Interview: Lillian Byrne - The Unstoppable Champion?

Pretty much as expected. Interviews with characters, wrestlers, staff or otherwise. You can do these as one singular post, or a back-and-forth thread akin to a match, with one of you playing the interviewer and the other interviewee.
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Interview: Lillian Byrne - The Unstoppable Champion?

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Written By Claire Garcia

Whilst Tina Armstrong will forever be known as LAW's first and foremost middleweight champion, it is Lilian Byrne who currently leads the show for the middleweight division. Having dethroned what many to believed to be an undefeatable Tina, Lillian Byrne is now going out of her way to make a statement - that second over shines first!

Having snagged a interview with the reigning champion mere weeks before the much anticipated We Are Law 2021, we get down to business and ask Ms. Byrne her thoughts on her reign thus far. And what she has in store for the division...



Lilian! Thank you so much for joining me. How are you doing today?

"I'm having a real fuckin blast. Well actually, I'm not, but I had to show up to this or they said I'd be in trouble, so here I am. At least you're not one of those annoying twats that's normally buzzing around backstage."

Quite a bit of time has passed in your reign thus far. How would you say it's gone? Anything you felt could have been better? Worse?

"My reign is perfect so far, no problems at all. They gave me a chance to win MY belt and I did it, and since then nobody can hold a candle to me. The only thing that could be better was if I got a chance to shut up all those annoying bitches on Twitter that think they can talk shit without ever actually having to answer to me. A certain redhead bedroom bitch and a pesky cat come to mind..."

You mention Twitter in such low regard...No opinion on the recent goings on in LAW Social media? Many a superstar has found their feet again on there it seems.

"LAW Twitter fucking BLOWS. It's a bunch of fucking nitwits who are so eager to talk tough shit, but it's only because they are behind a screen. You say shit like that to my face, and I won't sit here and debate with you. I'll punch you right in the fuckin mouth. Once I get a crack at everyone talking shit on social media, they won't have anything but praises from then on."

The previous champion and of course first middleweight champion, Tina Armstrong, was rather quick to bounce back despite losing the title match against you. Any passing words for Tina? How did you feel your match went against her?

"I've got nothing to say to Tina except this. That bitch left me sore for fucking WEEKS after our match. The reason I can sit here and call her tough is because I made her tap out, and so if Tina has any sore feelings about it, I welcome her to come back and try to take my title away. Because I'll beat her as many times as I need to for the message to get through to her."

How about Karen Meadows? Every champion has to make a strong statement with their first defence. Do you feel you made that with her?

"Karen? I made a VERY strong statement with her. Credit where it's due, Karen said most of the shit I've been hearing on Twitter to my face. And I showed everyone exactly why it's a bad idea to do that. YET AGAIN that's another wrestler I made tap out, and that wasn't even my first time beating her."

Your last match-up, Jessica Wright, was certainly an interesting one. A lot of fans in LAW would even say personality-wise, you're two peas in a pod. Any passing words for Ms. Wright?

"Eugh...Jessica Wright is a bitch. Like, I'm a bitch, but she's a BITCH. Jessica may be the ballsiest I've faced to be fair, she came after me in the first place, but again, it didn't really end well for her. Are you starting to notice a pattern here? Because I am. Oh, and by the way, if she IS listening to this, kiss my ass Jessica. That's for taking a swing at me in the gym, you fuckin' dickhead."

You've certainly a strong reign thus far, that's for sure. What are your thoughts on the upcoming LAWLESS belt? Think you'll go for a belt in each hand?

"Oooh! You know, that's not a very bad idea at all! Keep up the good ideas like that and you may actually grow on me yet. A second belt would sure make all the dorks online real mad at me, which would be great, but then I'd have twice as many idiots clamouring to get beat up... It's tough to say, honestly. I'll be keeping a close eye on how it shakes out though."

With your past foes in mind, any DREAM opponents? Ones you'd love to use to add a notch to your reign? Or simply ones you feel deserve a shot?

"You know... I've got a few, but none that I'd say are worthy of my belt...or even eligible. I crushed little mini-Alaina, and I beat Alaina backstage, so why not beat her in the ring? Make it nice and official. Kat pisses me off, just like with HER smug little mini-Kat, so add her to the list. And... fuck Karen Starring. Just cause."

Finally for our readers at home, any news on your opponent for the PPV? Anything you'd like to say to them?

"I can give you the official scoop. Her name is Kiera Quinn, and mark my words, it is going to be a SQUASH. And for Kiera, I'll just say that you are so unbelievably fucked. Can't wait to see you in the ring."


Lilian Byrne will as mentioned, be defending against upcoming middleweight superstar Kiera Quinn, at We Are LAW 2021. Naturally, we wish Ms. Byrne all the luck on her next title defence.

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