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Quick Explanation

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This was discussed at length in the announcement post.

But for the lazy, here's a quick rundown.
  • Everyone that's officially entered the event here needs to make a thread in this section of the PPV event
  • The premise is that the Lawless title located somewhere at LAW HQ, a skyscraper building in the middle of town. The first LAW wrestler to get their hands on it becomes the inaugural Lawless champion
  • Each thread will consist of one post explaining how the character they entered will go about looking for it, where it is they plan to enter the building, who they're hoping to run into, who they want to avoid (knowledge of who's entering the event is public)
  • After one month IRL time, I'll use RNG to decide who ultimately wins it and the inaugural champion will be crowned. Everyone is reminded that the Lawless belt is designed to facilitate fun, silly, and/or hardcore encounters, as all matches involving the belt are falls count anywhere. The belt is meant to be defended and change hands/passed around quite often. Defenses with it can be less serious, only being a page or two where appropriate. But it's okay to have serious encounters/feuds/stories with it as well.
  • Since in-canon, everyone searching for the belt will still be searching in LAW HQ when the first champion is crowned, there should be more than a few challengers available to the inaugural champ. In-canon, making it out of a skyscraper while still being champion would be a very difficult task. It's strongly recommended that whoever wins it ends up not making it out still the champion.
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