Julianne Aves

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Julianne Aves

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Name: Julianne Aves
Age: 24
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black W/ Green Highlights
Height: 5"2'
Weight: 136 lbs
Nationality: American
Alignment: Tweener

Personality & Past
Growing up as the middle child of three sisters, Julianne was not doted on like the youngest daughter, and was not relied upon as the eldest. The young girl sought attention wherever possible, loving to get eyes on her whenever she had the chance! Growing up, she gravitated towards hobbies that fulfilled that need, taking up activities such as dancing and gymnastics, growing athletic as she performed more and more! At the same time, she was quite popular in school. Julianne was well liked and amicable, though she did start to show certain signs of anger and resentment towards those who would seek to share the spotlight.

Julianne's enjoyment of dance and gymnastics kept her busy and in very good shape, and despite the fact that she stopped growing early, she was always quite fit and strong for her size! But of course, Julianne found that the more that she competed, the more stark the competition got, and while she felt as though she was always the best, the other women drawing the spotlight away from her were... bothersome. Julianne wished to be rid of them to show off, to find some way to compete head to head with them, and such a combative mentality left her disgruntled more often than not! Julianne seemed dismayed by her inability to push others out of her spotlight, but it was in the crucible of her search that she discovered pro wrestling.

From the first second the pageantry struck her, and the fact that two wrestlers were vying for the spotlight called to her. This feeling is what Julianne craved! With little hesitation she quickly would learn to wrestle. Her time as a dancer honed her body to peak physical fitness and made her a natural between the ropes! Her career in dance played no small role in finding her identity, the spotlight stealing peacock attire soon coming to be tied very closely with her! The peacock became an instant star thanks to her spotlight grabbing persona and style, and those that knew her had mixed reports, Julianne being quite amicable as long as you didn't attempt to outshine her, which would often lead to a less than pleasant encounter as her jealousy flared! But of course, she always moved towards a bigger stage, and it wasn't long at all before she was off on her way to LAW, ready to compete for one of the largest spotlights of them all!


Julianne is a mostly amicable woman if you talk to her in an ordinary setting, though it's clear that she has quite the knack for drawing attention to herself despite her short stature! She's eager to take the attention of the fans and perhaps even of her opponents, and will look to draw eyes towards her in any fashion! Julianne has been known to get quite nasty when she feels that someone is trying to upstage her, be they a heel or a face, but generally her anger is short lived, and it mostly depends on how the other person reacts to determine if they'll be friends or no! She's a shorty, a thiccy, and is ready to show that size doesn't matter, and that she'll beat anyone to keep the spotlight right where it belongs... on her!


Strategy: Julianne loves the spotlight, and will aim to squash her foes in spectacular and eye-catching fashion! With a mix of power moves to shock because of her small size, submissions to squeeze and stretch her opponents, or smush them under her busty body in suffocating smothers!

Preferred Attacks: Smothers, Submissions, Scissors, and occasionally Piledrivers/Slams

Preferred Matches: Smother, Humiliation, POW, and Submission

Attitude towards Hentai: "That's a lot of attention on someone who isn't me... it'll depend on the circumstances."


General Stats
-Endurance: 3/5 - Decent endurance, able to keep up her pace for a while!
-Strength: 4/5 - Surprisingly strong for being so small, with crushing leg strength!
-Speed: 4/5 - Very strong thanks to her size, able to move very quick!
-Defense: 2/5 - Very much a fan of not taking any attacks at all!
-Technique: 4/5 - Really technical, knows her way around the ring!

Wrestling Stats
-Strikes: 1/5 - Striking just isn't her thing!
-Submissions: 5/5 - Crushes and squashes foes with her legs, and knows a fair amount of submissions, including some highly dangerous smothers!
-Power Moves: 3/5 - Despite being small, she's surprisingly strong, and can muscle around girls a fair bit bigger than her!
-Aerial Moves: 3/5 - Eager to fly to impress the crowd, but the more flippy moves are a bit too much for her!
-Counters: 4/5 - Thanks to her size, she's able to slip out of a lot, and reverse some other holds with her surprising strength!


Signature Moves

Headscissors (All Types)




Breast Smothers


Birdcage: With her foe seated on the mat, Julianne sits on their lap and wraps her thighs around their body, locking in a tight bodyscissor as she wraps her arms around their head and pulls their face into her boobs, locking in a breast smother as well!
Train Rattling: Julianne takes her foe, who is either sitting or kneeling, and tilts their head backwards before stepping over and wrapping her thighs around their neck, yanking their face up into her ass as she squeezes with a tight scissor/smother combo!
Spotlight Stealer: For foes who have angered Julianne to a high degree by trying to take the limelight from her, the peacock locks in a brutal octopus stretch, often pulling her foes completely off balance and collapsing them, before keeping the hold tight till they're desperately submitting!


Friends: Nothing yet.

Allies: Nothing yet.

Rivals: Nothing yet.

Enemies: Nothing yet.

Crushes: Nothing yet.

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