Brianna Mendez vs ChaCha Luana

Official Women's Wrestling matches take place here. There are multiple LAW Arenas throughout Japan, each offering different shows/rings
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Re: Brianna Mendez vs ChaCha Luana

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Brianna did everything in her power to slow ChaCha to a crawl and stop all her momentum. But try as she might, Luana never slowed down. The fighting Filipina kept finding ways to will herself back into the match! When Mendez pulled off the top rope and overhead for the Military Press, Brianna was sure that she'd be able to catch a breather! But unfortunately for her, ChaCha had managed to land on her feet while she dropped down to all fours! This was just the big chance her opponent needed! ChaCha sprang into action, both literally and figuratively as dashed towards the ropes and did a handspring into them, building up momentum so that she could flip backward and flatten Brianna with a Moonsault! The move forced Brianna onto her stomach, laying her out on her front!

"Gaugh!" Mendez croaked as she was forced onto her front! Against all odds, Luana overcame her fatigue and any wear and tear in this match to flip the larger woman over onto her front! ChaCha ran to the corner with urgency after doing this, springing up to the top turnbuckle for her top rope Moonsault finisher! The crowd roared as ChaCha connected! Brianna's eyes practically popped as all 167 pounds of ChaCha came down on her midsection! Luana repositioned herself on top of her opponent and hooked Bri's thick leg to secure a pin! The audience counted along as the Filipina looked to seal the deal here!




The bell rang and ChaCha's victory was secured! Brianna stayed down and accepted her defeat.

"Not bad, kid.... I'll get you next time." She said as she allowed her opponent tonight to bask in the glory of her victory.
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Re: Brianna Mendez vs ChaCha Luana

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ChaCha would fly through the air, landing on the other girl with a massive thud, rolling her over as she hooked her massive leg, bracing for a kick out every single time Brianna could have kicked out. However, when she didn't and as the bell rang, ChaCha would gasp in surprise, falling off the girl and staring at the ceiling, before grinning ear to ear. She did it! Though it seemed impossible for a debut match, not only had the Samoan beaten Brianna, but she had won the crowd's support too!

She would smile at the big girl would congratulate her on the win, Brianna scooting over and shaking the girl's hand "Thank you! You were a very tough opponent, I hope we can fight again." She would giggle, even giving Brianna a quick hug, before getting to her feet, smiling and posing for the ground, an amazing match to start off ChaCha's career, and she wasn't gonna stop anytime soon! But for now she would enjoy the victory, raising her hands in the air and smiling to the crowd.

Winner via Pinfall: ChaCha Luana
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