Selket - Egyptian Princess

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Selket - Egyptian Princess

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Adopted with permission from Riotgrrl.

Name: Selket - The Egyptian Priestess
Sex: Female
Age: Ageless (actually 24)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Purple
Height: 6’1
Weight: 178lbs
Nationality: Egyptian
Alignment: Heel
Entrance music: Powerslave - Iron Maiden

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Confuses rivals with her exotic nature and wears them down for a submission or a 3 count
Type: Heel. Mystical
Preferred Matches: Anything

Favored moves: Smothers, Clutches, Crabs, Dropkick, Elbow Drop, Leg Drop, STF, Crossface, Scissors, Romero Special, Dragon Sleeper, Anything to confuse a rival - Distraction, Cheating


Scorpions Sting: Selket crosses her rivals legs and then instead of applying a standard sharpshooter, she steps back through to bend her rival the opposite way for a Reverse Cloverleaf
Journey to the Underworld: With a rival exhausted, Selket will straddle their tummy and perform a ritual to cast them into the underworld. It is mainly theatrics as she slides into a facesit smother to envelop a rival in her considerable ass cheeks or between her thighs. If she uses a front facesit variation, she closes her legs to shut out all light and ensure they are taken to the depths of pleasure, and the underworld.

Apperance Gallery

Main Attire
Secondary Attire
Main Event Attire
Bikini attire

Her greatest ASSet
Personality/Past: Selket is the high Priestess of Egypt and is rumored to have lived for thousands of years due to her close allegiance with her Goddess, Mah-Tehta. She is blessed with esoteric knowledge and can use this to great effect in the ring. In a previous promotion she literally took the title from the holder by hypnotizing them, allowing her to cover them for the 3 count with no resistance.

Back in ancient Egypt, she was worshiped by legions of followers, who admired her natural beauty. However, in a battle of the Gods and Goddesses, her people were driven away from their settlement by the three plagues. Selket found herself wandering the deserts of Egypt, and was stung by several Scorpions in the night. She died, and when her heart was weighed by Anubis, it was found to be pure. She was offered the chance to live again, but found that her Goddess abandoned her.

Now Selket wanders the world of professional wrestling to seek a new Goddess to worship.

LAW Match Record

1.) (Debut) Selket vs Suzumi Ishikawa - Win via Pinfall
2.) Selket vs Izzy Shine - Win via KO
3.) Selket vs Tina Kelley - Win via Ko
4.) Selket vs Aesira Reinhart - Ongoing

Out of match threads

After Astrid’s championship defense against Cyber Widow, Selket resides in the shadows above, watching and scouting out her next prey

After secretely securing a title shot against Astrid Selket runs into a new middleweight in the back hallways that she normally resides in. After a brief conversation the two decide to have a match with heavy stipulations to it.

After revealing the new heavyweight title to the world Selket ambushes the champion, making her number one contendorship status publically known.
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