LAWFeed - Ten Heel Turns That Would Make Us Cry

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LAWFeed - Ten Heel Turns That Would Make Us Cry

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Devilish Disclaimer
As with all bits posted in this section, this is purely novelty. This is also by no means a list meant to put focus on its participants/users over others. It's purely for fun, and regards characters I know.
By Michelle Saunders

"She turned heel!"

A sentence that attracts instant attention whenever you see it in professional female wrestling. It's always heart-breaking when your favourite face decides to flip the switch and turn baddy. Especially when said baddy is a real baddy.

With hopes that we never have to witness the heartbreak below, here's our list of ten gals who if turned heel, would just simply make us cry.


Kat Hart

One of LAW's earliest heavyweight signings, it's easy to imagine why a heel Kat sends shivers down our spine. With that much power and speed poised towards actively hurting her opponents and making herself known as the menace? There'd be few to stand in her way to be sure. And Kat hasn't hidden away from a more aggressive side either. Simply take a gander at the LWS tournament in which she made it to the finals, for a hefty teaser of what a truly motivated Kat would bring to the ring.

Not only that, but the fact that LAW's premier Super Kitty has opted for the dark side? We may be crying for some time.


Ducky Williams

Despite signing a mere two years ago, it's hard to think of many more popular middleweights than the darling Ducky Williams. And whilst her moveset shows the occasional devilish tendency every now and then (we're looking at one part of Ducky in particular), its a common ending to a Ducky match to have the blonde smiling with handshakes-a-given.

But if she were to throw that all away in favour of truly smothering out her opponents? There'd be some quick submissions in her forthcoming matches, that's for sure.



LAW's own denizen of the Shadow Dimension may come off as evil as she sounds, but it's rare we see GASTER tap into that side in the ring. Known to be a sweetheart of the lightweight division, the foe to all phantoms packs a shocking array of strikes and submission holds that would easily put her against some of the heavier women in LAW at a moments notice.

The thought of GASTER employing said holds with intent to leave her opponents gasping and broken? Start running, I'll be coming with you...


Alaina Sanders

The 'Mother of LAW' is perhaps one of finest examples of what it means to be a face wrestler in all of wrestling. Calm yet ruthless in the ring, Alaina is as popular with the crowds as she is with her friends. And with such a lengthy background behind her, it's easy to see that it's all genuine.

But everyone has their tipping point, as they say, and as Alaina turns another shade older this year, would a potential rush to lay claim to the heavyweight title push Ms. Sanders over? Thoughts and prayers with Astrid Ostberg, should ever come to pass...



Whilst neither the biggest nor strongest heavyweights amongst LAW, Silver's lack of aggression overall leads us to believe that the busty beauty doesn't possess a cruel bone in her body. Heck, she even crowned herself the queen of snuggling! (Well, Queen of the bedroom).

But a lack of success in ring-bound matches has started to show cracks in the bedroom queens reign, and it's often easy to forget about the more niche titles when official LAW championships are in full swing. Would Silver ever dip into the dark side in hopes of victory? It'd make us weep.


Erin Quinn

The Irish powerhouse can be something of a deviant in wrestling matches, with a coy grin and winks a plenty, but it's rare to see Erin Quinn ever turn nasty without provocation. Having come so close to a middleweight championship run, whose to say the Irish gal doesn't have plenty of anger stored up, simply waiting to be unleashed? How nasty would a Erin Quinn striking combination be, if delivered with deadly intent?

We hope her opponents have good health insurance.


Big Jenny

At seven feet tall and two-hundred and sixty pounds, need I explain why the idea of Big Jenny actively seeking to crush her opponents is a horrific one?

Luck would be on the side of the LAW roster for the moment, given the big blue-haired giants penchant for kindness and cuddles, but would anyone truly be able to define her should she ever deem an opponent truly worthy of being put in the hospital?


Eirina Makishima

Eirina's devilish nature made itself known throughout her infamous first run as hentai champion, but LAW's premier doctor carries the attitude you'd expect of a former medical professional.

With run ins against Kieda Uzai, Eileen Sommers and Ducky Williams, is it a case of when not if for the doctor turning to the dark side?


Marissa Winters

The soft spoken and shy Marissa Winters often has to show her aggressive side when competing with the likes of Kyoko Akan and Yoko Littner, but she rarely lets her more hostile foes change her as a person.

With constant run-ins against the more hostile variety of LAW, would the kind-hearted former model ever adopt some of their mannerisms, in an effort to finally one up them?


Holly Matheson

"Oh no, what is she going to do, lose in heelish fashion?"

I hear you ask. And no, this isn't a troll.

Despite her current 'championship,' Holly is a fan favourite through and through. Not to mention her surprising ability in the ring. But everyone has their breaking point, and who would be closer to reaching theirs besides the reigning, defending Loser of LAW?

With the endurance she's built up, all it would take is the slightest of adjustments. That, and maybe a weapon or two to bare...

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