DDDYB: Dominant Divine Dreamy Young Babes

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DDDYB: Dominant Divine Dreamy Young Babes

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Author's Notes
-Greetings friends. I am dddyb, the Stinkface King!
-My roster is made up of both unique FCs and straight up OCs.
-I do not do hentai matches.
-All of my characters are straight.
-I am very interested in my characters forming relationships with other people's characters (friendships, rivalries, etc).
-I am very interested in creating story arcs and character arcs with other people.
-I enjoy writing, and I usually make time in my schedule to reply relatively fast. But I'm fine with whatever people's posting schedules are.
-Thank you for visiting my roster page. You're amazing and have fun here!

My Character Selection Theme


Princess Peach Cake: The Booty Bullet


Princess Daisy Petals: The Booty Bomber

Samantha Gang: Infamous Cheater


To be announced.

Male Wrestlers

Romeo D. Chad: Romantic Ladies' Man

Tag Teams

The Booty Princesses: Makers of Human Thrones
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