Rare Match Roulette! (Special Event concept)

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Rare Match Roulette! (Special Event concept)

Unread post by SweetHeart »

Rare Match Roulette
A paper view styled event, where every match has some form of a unique stipulation, not a single match is going to be a simple one on one or tag team match.

Here are the possible matchups. Depending on how many people are involved with the match it might be no copies, but if there is more

The paperview matches will be chosen by a roulette wheel, which is number 1 to 36. The wheel will be spun and whatever it lands on, that will become the match the competitors will compete in. This will be done in advance and is revealed to competitors once they have been put in a match on the paperview.

The matches are as follows

1.Handcuff match (Match can only be won by locking your opponent in Handcuffs and knocking them out)

2.Pudding match (They will wrestle in pools filled with different kinds of pudding, the only way to win is via pinfall or submission in the pudding. Wrestlers will also have to wear bikinis or swimsuits of some kind)

3.Kiss my ass match (Simple one but still fun, the Loser of the match has to kiss the winner's butt. No DQ, anything goes, win via pinfall, submission, or knockout. Can also be done in tag team competition, with bot members of the losing team having to kiss each of the winner's ass at least on time each)

4.Throne of Shame Match (The loser must be the winner's chair for 24 hours, no matter where they are, from in the arena to in the street. No DQ, anything goes, win via pinfall, submission, or knockout)

5.Sweet Dreams match (2 out of 3 falls, takes place in a hotel rented out by LAW, with competitors wearing pajamas or lingerie of some kind. You can only win via smother knockout. It's a much more easy-going match and usually is pre-recorded beforehand)

6. Pick your poison (PYP) match (Hentai match with some lewd "toys" in boxes around the ring, which can be anything from fuzzy handcuffs, lipstick, dildos, whip cream, etc. The only way to win is to make your opponent cum three times)

7.Special Referee match (Usually mixed in with other exotic matches for added creativity, the referee is a wrestler. They are only obliged to count pinfalls and check for submissions)

8. BDSM match (Match can only be won by wrapping an opponent up in some kind of rope pattern and making them cum. Rope will be placed outside the ring)

9.Jailhouse match (The opponents must knock down their opponents then trap them in a jail cell at the top of the ramp. This can also be done in a tag-team format, with the teams having to put their opponents in the cages, along with those who are put in cages are not allowed to exit until the match is over)

10. Taste your Defeat Match (Can be won via pinfall, submission, or Knockout. The winner of the match can force the opponent to either eat their panties, socks, or other objects they have brought that wouldn't be the nicest to taste. Can be done in tag team matches too.)

11.Just desert match (The ring is filled with different kinds of sweets such as donuts, cupcakes, normal cakes, and a massive cholate pool at the top of the ramp. The match is one via Pinfall, submission, or tossing your opponent into the cholate pool)

12.Falls and Fucks count anywhere (Same as a falls count anywhere but with the addition that you can also win the match via orgasm or hentai submission. Other then that it's the same as falls count anywhere, No DQ, you can pin your opponent anywhere)

13.Unlucky 13 match (The most unlucky of matches. This match will see the opponent take on each other completely naked, apart from collars on their necks. After someone wins by making the other tap to a hentai submission, they will then be subjected to 3 women wearing dominatrix outfits, along with latex masks with the number 13 on them. They will then tie the loser's hands and legs up, allowing the winner to join if they would like. They will then do whatever the winner asks of them, doing things like giving the loser a three-way smother or fucking them with strap-ons. After this punishment the 13 girls will then take the loser away, giving them a private punishment, which can be purchased online later on for LAW fan's view pleasure.) (The loser of the match is allowed to take up to 2 weeks off to recover after the punishment. This will depend on how far the 3 thirteens go with the punishment)

14. WaterWork match (The ring will have things such as water balloons, water guns, and other water-themed things around it, as you must spray your opponent with enough water to get them wet, then strip them of their soggy clothing to win)

15.Strip match (You must strip you opponent until they are naked before you can attempt to make them tap, knock them out, or pin them)

16.Kiss my Foot match (Same as KMA but they have to kiss their foot, also can be done in tag team matches.)

17.Kiss of Death match (The only way the match can be won is with the opponents using some for of kissing submission to make the opponent pass out. The competitors will also where shades of makeup to match their attire)

18.Bitch maker match (The competitors must wear collars for this match. There is a lease outside the ring in a case. You must put grab the lease and lock it onto the other opponent's neck, and win by making your opponent submit with the lease around their neck. This can be done by either submission, smothering them, or even choking them with the lease. The loser becomes the winner's bitch for 24 hours (same as POW rules) and must leave with the winner walking them out on their hands and knees like a dog, along with wearing fake dog/cat ears. If the winner chooses, the loser must also cosplay as a cat or dog girl throughout the 24 hours)

19. LumberJack-Off match (A hentai match with other wrestlers at ringside, ordered to lewd the wrestlers if they fall out of the ring. The match can only be won if one of the competitors cums, but the Lumberjacks can aren't allowed to make them cum, if they do it doesn't count)

20. Stinkface-A-Thon (The loser will be given multiple stinkface's. This can from either the winner or by a group of wrestlers of the winner's choice, 5 in total. However they can do as my stinkfaces as they please.)

21.Who's your mommy match (A hentai match in which you can only win by making the other opponent call them mommy. This will lead to the winner forcing the loser to be smothered by their breasts for as long as the "mommy" want's them to.)

22.Photoshoot match ( The winner gets to direct a humiliating photoshoot with the loser, in which they can put them through all forms of humiliating poses or outfits. The results of which will all be documented in LAW's magazines sold after the event or online.)

23.Spanking of the Whores (Tag Team match. The losers will have their hands and legs tied, with their rears positioned in the air, before they will both be spanked by the winners. Along with this, the losers must say they enjoy the punishment and any other requests the winners want them to say, making them look like whores.)

24.Treachery match (A tag team match. The winners will force one of the losing team's members to do something humiliating to their partners, usually the member to take the losing fall. If they refuse then the other member must do so. If they both refuse then the winners will force them both to be humiliated. This will lead to the losing team members either staying loyal to their partners or one of the members being unfaithful to the other.)

25.Roll of the dice match (Can be either a Tag team, one on one, or triple threat. The match starts with a simple stipulation of win by pinfall. Every five minutes, the match win stipulation will change, and as such the competitors must change their attempts at winning the match depending on the dice roll. The six-win conditions are
1.Win by pinfall
2.Win by submission
3.Win by making your opponent say "I quit"
4.Win by making your opponent cum
5.Win by putting your opponent through a table
6.Win by making your opponent kiss your ass)

26.StraightJacket match (The match can only be won by knocking out your opponent long enough for them to be put into a straight jacket)

27.Maid maker match (POW match, The loser is forced not only to be the winner's maid for 24 hours, but they must put on the outfit in the ring.)

28.Tag Team POW match (The losers will be forced to either choose who will become their master from the winning team, or the winners will decide for them (Aka winner 1 picks loser 1 or 2) . An extra rule is that the winning team can choose to only pick one of the members, leaving their partner to force and watch as their ally is taken away for 24 hours of lewding.)

29.Hidden opponent match (The match will start with one person, usually a champion, rolling a ball mixer, much like a bingo machine, with each ball in the machine having all the possible contenders for their title, until they finally stop spinning, taking out the name of who will be competing for the title.)

30. Who wore it better match (A normal match but the wrestlers must wear what their opponents would normally wear, the two switching attires. If they wear a mask then they can have a custom mask made for them. Won via using pinfall or submission, bonus point if they use their opponents moves too.)

31.Iron woman match (Match lasts for 30 minutes (4 full pages minimum. In other words 1 full page= 7.30 minutes) Falls can be won by pinfall, knockout, or submission. No DQ)

32.Triple roulette (The only way to win is to make your opponent submit, pin them once, and knock them out once. )

33.I quit match (Match can only be won by making your opponents say I quit, anything goes and falls count anywhere)

34.A grave with your name on it (A casket match, but there are two Caskets with the competitor's names on them, and you are only able to win if your opponent puts you in YOUR casket, if they are put into the wrong Casket it doesn't count. If a Casket is destroyed or damaged to where it can't be used, then this rule will be lifted and either Casket can be used.

35.Strecher match (No DQ match, Opponent must be strapped to a stretcher, and brought to an ambulance, with both doors shutting.)

36.Lucky 36 Match (The Main Event of the paper view, it will be a triple threat or fatal four-way. It will start as an elimination-style match, with participants either being Eliminated by pinfall, submission, or knockout.
Once there are only two remaining or if it's just a one on one match, either the championship or the Jackpot briefcase will be hung above the ring, turning the match into a ladder match, where the only way to win is to grab the title or the briefcase.
If the match is for the briefcase it means that the winner has a chance to compete for either the title in their weight class, the hentai title, or the openweight title. They may also go for the tag titles but must have a partner in order to do so. The lawless title isn't up to be won with this briefcase)

Let the Roulette, begin!
(Overall an interesting Idea I came up with. I was hoping for a "no doubles" for each stipulation but that depends on how many people wanna do this event.)
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Re: Rare Match Roulette! (Special Event concept)

Unread post by Bare »

Ooooooh I love some of these concepts and as a ppv idea it sounds super interesting! I have a couple of ocs in mind that would just love some of these match types so count me in ^^

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Re: Rare Match Roulette! (Special Event concept)

Unread post by The Riders »

Same here

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Re: Rare Match Roulette! (Special Event concept)

Unread post by Darius 2.0 »

I had no idea so many different match types could exist. lol

Well done.

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Re: Rare Match Roulette! (Special Event concept)

Unread post by anime_hentaifighter »

nice idea for an match stipulation

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Re: Rare Match Roulette! (Special Event concept)

Unread post by xalex »

i would defently sign up for such a ppv XD

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Re: Rare Match Roulette! (Special Event concept)

Unread post by RJD »

Seems good

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Re: Rare Match Roulette! (Special Event concept)

Unread post by LowDefinition »

Sign me up for this
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Re: Rare Match Roulette! (Special Event concept)

Unread post by TiefBlau »

I'll be sad if I don't get any of the kiss/worship/smother matches, but I'd love to participate

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Re: Rare Match Roulette! (Special Event concept)

Unread post by Suzanna Mey »

I'm down :3
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