Is the Tag-Team Division being screwed

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Is the Tag-Team Division being screwed

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So it should be noted that despite the singles division also not being finished unveiling the main titles (the world Openweight belt hasn’t been created yet) the Tag Team division has seen its work stymied, where we have the hentai division properly represented with a commissioner before one of the bedrocks of any good wrestling promotion. But while some of the wrestlers haven’t done a good job representing it the fault mainly lies with how that has been done behind the scenes. Think I’m overthinking things? I think not. But let us see if I can show you otherwise

1. The lack of representation from upper management: The hentai division has the sexy and smart Celeste to go along with there plan to build up the division, she’s prominent and capable of doing things and because of her the hentai title has seen plenty of attention. Eirina was an active champ and I think Rei will continue that trend or get booted. The Middleweight champ had no management and instead just picked her opponents off friends of people who pissed her off. Lillian seems to be off on the same trend and the and the Heavyweight and Lightweight belt seems focused on a similar pattern run by Dan. Who runs the tag teams? The same man as the rest? Well it doesn’t seem like it. LAW seems focused on singular stars or stables. Tag teams are less then appreciated.

2: The Inaugural championship match is a shit show: Yes I think this is a good fault of management itself. All the weight titles were given tournaments to establish themselves bringing in top contenders of that weight class. It showcased a serious desire and effort to make it happen. But that got too boring for some up at the top so for the hentai belt it was a single match between two competitors but those competitors were two well known and respected wrestlers in that field. There was no complaint when Eirina won the match and became the first champ. The tag team? Well 3 of teams have roughly 5 or less then 5 wins going into the match and the two prominent ones are more interested in other pursuits. Black Swan was in a middleweight title match the day of her tag match which shows her priorities were not on making history the way she should. And the SWAT cats come in has a group of 3 (again a stable not a tag team) and boast about being the last one in the match and the favorite to win on Twitter. Gee I wonder why they were the favorite when most of the teams in the match had little history and the other one that did had other matches to fight in. Plus it was a gauntlet not a single match If one of the first members one the match that would be historic but they didn’t. Instead someone who got to coast all the way through did, not something to be proud of and many doubts about there rise to the top. All of which will be ignored because of point no. 3

3. Most of the tag team stars are more interested in getting there names out for singles: None of the tag teams seem to care about actually being a tag team. Swan and Ducky have been known for there solo pursuits then there tag dynamic. The SWAT Cat stable have also made more actions as single starts then out any real focus on tag teams, Karen and Silver became a tag team seemingly because they think it’s easier to be together, but they all simply use the tag team division as tools for them to bounce off into single stardom on. I haven’t seen Fist Bump act like a unit more like best friends looking to show off. The actual tag teams despite there efforts don’t get any support from management, when have you seen them praise the Jaegar Sisters, or Onigashima, The Silva Sisters, the Pom-Pom Punchers, Kate and Elana, or even the Ashford sisters? Tag teams that are clearly tag teams rather then two big singles names making a splash for publicity. We didn’t need to guess who the Road warriors were or the Dudleys, the Brainbusters, the Hardy’s, or Edge and Christian. Some of them did gain major solo success true but it was always after they were renown tag stars who had elevated the division. It never left there focus and you never doubted it was on important to them.

What has Aliana and Tina Armstrong done to elevate the tag teams with there Thundergirls dynamic? Sat around and looked cute while they went after dole vendettas? Yes because that screams tag team. The division has lost meaning in LAW and until they do something about it there wasting away perfectly good talent to please what they think is a record strategy. You can’t rely on tools who want singles good forever LAW. Make your tag teams relevant or just release them and save everyone some cash so they can go be useful elsewhere.

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