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Laura Vaux

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Personal Information

Name: Laura Vaux
Gender: Female
Eyes: Blue (Pink contacts)
Hair: Blonde (Rainbow dyed)
Height: 5'3
Weight: 109 lbs
Age: 18
Nationality: French
Alignment: Face
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Personality: Laura is an optimistic, energetic young lady that exhudes confidence almost to the point of smugness. Generally pleasant to be around, she has a habit of getting lost in the atmosphere that comes with being a semi-popular fighter, making her feel as if she can beat anyone, even when it's pretty clear the odds are against her. Is pretty open about her sexuality, willing to flirt with opponents that really catch her eye, even in the ring.

History: Born to a pair of firmly upper-class parents in Paris, Laura has never really had a want for anything. She was given outstanding private tutors as a child that ensured she came out of her all-girls school with exceptionally high grades across the board, and paired with access to her parents' essentially unlimited wealth made her into something of a lazy, unmotivated young teen. In an effort to change her around for the better, she was sent to attend secondary school in Japan under the careful eye of a guardian. There, she was given a strict schedule to follow every day, effectively drilling her into a more functional person over the next few years.

At her new Japanese school she did particularly well, which was expected, and the strict regimen she had been made to follow resulted in her being almost too organised, giving her a great deal of free time whenever things weren't hectic at school. Without knowing much what to do with it, she ended up with an interest in pro-wrestling, watching the girls on the school team practice and take on competitors from rival schools whenever she got chance, which ultimately led to her being roped in to be part of the team for a few months, where she performed surprisingly well for someone who had never been in a fight before.

Once she left school, and was moving on to college, she was effectively a completely different person to the young sloth that had arrived in Japan years earlier. However, not fully convinced, her parents set one last rule for her; that she would need to pay for her own college tuition. Of course, they would still pay it in full, but Laura would be required to pay them back for every penny in an effort to have her learn to manage money and to work a job for a living. Knowing just what she wanted to do, she pulled some strings with some friends she'd made on the wrestling team, and managed to land herself a spot in LAW's lightweight division, eager to gain both the wealth she needed to pay her debt, and the fame that came with being a wrestling star!

Wrestling Information

Style: Laura regularly practices kickboxing and BJJ with her coach, a former MMA champion, giving her a very firm understanding of and experience with a wide variety of strikes, making her deadly in situations where she is able to trade blows with an opponent, paired up with great grappling and wrestling ability on the canvas. In addition, she likes to move around and show off, working in a lengthy history in gymnastics to give her fighting style a fun bit of high-flying flair from time to time.

Preferred Matches: Generally Laura sticks to standard or submission matches, though is willing to try most anything if the winner's payout is high enough. Refrains entirely from hardcore fights, however.

Finishing Move: Standing moonsault - Laura will knock her opponent to the ground, and throw herself into a handstand towards the nearest set of ropes, bouncing against them to give herself a little extra momentum as she flips back, leaps upwards to tumble through the air, and land belly-to-belly with her opponent, dropping all of her body weight on them before hooking a leg or two for the pin.

Strength: ImageImageImageImageImage - On the slightly slimmer side compared to other lightweights, Laura is about as strong as she looks. That is to say, not.
Endurance: ImageImageImageImageImage - Being quite athletic, Laura has pretty good stamina for her size. However, her small frame and lithe build see her both tiring quickly when pushed hard, and noticeably lacking in durability, particularly against power moves and heavy strikes, putting her at about average for a lightweight.
Speed: ImageImageImageImageImage - Not too surprising that Laura has great control over her body and technique when moving it. She can move and swing with dazzling speed.

Strikes: ImageImageImageImageImage - Laura's speciality. With an amazing coach and great natural talent, Laura makes an excellent striker. Her hits can be very much deadly, and not something to be underestimated.
Grappling: ImageImageImageImageImage - While her ground game isn't as noteworthy as her striking, Laura is still quite a threat when an opponent gets up close and personal with her.
Agility: ImageImageImageImageImage - Laura is very light on her feet, able to move in and out of an opponent's offense like a pro. In addition, she is very well-balanced, and very confident at making some pretty risky high-flying maneuvers, even if she isn't too proficient at actually hitting her opponent with them.
Power-moves: ImageImageImageImageImage - A lightweight that does more cardio than strength training, Laura isn't hitting powerbombs on heavyweights any time soon.
Defense: ImageImageImageImageImage - With both great kickboxing technique, solid ability to grapple, and the ability to very quickly anticipate and get herself out of danger, it can be quite difficult to corner Laura to say the least, as her defense is almost as well-honed as her offense.
Attire - The exact same outfit seen above, though she wears a blue sports bra in place of her t-shirt, and brings along a set of blue knee & elbow pads to protect her joints. Wears the t-shirt too for entrances, from time to time.

Match History
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