LAWFeed - Ten Totally Feasible Custom Championships

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LAWFeed - Ten Totally Feasible Custom Championships

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By Michelle Saunders

"Well, that's a bit niche..."

Such could be said of all the custom belts in wrestling, be they inside or outside of LAW. The Belly Championship. The Bedroom Title. The Bedroom Crown. It'd be surprising to see any of them headline a PPV, given their unique nature, but that doesn't stop some of LAW's best and brightest going on out to defend their custom made titles. And the fact that they aren't officially recognised under LAW management doesn't stop many from having interesting, long reigns!

Here are ten wild ideas on championships that could maybe appear in the future!

Milf Crown

Given a recently published list here on LAW feed, it's no surprise that a MILF only championship is the first idea on this list. Sexy female wrestlers of the older variety going at it in endless attempts to prove which mom is on top? It'd certainly add to the mix if said competitors have their daughters ringside, or even their families in the nosebleeds.

I can't imagine there'd be many complaints. Certainly from the male viewers...

Queen Of The Beach

Be it in a beachside ring or directly upon the warm sands of Japan, fights for a crown to outright proclaim oneself Queen Of The Beach are certainly something we see as a possibility. If we wanted to take this idea further, we could even have a inflatable ring set up in the shallows, with a ring-out resulting in one very wet fall for one or both competitors.

For obvious reasons, pack your bikinis ladies...

POW Camp Leader

POW matches and those with a hentai stipulation seem to go hand in hand, and it's no surprising. One wrestler claiming victory over the other in a kinky manner, only to then take them home? There'd certainly be a few challengers for the top spot in who takes their prey best.

No, there wouldn't be an actual camp...

Softcore Championship

With the hentai championship if anything encouraging fierce competition, and the bedroom crown/belt neither actually calling for outright hentai, it's hardly a surprise that we see a 'gap in the market' when it comes to kinky wrestling. With toys, chains and the like outright removed from these sort of matches (hell, go the whole hog and ban strikes for an even softer touch) we could certainly see the gentler, shyer variety of sexfighter shooting for this championship.

Gently ladies. Gentle.

Smothering Championship

Pretty self explanatory, we think. Given the curves on show or often enough, just the effective use of them, matches under smothering rules (altogether or merely as a finish) could certainly do with an overarching championship. Who doesn't want to proclaim themselves at being the best smotherer?!

Try not to suffocate...

The Golden Gloves

Whilst outright striking matches are a rarity in LAW, it's even rarer to have a wrestler who never uses them. Enter - The Golden Gloves - the perfect accolade for those who deem themselves to be the top strikers in LAW. We'd expect our more MMA based superstars going for this one, alongside to no surprise, the former boxers.

Ding ding!

X Division Championship

Whilst the name certainly needs work, a championship that could be competed for purely with ladder based match-ups would certainly see our more agility based wrestlers come out and put it all on the line. High flying antics, death defying leaps, and the occasional spot of ladder-based violence would certainly see the championship become coveted.

We can't imagine this would simply favour the lightweights either. Just ask Kat Hart!

Reigns Of Hell

Could there possibly be a more brutal type of match-up than to base an entire championship around, than the infamous Three Stages of Hell Match? It'd certainly be a sight to see first-time match-ups be done under such brutal rules, not to mention old rivals clashing for what could be the championship with the highest injury rate.

Oh the humanity!

Intercontinental/US/European Belt

There could be few championships that inspire a wrestler to go further than the one that somewhat declares them to be the best from their country. With a handful of various versions going, it could certainly be reason to stand back when the US champ butts heads with the European one, for example!

Start waving your flags, ladies!

Lucha Libre Championship

Lucha Libre is a classic, so it'd be no surprise that a championship favouring the style of old would finish off our list. Pull out the older rings with less padding, favour the more acrobatic arsenal of wrestlers, and even put a mask or two on the line, and we'd soon see the hype for this belt build.

Ain't no thing like a good lucha thing.

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