics
Endurance ★★★★★ - Can withstand a lot of pain
Strength ★★★★ - Can dish out a lot of pain
Speed ★ - Not so quick in those thigh highs
Defence ★★ - Meh, not that difficult
Technique ★★★ - Knows a few ways to torture someone, has read a few books

Wrestling Statistics
Strikes ★★★★ - Loves to plant her heels into someone and dig
Submissions ★★★★ - Loves to hear you scream.
Powerhouse ★★★ - Another way to make you scream.
Aerials ★ - Doesn't
Counters ★★ - Only the basics.

Match Ending Moves

Signature Moves
Gothica Deathlock: A Scorpion Cross Lock. Gothica hooks the legs for a Scorpion Deathlock/Sharpshooter, but is facing the opponent and when she bends over, she scoops up victim's arms by the elbow and pulls them up.

Finishing Moves
The Servant And Her Master: Gothica faces away from her opponent to reach back and grab both of their wrists, she then leaps up and back to force her opponent to bend over as she sits cross-legged on her opponent, all the while pulling up on her opponents arms until they scream for a submission. (Think Tina Armstrong's Rodeo Hold from Dead or Alive, but sitting in reverse)

Wins/Losses - 0/1

Loss against Isaiah Bowen Via Bearhug

History Gothica was looking for the next best way to be dominating. Sure with this league of anime wrestlers, she would find more then one way to have someone, either willing or unwilling, to be her test subjects to find the fine line between pain and pleasure, and who knows, maybe find the right person to give her the squeezes she so desires to be inflicted upon herself.
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