Diana Accera - A Day In The Life Of (LAWLESS Title Hunt)

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Diana Accera - A Day In The Life Of (LAWLESS Title Hunt)

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When picking her opponents, Diana was rarely selective. Much planning was taken into how she'd go into a match, but she had little care for whom she was actually matching against. So long as they could stand straight, and put up a fight.

That same train of thought was used today by the Italian - whom had put careful planning into the somewhat highly anticipated hunt for the LAWLESS title, or more specifically, how she would hunt for it. With once more, little regard for whom she fought along the way - or perhaps even whom she defended it against, should she be so lucky.


With the event already somewhat underway, and the cameras no doubt rolling along the offices of LAW itself, Diana had opted for the sly approach in terms of entry and search alike. Having slid a sly ten thousand yen under the table so to speak of whichever member of LAW faculty seemed reliable, Diana found herself emerging upon the premises in a curious manner.

Namely, the boot of a car.

Figuring that little mind would be paid to a simple office worker turning in late to her shift, Diana had hitched along for the ride hidden in the aforementioned boot. Having given specific instructions for her 'helper' as it were to simply park wherever it seemed quiet, Diana would hear the click of the trunk that signalled that in a moment, the time to hunt would be on her. Slowly peering from within the car's rear side, Diana's eyes shot back and forth, near enough every which way in hopes of spotting any peculiar threats. Diana was fully intending to fight for the belt once she had it, but what purpose was there in scuffling before hand, whilst the victor claimed the spoils?

Spotting her cohort make her exit, Diana slid from the trunk with next to no presence to her - gentle and careful footing made the fierce Italian more akin to a cat this day, than her usual full-steam-ahead self.
Minus the gloves
Opting for a more casual wear, given not only was it too brisk to simply wander the premises of LAW in her 'battle bikini,' but that it might aid her if slightly in hiding her intentions, Diana took to searching to-and-fro amongst the wall-side parked ends of every car in the underground car park. Her thinking was rather simple, if apt - if she was the one hiding the belt, would it not be placed in the most unsuspecting of places?

Though not at all against the idea of going upstairs into the no doubt crowded LAW offices, Diana was once more banking on the hope that she could avoid an early fight at all costs. She could barely fathom how many wrestlers would be scouring upstairs. But down here? In the darkness of a dreary carpark?

Diana was alone. For a good solid five minutes in fact.

Until all at once, she wasn't.

"EY...YO!" She heard across the carpark - the tone of the call aggressive, though she didn't recognise the voice. Turning with eyes wide, Diana's attempt at avoiding a fight all at once had come apart. The call hardly seemed to carry the demeanour of someone merely cat-calling the Italian.

"Oh what the fu..." Cutting herself off, Diana laid eyes upon not one figure whom she couldn't put a name to, but several. Beyond double digits in fact. For before her, or rather a good twenty or so metres away, stood a crowd of firm bodied figures all of which carried a sour look to them.

"Looking for somethin' particular?" Muttered one, whom barely stood above the average height of your standard lightweight. "That belts ours..." Mumbled another, whom received quite a few glances from her cohorts, given she had just given the game away. Regardless of their intent being as obvious as could be.

"Why don't you just take a seat right where you are, Ms. Accera?" Spoke the tallest of the group, whom herself stood slightly taller than Diana herself. "The belt isn't your colour anyway..."

Almost on cue, as if a button had been pressed or a lock undone, the crowd slowly but surely began to approach the speechless Italian. There was too many to fight, even if luck was on the Italian's side. There was but only one sure fire way out of a mess like this, though before falling back upon it, Diana opted for a rare moment of diplomacy.

"You...You guys know you can't all be champ, right?" Diana hummed, stepping back at the same pace the mob was approaching, whilst asking a question she felt was an obvious one.

"No shit...But being a part of the group that holds it...That adds weight to your name, don't it?" Spoke another previously unseen member of the group, whom seemed to earn a few nods from those around her. Unlike this figure, it was one Diana recognised. One of which was amongst the unseen part of the official LAW roster - 'a young lioness,' would be the correct term. No doubt given the matching swagger and demeanour of those around her, Diana was likely faced with a whole pride of them. A pride evidently out for glory.

Women like this couldn't be reasoned with. A fact Diana evidently knew.

"That's a pretty swell idea...ya know..." Diana hummed, her nerves building as she continued to step back. It was rare to see Diana sweat outside of strenuous exercise, and yet here she was close to dripping. So much for saving her energy.

"And I can onl-FUCKYOUALL"

All at once the tone of the moment changed, as Diana's loud roar was accompanied with the Italian kicking off her feet. Needless to say, in the direction the mob wasn't. Running as if her very life depended on it, Diana's incredible cardio could only do so much against a mob made from the younger generation. She already knew without turning that she was indeed being followed.

Pacing for what seemed to be the exit, Diana would narrowly avoid the reaching hands of the young lions at her heels. Kicking out her feet as one jumped right after her, Diana barely managed to correct herself as she stumbled near enough through the air, before landing in a way that allowed her to continue her pace. She could at least take satisfaction that the girl whom had just tried to rugby tackle her had just eaten nothing but concrete.

Continuing her pace down the other end of the car park, what little skill Diana in the world of parkour was quickly employed. Raising her right leg as the left kicked off the ground, Diana would rather seamlessly slide across the hood of a car, as if she were the star of some buddy-cop film shooting the scene prior to a chase. Once more, a look of satisfaction would fall upon her, as a quick glance back revealed that a handful of those in the crowd had utterly fumbled attempts to follow suite. The rest, simply went around. "Fuckin' dumb shits, get after her..!" Screamed one amidst the mess. A noise that would have made Diana laugh, had she not already been booking it.

To what looked like a sure fire escape!

"STOP HER..IF SHE GETS IN THERE..!" Roared another of the crowd, whom was only a few steps behind Diana and rapidly approaching. Eyes of the mob and Diana alike to an elevator at the end of the carpark, Diana's timing couldn't have been better, given a handful of confused, rather frightened LAW hands were exiting from it.

Though needless to say, had she not reached said elevator in time before the doors closed, her search would have been over...

"Fuck..fuck..!" Diana roared to herself as if to pick up the pace, an attempt that only partially succeeded as her thighs moved just a touch faster. Merely a few steps away, the doors had already begun to close - Diana's attempt for a dramatic exit were all at once about to come apart!

Until in an effort to near enough save her life (perhaps an overexageration), Diana kicked out both feet before her. To turn her rapid sprint into a slide that covered a damning bit of distance! Pain aside from sliding upon the smooth yet flaky concrete below, what could have been a disaster for the Italian all at once turned into a resounding success. She had made it - and with style, given the gesture she opted for those behind her, as the doors shut in time to save her from the mob!
Same Energy
Standing with a breath of pure relief, Diana dusted herself off amidst bringing her right hand behind her back. Aching just a little from scraping her figure along the concrete, Diana tried to flex and stretch out the ache, as the elevator on its own went up. She didn't imagine the mob of young lioness' would be behind her, yet she hardly wanted to stop nearer the lower levels of the building now. She couldn't imagine how lively a beating they'd attempt had they gotten a hand on her now.

Opting for somewhere towards the middle-point of the building, Diana practically picked the floor with her eyes closed. Her choice would hardly help her, she figured.

And whilst it definitely didn't, Diana's random selection was one that would have lived within her mind for days to come. And not for good reason. Hell, it practically made her miss the parking lot...

When the doors of the elevator were ready to open, Diana geared up her fists, almost as if she was expecting a mob on the other side. In place of said mob, would be nought but quiet. Eerie, borderline horrific quiet.

What stood before Diana was in fact, near enough nothing at all. Gazing upon what was an empty hallway, Diana peeked her head from the elevator as if she were a naughty child. Gazing left, there would be nothing.

Gazing right however, gave Diana quite the sight indeed. One she was shocked she didn't bare witness to at first.

For before the Italian on the right side of those elevator doors, laid a mass of figures laid out. Some LAW personal. Others with attires that matched those she met in the parking lot. Perhaps a secondary group in fact.

All of which, none moved.

"Err..What..?" Diana shuddered, perhaps unwisely stepping from the elevator doors to give a nudge to the nearest figure before her. Needless to say, none before her lay dead, but damn if they weren't close to being so.

Earning no reaction from the body she had nudged, Diana would practically tip-toe along the hallway, before extending her leg for another nudge. The response was a notably livelier one than the first.

"AHHH..PLEASE...PLEASE NO MORE...I DON'T KNOW WHERE THE BELT IS I PROMIIIIIIIIIISE!" Roared the figure before her, whom looked as though she had taken ten hard rounds from Mike Tyson against her will. The look of concern and most definitely fear still upon her face, the figure whom had screamed at Diana all at once went quiet again. Another nudge of Diana's foot suggested she had passed out like the first.

Before Diana could reach down for a touch of the figure with her hand, the lights before her and above her began to flicker in sporadic fashion. Whether it be dodgy electricals or the act of some force would remain unseen for Diana - as even with her bravado and mass confidence, she found herself pacing backwards once more towards the elevator doors.


"YEH...Fuck this..." Diana spoke to herself, reaching the same elevator from which she had left, with her hand already upon the buttons to call for another floor. Oddly enough, flickering lights, cries of anguish and the mass pile of beaten bodies before her put feelings of fear upon the stoic Italian. And if that wasn't enough, then what flickered before the Italian as those elevator doors closed certainly did...


Staring blankly at the doors now shut before her, Diana dared not even move given what she had just saw. Her heart rate having picked up quite a bit, Diana needed to exert visible effort on her part to control her breathing. Never mind her shaking.

"Jesus. Fucking. Christ." She'd mutter, unaware of the fact that the elevator was moving once again, straight up.

"Maybe I should just go for hentai instead..."
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