PPV Review: We Are LAW 2017

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PPV Review: We Are LAW 2017

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Written by Ran "Foul Tip" Fukuzawa

2017 is the year when LAW's annual PPV debuted, and there are quite a lot of things to say about this PPV. This PPV was pretty small compared to the recent one, which is understandable considering that LAW just recently started around that year. But the matches happening in this particular PPV are pretty notable, and I'd like to review them and give my thoughts about them. I will try to be as objective as possible, and hopefully, you readers can have a good understanding on what had happened during the PPV.

Now, let us begin with the pre-show match, which is the first loser's championship match, where the title was introduced. Unlike your typical title matches, the loser would be the one to get the title. The title belt is considered a dunce hat that has to be worn by the biggest loser LAW has to offer, and this match would show us who the biggest loser was at that time.

Okay, I won't be making a play-by-play commentary about this match, just my thoughts about this particular match. Let's look at both wrestlers who were contending against each other to not become the inaugural owner of the loser's belt, Anzu Mazaki and Karin Shin. Both of them were considered to be the biggest losers in LAW at that time, though for losers, the match was pretty match a standard wrestling match, which was something that you would expect from pro wrestlers. Maybe they were just unlucky during their matches that they ended up racking up too many losses.

But the highlight of this match is the surprise appearance of Lizzie Borden who suddenly showed up and caused trouble during the match. Lizzie went to beat up both Anzu and Karin before their bodies were piled together, with Anzu's being at the top. And that's how Karin became the inaugural loser's champion of LAW.

The match ended with both wrestlers being total losers in a match to decide who's the biggest loser among them. Go figure.

Final Score: 1.5 stars
Thoughts: The sudden appearance of Lizzie Borden was quite a twist, and the match was decent enough for so-called losers of LAW, but other than that, it was pretty forgettable. Being so low at the card as a pre-show of the PPV didn't help its case either. The babes involved were pretty hot, though, even though they were losers.

In this match, both Selynda "The Wonder Babe" Star and Jem Holland in a match where they have to get a pin, a submission, a knockout and an orgasm from their opponent to win the match, hence the 'total domination'. This match somehow left a sour taste in my mouth due to it not reaching its objective. While it started normally, it ended with the referee stopping the match after Selynda accidentally injuring Jem, knocking her out outright.

We didn't even get to see all hentai actions here, though it couldn't be helped. Technically, Selynda won the match, but the match didn't end with a satisfying conclusion.

Final Score: 1 star
Thoughts: No offense to Selynda, considering that she is an exceptional wrestler and a sexy babe to boot, but her performance in this match wasn't satisfying, considering that she ended up causing Jem's injury that stopped the match. We were robbed from seeing the total domination actions for this match, but since someone got hurt so bad, the match had to be stopped. I'm still a fan of Selynda, but this is her worst PPV performance to date.

Well, these two babes need no introduction at this point. Before joining LAW, these two, Candy Cane and Reiko Hinomoto used to wrestle in Rumble Roses, and it seemed that the rivalry that they had back then in their old promotion carried over into LAW. The match itself was a Last Woman Standing match, where they had to beat the crap out of each other to the point that only one of them could stand on her feet. Honestly, I'm no fan of this kind of match, but wrestling is wrestling, and you have to admit that they were pretty good at beating the living shit out of each other.

These tough babes might as well be murdering each other, and the match ended with Reiko's win. The match was brutal, from start to finish. I'm sure that many would appreciate such violence, while I'm personally not a fan of that kind of thing. And Candy also ended up being injured, which was the thing that you could expect from this kind of match.

Final Score: 2.5 stars
Thoughts: Like I said, not my favorite match, but I try to be as objective as possible for this match. Besides the violence, you can tell that both of them hated each other's gut, and it was quite an entertainment for everyone. I'm sure many would appreciate the match due to the long history between both of them.

The next match was a match between Cassandra York, a wrestler who was also a lawyer, and Alexia Snjor, the self-proclaimed ice bitch. As you can see from the picture above, both are knockout gorgeous, with big racks and everything. And naturally, they used their tits and butts a lot in the match, and as a watcher, I appreciated the show.

As far as a match went, it was pretty standard with only a few memorable moments that didn't stand out too much. In the end, Alexia managed to snag the win, pinning Cassandra before knocking her out with a smother.

Final Score: 2.5 stars
Thoughts: Pretty decent match, all things considered, though not something that will come to your minds if people ask you about matches that you can remember off the top of your heads. The sight of two busty babes could at least keep your eyes on the match, so I suppose it's not totally forgettable. A bog-standard match, something that one can expect from LAW.

The match is a match between two babes, Grace Kenning and Samuela Healtway. A good match from start to finish, with both of them trading blows. It is more like an exhibition match with nothing at stake, so I guess the final score is a bit lower than it should have gotten, but it's pretty enjoyable.

The match ended with Samuela pinning Grace. A satisfying finish, though not very memorable as far as matches could go. She was also being a good sport after winning the match, so she got some babyface points there.

Final Score: 3 stars
Thoughts: A good match, overall. Enjoyable from start to finish, though not a main event material. It's a good thing to use to get your friends interested in professional wrestling, besides showing off two buxom beauties wrestling in the ring. This is a match that you should expect from LAW, based on its qualities. Definitely better than the last one.

Okay, this is an interesting match. Being a falls count anywhere match, the match started before they even reached the ring, where Melody Serperior got ambushed by her opponent, Helena Dubois, and it was such a thrilling experience for everyone watching. And the fact that Helena was being such a cheap and cheating shitheel also helped to add the enjoyment.

And as you can guess, the match didn't stay in the ring. They went backstage and went bonkers while beating each other up. Shit's crazy, yo. Vending machines, tables, all sort of stuff, it's an enlightening experience for any wrestling fans. While I did say that wasn't a fan of no holds barred match, this match was simply too enjoyable for me to care.

The match even ended up outside the Tokyo Dome, and being a falls count anywhere match, it was just a natural progression of things that the match ended up being outside. The match ended with Melody winning the match via submission, though she lost consciousness after winning the match, probably due to exhaustion.

Final Score: 3.5 stars
Thoughts: Not only that both wrestlers got creative and took advantage of the stipulation, the match itself was pretty enjoyable. With them no longer confined in the ring, they made use of everything around them to their advantage. The match even ended outside the Tokyo Dome. While not something that you could call a classic, it was definitely a match to remember, and you should take your time watching the match. The dynamic between both of them made the match interesting too, especially with Helena's shitheel attitude.

Now, we go to the match fought between Katherine "Super Kitty" Hart and LEA, and here we saw a battle between the well-respected Kat and the silent and brutal LEA. While this match was pretty much an exhibition match, the match was simply a breathtaking experience due to LEA being pretty much implacable before the might of the Super Kitty. LEA spoke nothing and she pretty much just bum-rushed everything with complete disregard, and here you could see a monster in motion.

Though the match was somehow ended abruptly with no solid conclusion when Navi Florges' sudden appearance. A pity that the match had to end this way, or else I might be able to give this match a higher score.

Final Score: 2 stars
Thoughts: The match had all the setup for an instant classic, with the sheer brutality of LEA and the impeccable performance of Kat, but the sudden appearance of Navi somehow ruined it all. Not that I could blame her for that, considering that it could lead to a feud between Navi and Kat that could make a good story, but for a match to be ruined like that, I could only ask myself about all the what-ifs that could happen at that time. Normally, I'd give this match 1.5 stars, but the performance of both wrestlers saved the match somehow, even it didn't really help the match to get a higher score.

Okay, now is the semi-main event match, which is a triple threat match between three lightweights, Alex Drizzle, GASTER and Aoi Fukiwara. I can say that the match was a unique experience for everyone watching it, especially with all three of them acting more like a bunch of schoolgirls than proper wrestlers. Though I'm not saying that the match wasn't decent. If anything, it was something that you could expect from a semi-main event match.

At the end, the match boiled down to a fight between GASTER and Aoi, and eventually, GASTER managed to snag a win. Like I said, it was a unique experience and was quite memorable. Not to say that it was actually a classic, mind you, but at the very least, it was a pretty good match, all things considered.

Final Score: 2.8 stars
Thoughts: Overall, a decent match. The exchanges between them did draw a few chuckles out of me, though I'm sure they could do even better than this. I won't rank it high in my list of my favorite wrestling matches, but at the very least, it is something that I store in my list, so that has to count for something, right?

Okay, so, here we are, the main event of the PPV. This is the finals of the middleweight championship tournament between Tina Armstrong and Erin Quinn, and the who could emerge victorious would become the inaugural middleweight champion of LAW. The match started out decent, with both wrestlers trading blows and wrestling each other. It was an enjoyable match, with both ladies gunning for the title.

In the end, though, only one could get her hand on the prize, and the lady in question is Tina Armstrong. With that, Tina became the first middleweight champion. It was a thrilling experience, if a bit short.

Final Score: 3.8 stars
Thoughts: Had the match been a bit longer, I would rate it much higher, though I see nothing wrong with the length of this match. It's just that we could get more actions if the match was a bit longer. Anyway, both wrestlers had proven themselves to be the suitable candidates for the holder of the title belt, and they sure didn't disappoint. And in this match, Tina Armstrong walked away as the champion of the middleweight, so it was a pretty inspiring thing to see here.


Conclusion: For the first PPV, it wasn't too bad. The matches were enjoyable enough, though I'd say that the future PPVs were much better than this one. I rate the entirety of the PPV 2.5 stars.
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