LAW's First Ever Royal Rumble Event!

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LAW's First Ever Royal Rumble Event!

Unread post by Lunaspark »

Please read this entire post before commenting or responding to it. It's a longer post, I understand, but everything contained within is important to the upcoming event.

The idea of a LAW Royal Rumble has been discussed several times in the past, but there have always been issues with doing a Rumble type match. It involves a lot of people all working together and posting in a timely manner. It involves everyone that's taking part to pay attention to every else's actions and more importantly, be able to understand what's happening and what their role in the match is. It's also a match type that, even with everyone posting frequently, will most assuredly take a longer time to finish.

(As an example, many many moons again AFW did a hentai rumble. With eleven participants, it took roughly five months and lasted twenty-three pages.)

But, I think LAW can handle a rumble. I think we've got an amazing group of writers and roleplayers here that are up to the task. It's going to be a challenge, but I am confident that we can hold a rumble match and see it to completion with minimal issues. It's something I've been thinking about for a while, and after a bit of discussion with the other members of the Mod Squad, I believe we can do this.

I'm going to talk about how we're going to do it, but first I want to lay down some ground rules here. These are important, so please make sure you read the following:
If you do not think you can handle the frequent posting that will be required of you, do not apply.

This will be a mostly scripted event. By this I mean that there will be a lot of discussion about different spots with your fellow roleplayers and a lot of working as a team to ensure that things work out well. If you do not think you can handle this, do not apply.

If you are not willing to take instructions, even if it means your wrestler getting eliminated, do not apply.

While this is mostly a collaborative match type, even more than usual, as the event runner I will have final say on things should any arguments or debates about things in the match break out. If you can't accept this, do not apply.
Now, with that out of the way, here's how I am planning to do this.

This thread will be used as a recruitment thread. If you're interested in joining the rumble, please leave a post with the name of your character that you would like to take part along with the words 'rumble on' in your reply. This is to show that you can take instructions. If you don't leave the words 'rumble on' in the same post as your girl, your post will be invalid and you will be overlooked as I choose people to take part in the event. Also please note that just because you show interest doesn't mean you're going to get to take part, at least for this rumble. This match is more of a 'proof of concept' event, proving that we can do it and get it done. I am going to be extremely stringent on who takes part in the event. This is nothing personal towards anyone, and if you don't get chosen, please do not feel bad about it or think I have something against you. I will mainly be looking for people that I know can post frequently and can work well with others. This match will also have a smaller number of members than a typical WWE-style Royal Rumble. As I said at the start of the post, AFW's big hentai rumble had eleven people and took quite a long time to finish.

This will also be a fairly low stakes event. There won't be any big prize like a title shot or anything for the winner. The prize for winning will mainly be bragging rights that your girl won the first ever LAW Rumble (and maybe a trophy or cup or something), as well as the sense of satisfaction that we pulled this off.

Once it's been decided who will be taking part, I will be setting up a Discord server for all the participants. This does mean that yes, you'll need to use Discord to take part in the event, but most of you already do so I don't think this will be a problem or an issue. Once everyone has joined the server, I will be assigning everyone's fighter a number and doing a dice roll to determine the order of entry for the Rumble. I will also be using a dice roll to determine who wins the event (unless by some miracle everyone agrees on who the winner should be, lol). This is to ensure that everything in the rumble is fair and unbiased, and that favoritism or personal biases are not involved.

Once everyone is in the server and has their entry number for the event, the actual match will begin. I'll be going into more details about how this will work in the Discord, but the basics of it is that there will be a set number of posts between each entry into the match (as an example, let's just say for now that every ten posts a new wrestler makes her entrance into the match). There will be a set posting order for everyone involved as well, to ensure that faster posters can't rack up a ton of posts while slower ones don't get as many chances as the others.

(To explain this part better, let's say Scorn, Arjuna, Ducky, and myself have girls currently in the ring. The posting order would be Scorn > Arjuna > Ducky > myself. Scorn makes his post, so now he has to wait for Arjuna, Ducky, and myself to post before he can post again.)

There will be a minimum number of posts wanted a day. I know things are hard due to everyone being in different timezones, but at minimum I'd like everyone to do at least one post per day, though I would prefer if everyone could get at least 2-3 each day. Again, it'll be hard with timezones and with everyone having different schedules, but if everyone can do their minimum one post a day, we should be able to move the match along at a fairly brisk rate.

If you will be unable to post for some reason, please let me know. I will work with you and find a way to keep things moving while keeping you involved. If you hold things up too much though, or stop posting without any sort of warning, your girl will be eliminated asap. Again, this is nothing personal against anyone involved, but we want to keep things moving. I would also ask that anyone that takes part in the event makes this match one of their higher priorities while they're involved in it. There will be a lot of people involved, and if you're posting in all your other threads while it's your turn to post in the rumble, then you're just holding everyone up and you'll be risking an early elimination.

I think this covers everything. I'd like to try and get this started around early-to-mid March. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Remember, this is going to be proof that LAW can do a Rumble-styled match and pull it off! If this one goes well, we can do more in the future, and maybe even make them bigger, better, and more important than this one! I'll looking forward to seeing who steps up to help make this match succeed!

EDIT: One more thing of note! Because the stakes for this are fairly low, feel free to use ladies you might not normally use! The fun part of a Royal Rumble is seeing the different variety of women involved! If you have a jobber, or someone needed a debut, or someone hoping to make a big splash, feel free to toss them in!
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Re: LAW's First Ever Royal Rumble Event!

Unread post by Lederface »

Jenny rodouko

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Re: LAW's First Ever Royal Rumble Event!

Unread post by RJD »

Izzy Shine

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Re: LAW's First Ever Royal Rumble Event!

Unread post by pikazard »

Ashley Lucas will rumble on!
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Re: LAW's First Ever Royal Rumble Event!

Unread post by PrincessBlair »

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Re: LAW's First Ever Royal Rumble Event!

Unread post by SuckerPunch »

Rainbow Mika! Yeah YEAH!

Also, Rumble On? Makes me think of Tony Tony Chopper.

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Re: LAW's First Ever Royal Rumble Event!

Unread post by SweetHeart »

April Castle
rumble on!
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Re: LAW's First Ever Royal Rumble Event!

Unread post by Violet »

Ichika Rei

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Re: LAW's First Ever Royal Rumble Event!

Unread post by Void-Effect »

Gray Harper

Rumble On
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