Interview: Rei Tachibana - Inside The Mind Of The Hentai Champion!

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Interview: Rei Tachibana - Inside The Mind Of The Hentai Champion!

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Written By Claire Garcia

Hentai wrestling and LAW go together like bread and butter. It's no surprise that because of it, when you think 'popular wrestlers' amongst the first that comes to mind is one Eirina Makishama. As LAW's first ever hentai champion its hardly a surprise that the name is synonymous with sexy wrestling as a whole.

But all reigns it seems, must come to an end. Today, I was lucky enough to take a moment of the current hentai champion, the gal whom pushed Eirina from her throne, Rei Tachibana. Not only did I ask what she's been up to since taking the crown, but I questioned the illustrious champion on her plans going forward.



"So Rei, we're approaching the end of the calendar year, with you winning the Hentai belt in August. What have you been doing since then?"

"It feels weird being called a Champion, [laughs]I mean it's no secret that I've took a few years off from Wrestling to pursue other endeavours. But as Queen of the Division of Sexfighting, I can't stay still. I'm on the look out for girls who want to try and take this belt from me, the hungriest and boldest of girls. I've already found a few I'm dying in wait to defend this belt against them."

"You mention Queen of the Division of Sexfighting, as opposed to hentai champ. Care to tell us more?"

"You see it's funny you say that, I've always heard our particular brand of wrestling being called...hentai. Although it's very in tune with the girls who fight in them, I feel the term doesn't properly fit it. Not as much as the visceral and passionate word of Sexfight. It maybe a bit blunt and straightforward, but I feel a little makeover is what this Division needs."

"So you intend to re-brand the division as a whole. Interesting. How do you think management, and your challengers alike, are going to take to this?"

"I feel management has all to gain from it. They can invest in me as Champion to lead the change, or they can simply ignore me and keep calling it what it is, I'll still call my matches Sexfights. As for my challengers...if they really have a problem with what we call our fights, I think we can settle them in a more...personal manner suited to our flavour of life."

"Speaking of challengers, who do you have lined up for your first defence? Any dream matches in your eyes?"

"There are plenty of lustful women in this locker room, all I'm willing to tangle with in anything. But at the front, is Rosy Reyes. I won't say too much about what transpired between us, but very soon the audience is going find out what's in store for them at We Are LAW 2021. As for dream matches...I'm satisfied with any woman who has the brash and boldness to step up to me. I'm an easily satisfied woman."

"Whilst there's no official rematch clause regarding championships in LAW, do you feel you'll tangle with Eirina again? Be it for your belt or otherwise?"

"I'll always be willing to give Eirina another chance at me. Be it for the belt or not. A woman like that is too much to simply pass up on."

"Any passing words or bits of advice for the former champion?"

"Keep on being as hot and sexy as you are and wonders will find it's way to you as always."


Rei Tachibana will of course be defending her championship at the upcoming We Are LAW PPV. To say we're excited who she will face is a understatement.
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