Ms. Apple

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Ms. Apple

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Name: Aubrey Apple
Age: 37
Eyes: Green
Hair: Auburn
Height: 5"9'
Weight: 168 lbs
Nationality: American
Alignment: Face

Personality & Past
Aubrey Apple was quite the studios girl while she was growing up, acing classes in school and placing a great deal of importance on her academics, holding herself to a high standard while in school! So much did she enjoy learning that she was often far ahead of her peers simply from the amount that she would read and study into specific subjects ahead of even where she was, which also meant that she was very capable of teaching her peers. From helping explain things to full on tutoring, Aubrey had a clear passion for helping others acquire the knowledge that she found to be so incredibly valuable, and so it was only natural that a career in teaching began to interesting the young woman! With that in mind, a college education that prepared her for such was quite the natural choice, and she would quite quickly begin studying in order to become a teacher!

Once she had graduated to become a certified instructor, Aubrey would begin teaching, having quite the enjoyable time with students and other instructors! Her will to learn never waned, however, and she would continue learning about everything and anything, things that were entirely unconnected from schooling, all while continuing to educate! And during this time Aubrey discovered her more authoritative side, sparing no sympathy for bullies or misbehaving students, the oft described "sexy teacher" making sure that she would correct any poor behavior, while her attitude was nothing but sweet towards all other students. Her life continued on as she would educate her students and herself, though the teacher couldn't help but feel as though she had fallen into something of a rut as she continued on. A bit of searching for things to spice up her life would lead her to more study of other activities, and eventually the teacher would land on the subject of pro wrestling! The pageantry of it all was more than a little eye catching, but what also caught her eye was the somewhat lewder side of it that she found, things such as apartment wrestling, or matches from a Japanese promotion that ended up on the lewder side of things! The entire thing she found quite... enthralling, and without further ado, she would instantly throw herself into the world of pro wrestling, and even deeper into the lewder styles of grappling, quickly learning all she could!

Before very long, Ms. Apple would experiment on weekends and late on weeknights with the more softcore styles of wrestling, finding it to be quite to her liking! She learned and learned fast, and eventually she was prepared enough for amateur and indie shows, training herself so that she could handle the opponents thrown at her! So fast was her growth that Aubrey was able to teach those around her, finding the experience enthralling, and to be honest, much more exciting to teach beautiful women to grapple and use their assets! With such a passion ignited in herself, Aubrey would eventually find herself slipping more and more into wrestling and sensually dominating beautiful women, building a reputation so large that promotions began to take notice! And so, finally deciding which path she wanted to take, Aubrey would leave her job teaching and make way for Japan, joining LAW to follow her burning passion to wrestle!


Aubrey Apple is a gentle woman, with a love for the lewder sides of wrestling and a passion to educate all around her, quite eager to share her love with the other women around her that she wrestles! Aubrey will likely sensually squash her foes, though she makes a special exception for "bad eggs," heel wrestlers that she faces! With heels or faces that push her to her absolute limit, Aubrey's authoritative side will come out and she will often look to use humiliation tactics and intense submissions to embarrass and weaken her foes, looking to make them submit to her as punishment! Though Aubrey seldom holds on to such things, always willing to treat others with compassion after beating them!


Strategy: Sensually squash her foes using her curves and wrestling knowledge, but will look to show up heels with pure humiliation tactics, which she will also use on faces who push her to her limit!

Preferred Attacks: Smothers and Submission Holds

Preferred Matches: Smother, Submission, Humiliation, and Hentai

Attitude towards Hentai: "I'm very capable of educating in all fields, if you know what I mean."


General Stats
-Endurance: 4/5 - Capable of wrestling for a long time, as well as working through plenty of offense!
-Strength: 3/5 - Able to perform decent feats of strength, but chooses to control her foes in other ways!
-Speed: 2/5 - Very rarely moves too fast, instead letting her foes come to her!
-Defense: 3/5 - Able to defend herself adequately!
-Technique: 5/5 - Incredibly technical and knowledgeable on how to control her foes!

Wrestling Stats
-Strikes: 1/5 - The only strikes she would ever deliver is spanking someone.
-Submissions: 5/5 - Incredibly technical, combines her submission prowess with her curvy body to completely control foes!
-Power Moves: 2.5/5 - Unlikely to power someone around, though she is capable of it!
-Aerial Moves: 1/5 - Highly unlikely to leave the ground much!
-Counters: 5/5 - Able to turn even the worst holds around on her foe!


Signature Moves

Atomic Drop


Camel Clutch (W/ Breast Fondling)


All Forms of Smothers (Facesitting, Stinkfaces, Breast Smothers, Etc.)


Held Back: With her opponents down on their knees, Ms. Apple will wrap her legs around their neck in a triangle before leaning back, either balancing on her hands or laying back fully, stretching their spine and choking them out if they refuse to tap!
Detention: Ms. Apple grabs her foes and bends them over, reaching over them to lock in a reverse full nelson, before she will roll them backwards with her, ending up sitting on her foe's lap, compacting their body and stretching their arms! She can also start this hold with her foe already seated, and will sometimes push their face into her breasts during this hold!
Class is in Session: Ms. Apple will take her foe's arms and legs and tie them together, before turning them onto their trapped limbs and sitting down on their rear, trapping them in a tight teacher's lock!


Friends: Nothing yet.

Allies: Nothing yet.

Rivals: Nothing yet.

Enemies: Nothing yet.

Crushes: Nothing yet.

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