Can Rose Gold Become Queen of LAW?

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Can Rose Gold Become Queen of LAW?

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Written by S-chan

When it comes to the rising stars in LAW, one name that stands out - for better or worse - is Rose Gold. With all that’s happened in her career thus far, it’s hard to believe her debut match wasn’t that long ago - but even from day one, the audience was captivated by her natural command of showmanship and spectacle, as well as her mastery of in-ring action, displaying expertise in striking, grappling, and high-flying alike!

Of course, nowadays, when LAW fans think of Rose Gold, they tend not to recall her name so warmly - while she came into the promotion looking like a natural fan favorite, it wouldn’t be long before Rose set her sights on dominating LAW’s lightweight division, in more ways than one, as she showed herself willing to use every trick in the books to crush the competition on her way up!

Just recently, crowds ringside at the arena and watching at home alike witnessed the latest chapter in Rose’s rampage, as she unleashed a brutal assault on Rebecca Watasumi, one that left her friend - and the reigning Lightweight Champion - Aoi Fukiwara swearing revenge! She challenged Rose to a No-DQ match, putting the title on the line for We Are LAW 2021. But Rose couldn’t wait her turn, attacking Aoi with a devastating steel chair beatdown during the contract signing!

Now, as we head into We Are LAW, the stage is set for what’s sure to be an emotional confrontation. There’s a lot on the line, and the tempers are sure to be flying high between these two! But if you want a prediction from your friendly neighborhood S-chan, I’m confident that we’re looking at our champ retaining.

The fact that Rose had to result to going behind Aoi’s back while her guard was down proves that she doesn’t have the confidence that she can beat her on her own! But now that the cat’s out of the bag, Rose is going to find her tricks coming back to bite her. When the match comes, Aoi will know what to expect, and even in a No-DQ match, she’ll be ready to defend herself from Rose’s trickery. If Aoi’s smart - and she must be if she's managed to keep her championship this long - she’ll know to watch Rose’s matches and be ready for her tricks! Rose might seem tough, but she’s only the number-one contender thanks to trickery, and there’s only so far you can get with cheating your way to victory.

Besides, let’s not forget what happened at We Are LAW 2020, when Rose went up against championship hopeful Yuki Kazikura. Yuki had taken on Aoi in a close battle before, and while she couldn’t win the title, she still gave the champ a run for her money. It’s easy to lose sight of it when her match against Rose Gold ended in a crushing defeat that left Yuki retreating from the public eye - but we can’t forget that Yuki was winning that match up until Rose tripped her up. If Aoi beat Yuki, who Rose couldn’t even beat clean? I think that’s reason enough to expect the Warrior of LAW to come out of this match the undefeated Lightweight Champion!

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