"The Excellence Of Elegance" April Starling

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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"The Excellence Of Elegance" April Starling

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April Starling
Basically A Bond Girl In The Form Of A Wrestler

Real Name: April Starling
Nicknames: Agent Starling, Ms Starling, Copy Cat, The Excellence Of Elegance
Age: 28
Eyes (Contacts): Violet Real: Blue
Hair: Violet
Height: 5'8
Weight: 140 lbs
Nationality: British
Alignment: Face

Entrance Music:
from about 3:04 until song end

Fighting Style: Technical

April Starling is a gorgeous woman with a long Jessica Rabbit Peek-a-boo hairstyle that covers half of her face and leaves only one of her violet eyes visible. She'll wrestle in either a Black spaghetti-strapped gown complete with a thigh high slit and matching opera length gloves and high heels in which she snaps the heels before the bell rings, or she'll wrestle in something a little more comfortable such as a orange two piece bikini with a large black hoodie tied around her waist that she even keeps tied around her during the match.

Polite, well-mannered, and has a sense of honor that probably leads her into trouble such as letting opponents get back up to their feet instead of taking advantage. She's a confident woman, but will also admit when she's in over her head. She has a chain smoking habit, but maintains respect for those that do not and does her best to keep smoke away from anyone she's near.

Attitude To Hentai: "I'm flattered that you would be interested in having that type of match with me, but I must respectfully decline." She would say, blushing in the process.

Preferred Attacks: Submissions/Counters

Preferred Matches: Submissions only, Standard

General Statistics
Endurance ★★★★ - Surprisingly can last for quite a while
Strength ★★ - Can strike hard, but can't heavy lift
Speed ★★★★ - Fairly agile and flexible
Defense ★★ - Not that great at escaping once locked in a hold, especially bearhugs
Technique ★★★★ - She makes this look good.

Strikes ★★★★ - She can lay you out with a well placed kick and her chops can sting
Submissions ★★★★ - Can most likely twist you into a pretzel or can squeeze you into submission fairly quickly, especially if she's using her legs.
Powerhouse ★ - Hip Tosses, back drops, a suplex with some effort, not much else.
Aerials ★★★ - Takes a high risk every once in a while, but the flashiest move would only be a moonsault.
Counters ★★★ - Can hold her own when it comes to reversing a move or re-directing an opponents strike.

Finishing Moves
Elegance Strike: April leaps into her opponent raising both of her knees up high to drive into her opponents shoulders and uses her forward and downward momentum to plant her opponent to the ground on the way down. (See also Meteora)

Signature Moves
License To Squeeze: April locks her opponent up in a Texas Cloverleaf submission, but then at the end she lays with her opponent sideways and adjusts the lower half of her body to wrap around her opponent's waist, delivering a Texas Cloverleaf and Body Scissor at the same time.

Her Majesty's Secret Suplex: Basically a fisherman's suplex but instead if lifting the opponent up, twists them around Neckbreaker Style as she bridges at the end to try to score the pin.

History After a few years of working as a secret agent, April Starling settled down, but still wanted to experience some thrills in her life, April Starling decided to use her past profession as a "gimmick", so basically a not-so-secret agent and try her abilities out in professional wrestling. She is thrilled to try and see for herself how far this job can actually take her.

Record: 1-2

Loss Vs Amalia Caenis via Piledriver

Vs Ashley Lucas - Currently Ongoing

Vs Valentina Diaz - Currently Ongoing

Loss Vs Countess Theresia "Sia" von Karnstein via Bearhug

Win vs Jenny Rodouko via License To Squeeze
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