Who's Who in Last Woman Standing 2020

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Who's Who in Last Woman Standing 2020

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Written by Nanako Sen

The Last Woman Standing Tournament is an institution as old as LAW itself, and as this year draws to a close, wrestling fans everywhere are gearing up to watch the fourth installment in this annual cavalcade of excitement! If the action-packed escapades of yesteryear are any indication, it’s sure to be a whirlwind of thrills and spills as LAW’s strongest go up against one another in a fight to the finish!

For those reading who are newcomers to the world of LAW or the Last Woman Standing Tournament, the rules are simple! Eight participants, divided into brackets, are pitted against each other in a series of knockout matches - they can’t count on pinfalls or submissions to save them this time around, as all matches are contested under Last Woman Standing rules, meaning if one of our gorgeous girl grapplers stays down for a ten-count and can’t rise to her feet by the end of it, she’s out - out of the match, and out of the tourney! The winner of each match advances in the bracket, until only two are left undefeated. Those two finalists will be pitted against each other to truly decide who is the Last Woman Standing!

If you asked me to pick who I could see emerging from this event with that title...I’d be hard-pressed to choose, because we’ve got a card that would make headlines anywhere! To give our readers just a taste of the events to come, we’ve prepared a rundown of who’s entered the tournament and who you can expect to see there - be it with hands raised in victory, or sprawled on the mat unconscious!

Rose Gold


If there’s anyone on this list who warrants no introduction, it’d definitely be Rose Gold! But for those of you who aren’t up to speed on one of the biggest names in joshi puroresu today, the so-called Venomous Vixen has quickly established herself as one of LAW’s most talked-about rising stars, propelling herself to number one contender status for the Lightweight Championship! Coming off of high-profile victories against such foes as Yuki Kazikura and Rebecca Watasumi and showing no mercy in her pursuit of fame and glory, with no tactic, psychological or physical, being beneath her, Rose hopes to continue her rise to the top by securing victory at the tournament.

The Last Woman Standing Tournament only showcased its first lightweight entrant in Samantha Roberts last year, and while her famous luck couldn’t save her from a merciless mauling at the hands of Cecilia Lombard, she set a precedent - one that gave Rose yet another opportunity to advance. But will it be another win in a steadily growing collection?

Artemis Grace


Artemis is a relative newcomer to the world of LAW, but already she’s shown some promising credentials. As the daughter of a military family, she’s no stranger to discipline and hard work, honing her physical prowess through harsh training every day. We see the fruits of that labor in the ring - she’s a heavy-hitter, and her submission moves are enough to tear her opponents asunder. Just one look at her Cross Snare will tell you that her legs can be just as deadly of weapons as her fists, and that’s saying something when one of her other signature moves is a blow to the temple with the force of a hammer strike!

Though she might not have the same record or name recognition as other contenders in the tournament, Last Woman Standing is a place where names and careers are forged, and glory can be won by triumphing against all who stand in one’s way! A victory here might just be what the Huntress needs to propel herself into the limelight!

Sachiko Koizumi


These days, Sachiko is best known as the leader of the Heartbreakers - the band of brawling, trash-talking, chair-wielding delinquents-turned-wrestlers determined to take LAW by storm. Whether it’s through dominating in the ring themselves or pulling in hits on their teammates’ opponents, the Heartbreakers are always on the lookout for new opportunities to prove themselves the league’s next top stars - by force! And behind it all is Sachiko Koizumi, a hot-tempered young lady with an appetite for destruction as great as her appetite for hot guys and girls!

Sachiko’s career as both a fighter and a sukeban dates back before she signed to LAW - before dropping out of school, she was the ringleader of a band of fellow ruffians with a reputation for getting in fights and causing all sorts of trouble. With such a pedigree of brutality and mayhem, you wouldn’t believe that she’s the youngest entrant in this year’s tournament! Sachiko is determined to prove herself in the tournament, seeking out a victory to prove that she and her gang aren’t to be trifled with, and to strike fear into the hearts of the LAW roster!

Saito Hide


It’s easy to assume that a heavyweight like Saito would be a typical powerhouse - strong, slow, and relying on pure brute strength to toss her opponents around like ragdolls. But if you were in the ring against her, you’d be making a fatal mistake! She can move faster than a 6-foot, 172-pound woman has any right to, and strike with lightning speed; her kicks, in particular, can flatten lesser foes! Woe betide any less experienced contender who assumes she’ll be easy to out-manuever based on her size!

But perhaps even more so than her agility, Saito’s greatest asset is her killer instinct and sadistic love for causing her opponents pain! She’s not wrestling for money, fame, or love of the sport, but because she likes hurting people that much. She may be making a name for herself in the squared circle, but one look in her one good eye will tell you that Saito is a woman most comfortable in the underground world of illegal fight clubs, where anything goes. Coming into a knockout tournament, she’ll be right in her element! Will it be enough to lead her to victory?

Haruka Tatsumi


Haruka is known to many LAW fans as one half of the tag team Double Danger Tatsumis, along with her sister Annette. The two of them have made quite a name for themselves, and it’s easy to see why - one would be hard-pressed to think of a team who can put on more of a show in the ring! With her lucha libre-inspired arsenal of flashy high-flying moves and quick strikes, Haruka can keep the pressure on her opponents faster than they can possibly hope to react. If that’s not enough to wow you, her outfit certainly will - her colorful gear combined with her lightning-fast movements turns her into a blur of blue and gold! It’s almost a shame when a body like hers moves too quickly for anyone to fully appreciate it!

Despite having all the makings of an up and coming star, Haruka hasn’t had as much success as her sister, nor does she boast the same level of experience and confidence in the ring. Her hestiance could lead to her downfall in the tournament if she isn’t careful, especially when faced with the sort of competition that shows mercy to no one! But if she can overcome that, Haruka could have a true success story ahead of her!

Bianca Valentine


If you thought Saito and Artemis were big, they’ve got nothing on the self-proclaimed Queen Bee! At a titanic 230 lbs., Bianca is the heaviest wrestler in this tournament by a long shot, and she definitely knows how to use all that weight. Her style, derived from the best parts of both catch and sumo wrestling alike, is tailored to use her sheer size as a lethal weapon, trapping her opponents against her frame and squeezing the life out of them! Not only does she have the credentials of a would-be winner, with a lifelong love of the grappling arts helping her achieve success in the amateur scene, she proudly insists she can best anyone in LAW. We can only see how that plays out for her in the tournament!

Bianca is the only entrant in this year’s tournament who’s been a contender before - last year, she put up an impressive showing in the quarter-finals before losing to Soledad Vega in a closely-fought battle. But here’s some trivia for you - only one woman in the history of the Last Woman Standing Tournament can boast of the same, and that’s Ducky Williams, who was eliminated from the tournament in the first round back in 2018 before she went on to win it all the next year! I may not be a betting woman, but Bianca certainly seems to think she can carry the pattern on!

Jessica Wright


Another standout name in the annals of LAW’s most illustrious and decorated of grapplers, Jessica comes off a title bout at We Are LAW to carry on her career of main event-caliber mayhem at Last Woman Standing! One look at her record - with 14 wins and counting to her name - will tell you all you need to know when it comes to how this purple-haired pugilist means business. She’s earned the nickname of the Violent Violet thanks to her ruthless attitude and her love of getting in a good scrap, and it’s that harsh take-no-prisoners outlook on life that gives Jessica the edge that she hopes can help her win the tournament!

Jessica hails from a proud family of wrestlers, and she’s been in this business for years. Growing up on the indies was a life of hard knocks, but it taught Jessica all she needed to know when it came to how to succeed in the ring, and more to the point, it toughened her spirit into the steely temperance of a warrior! While the Wright family may not have the claim to fame of more storied wrestling dynasties, like the Harts, the Ashfords, or the Ostbergs to name a few, Jessica’s determined to change that - and the tournament may just give her the stage to do so!

Sakura Ariyama


Compared to some of the more established names promising to make Last Woman Standing 2020 a night to remember, Sakura doesn’t have quite as much history behind her. But we’ve certainly seen what she can do, and we can’t help but be impressed! For a rookie, she’s already mastered a breathtaking array of moves - so many, in fact, she had to number them just to keep them straight! From the stunning Sakura Breaker Part II to the agonizing Cherry Blossom Lock Volume IV to the terrifying, death-defying Sakura Driver: The Final Act!, the laundry list of laudable maneuvers is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this lass’s talent. If this is how she looks at the beginning of her career, we can only imagine where she has to grow!

Sakura’s story is an inspirational one. Though she was faced with adversity and ostracism growing up, she learned to rise above the odds and become a stronger person - and her passion for the art of wrestling drove her to take her pursuit to new heights, perfecting her style. She wants to serve as an inspiration for fans everywhere, teaching them that they too can be capable of incredible things if they put their mind to it, and standing up for the weak and helpless wherever they may be trodden upon. Will that determination carry her to victory in the tournament, and make for the path to glory she’s always dreamed of walking?
So there you have it, folks - eight ladies who would make even as fearless and intrepid a reporter as I run for the hills if I caught their ire, and all of them set to go head to head at the 2020 Last Woman Standing Tournament! Who do you think has what it takes to make it to the finish? Let us know!

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