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The Amazon Spotlight

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Okay here we go! This is my first attempt at writing an article so go easy on me! While I was training and doing my best to prepare myself I have watched some training video of matches I have done. A lot of young women here in LAW are amazing wrestlers and deserve a bit more of a spotlight for their efforts in the ring so I decided to try that out!

This is a nice nod to a few hard working women who I think have the potential to go far, and may even be quickly rising while I type this! I picked two women I have wrestled myself and one who is a bit of an interesting choice because of they way they are popularizing or expanding womens wrestling, and a final lady who seems like she is ready for the big-time title scene already!

#1: Arlise Christiaens
Arlise is a solid middleweight. I love her look, her wrestling style and how seriously she now takes wrestling. Before she was a fit lady who seemed like a fan who wanted to try to slam some women around. I totally understand that feeling. I will tell ya, scooping someone up and holding them before smashing them to the mat is just a nice little empowering feeling, seriously if you don't believe me I will let you come slam me if you can pick me up.

Anyhow when I wrestled Arlise I feel like she bit off more than she can chew. She took the match and challenge seriously. However I feel like aside from staying stunningly fit she didn't take the preparation as seriously as she could have. However that was then, and this is now. I have seen a fire in her that wasn't there before. A focus, a drive, something really motivating her and I love it. Her in-ring work and body language now are different. Yes, she has a bit more size and muscle definition. However the increased speed, power technique all mean much more time spent working and training when the spotlight isn't on her. She is really rising and I feel like with this new focus she is going to be moving up the ladder to the top of the Middleweight division. Hell if the Openweight title roll around soon she could make a run at that. She can't overpower a heavyweight but she can throw and slam one. She may not outrun a lightweight but she is agile enough and fast enough to keep up with one.

In short Arlise went from having a great build and natural talent to adding a killer drive to that, setting herself for a nice climb up the ladder!

#2 Ashley Lucas
Ashley is a bit different than Arlise. Both love classic pro wrestling moves (it warms my heart) but this little firecracker showed up in LAW and burst out the gate on fire! She has wrestled a lot of matches since arriving and taken the big workload in stride. Trust me, wrestling often wears you down and it takes a special lady to be able to handle that. Ashley seems to have the special something. She can do a bit of everything like Arlise but I think she trends a bit more towards good old hard punches to the face and sweet slams of the days of yore when I began wrestling.

Ashley is really setting herself up as a rising star but I feel like she does lack a killer specialty. Being well rounded is great and can take you far but you need that extra something. Tina Armstrong was the inaugural middleweight champion and is a very balanced wrestler but she has an intensity coupled with signature moves and a finisher that outright leave women laid out flat on their backs, devastated in the ring. Ashley really can put a hurting on a woman in short order but there seems to be a tiny little something missing from her arsenal.

Still, she is without a doubt a rising star and while not title-scene ready just yet..... a year from now she may very well be in the picture, poised for a run to end up with some gold belt around her waist.

#3 Jem Holland
Okay. This is a bit different. I have never wrestled Jem, and I know she does games and things on the youtube but this is why I am highlighting her. I had my kids help me with this a bit but she streams wrestling related things and is using a different platform to further womens wrestling as a whole. Inside the ring she does have a speedy striker thing going but (again warming my heart) I have seen her slam and power bomb a much larger, less fit lady in Lauren all over the ring picking up an impressive win against her.

Could she pull that off against me? No. Would I love it if she tried or had me in some streamed match? Yes. I feel like Jem's work in the ring is solid again but I wouldn't quite put her on the level of Arlise or Ashley. Her work in expanding womens wrestling, exploring new avenues to interact with fans and give back? Top notch. That right there means she deserves a nice little spot in this article.

#4 Petra Adamos
Another case of a woman on fire and much like everyone else on this list she can seemingly do it all. I think what separates Petra is that she hasn't been defeated yet, and her skill set, technique and approach seem to be the most polished. I feel like she is ready for the title scene right now. Again, I sadly haven't wrestled her yet but damn it I would love to. I think she has a bright future ahead of her, and anyone who Tina spars with that comes close to taking her down when they are as new as Petra is the real deal, end of story.

Sometimes the one thing that leaves her exposed is a bit of a lack of experience and unfamiliar situations. She is incredibly well versed at taking care of business but her match against Helena showed that she can get caught off guard and put in a bad spot. Helena had appeared to be on the way to a win but in a testament to the toughness and adaptability of Petra she came back and really put Helena in her place when she took her off her game. Still, Petra if ya want to mix it up with a heavyweight old school grappler you know I will be ready to square off against ya in between the ropes.

Keep an eye out for all four of the ladies inside the ring, in interviews or even online on youtube, twitch and all that other stuff I need my 8 year old twins to help me figure out! I hope this little spotlight for these ladies has been insightful for not just the readers but the wrestling community itself. Bye for now everyone and have yourselves a great day!

-"Amazon" Alaina Sanders-Haines

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