Tough Women I Love (And Hate) Who Are Contenders

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Tough Women I Love (And Hate) Who Are Contenders

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Hello again everyone, Alaina here and ready to write! I am here and happy to be writing again in between workouts. I was struggling to think of an idea for an article. However I decided to do another spotlight. Instead of rising stars Inam going to list a few ladies who I have faced that I believe are primed for title shots immediately!

Dana Ashford: I have quite the history with this woman and while I can't stand her methods of winning she is as tough as they come in the ring. Also surprising is that we get along very well once we are away from a wrestling ring. She has a hall of fame career already and is easily capable of beating even the best in the ring.

Aurora Lund: Similar in pedigree and personal history with the amazon to Dana. However as good as Aurora is her cocky attitude drives me nuts and I much prefer the company of her level headed niece Belinda. Still, I can't deny Aurora has the career and record to back up claims of being ready for a title.

Karen Starring: Okay, the heavyweights on the list keep descending as far as how well I get along with them. It is very clear I cannot stand Karen and when she isn't sneaking up behind me she can't take me on. However..... I begrudgingly admit that flubbery mess of a brawler can hang tough in proper matches. She is a LAW staple and much as I don't want to admit it.

Katherine Hart: Okay, back to someone I really like. Kat is amazing in the ring and has a technical mix of moves second to none. Unlike Karen she doesn't sneak up on me and she has outright schooled me in a technical submission match in LAW. She is a beast and I see a fancy belt in her future.

Samuela Healtway: I love her and a tiny bit of me can't help but envy her. She is big, strong and moves well, "like a younger, better amazon" or so I have heard some say. I can't seem to beat her which trust me gnaws away at my competitive side. When I do win the heavyweight or open weight title I will defend it against her to finally stand victorious over her. All that being said she is a brute force in the ring.

Natasha Rustovik: This sneaky middleweight has a long history on LAW, and she has beaten me mostly clean. Despite being in need of some forming up I can say she slams well above her weight class, and no matter what you throw her way she keeps coming back at you like the crabgrass Charlie tries to rid our lawn of. I can see her worming her gritty, bubbly butt into the title scene and succeeding.

Gemma Faraday: Yes a bit of a longshot but I have personally seen the potential in her to go far and not in the future but right now. She has won a handicap match against two much larger women. She got revenge for her favorite wrestler (Lisa Rampart whom I slammed silly across Europe quite a few times) by scoop slamming me out of nowhere to pin me in a best 2 of 3 tag match that The Thundergirls eventually won. She is fast, hits hard and can mix it up with the big girls using their own game against them.

Diana Acera: Talk about being able to do it all! She is a lot like Kat in terms of being able to done wry facet of wrestling well but her approach is different. Kat is flashier to Diana's methodical approach. She is a technician to Kats artistry but equally effective and tough for anyone to beat.

Sienna Smith: Uhh.... I can't believe I am saying this but she is one of the best middleweights around and she has a clean win over me in somewhat convincing fashion. She has a very good skill set, and her in-ring ability is matched by her awful cocly attitude and flabby, shaky thighs as well as the quaking backside... ain't that right chocolate thunder? As much as it irritates me to say she is good enough to win gold. There, I said something nice about your #2 client you train Dan I better get a nice birthday present for that. Thankfully Irelia is the one who really caught your eye haha!

I haven't wrestled many lightweights.....
But based on observation Rose Gold is looking strong. Vile, nasty and cruel but strong in the ring. That is a common theme among quite a few of these women.

For now that concludes the list that struck me off the top of my head. If I left you out worry not as the roster at LAW is the deepest and best U have ever seen full of viable badass women able to wear a title belt. If you aren't on here because we haven't wrestled just step in the ring with the amazon and give me your best shot! If you have wrestled me and want to remind me what you can do please feel free I will be happy to face you too!
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