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Some of you may remember me from my old days in the AFW, some of you will be meeting me for the first time. Either way, welcome to the dojo!

Wrestling has been my first Role Playing love and after many years away I'm back to have some fun with some like minded people again. It's been while but I assure you I have not lost a step! I'm usually pretty quick to reply at any given time.

Each character I create here will scratch a particular itch I have, which I'll get into more detail with each profile. Most, if not all, will be leaning towards Heels. I have nothing against Face wrestlers, but Heels just get to have more fun! I'll leave the Faces to the people who can use them well.

I'm pretty open to most kinds of RP whether it be competitive matches or backstage meetups. I will say the kind of RPs I love the most however are the ones were one fighter completely dominates the other in an uneven match up. Whether my characters are doling out the pain or receiving it in spades I enjoy it either way. :)

I'm not huge fan of Hentai RP, and I won't do straight up sex. In a wrestling RP I'm more about, you know......the wrestling. lol

If you have any questions or wanna strike up an RP, you can PM me here or on Discord at Darius 2.0#1765

Sarah Gatt - the Queen of Brawl

My main for many years. Sarah was the first character I ever made for female wrestling. At first she was just a quick thing I jumbled together in order to participate in RP fights, but over time she quickly grew into one of the single most brutal creations I've ever dreamed up.
Sarah is the hardcore fighter of the family and after a storied career she became quite good at it. A veteran of the ring Sarah knows all the tricks of the trade, and a few tricks she made up herself. If you want a bloody back and forth fight against a fierce competitor, or just want your character to have the crap kicked out of them, give Sarah a ring.

Current and Past Threads

Mary Bloom


My sensual domination character, the blonde tower of power Mary was created to crush, smother, squeeze and bearhug all opponents into oblivion. To the biggest heavyweights to the smallest lightweights, all are just playthings to Mary Bloom. Look her up if you want your character to be cuddled into a coma.

Current and Past Threads

Ember Sykes
Powerful muscles compressed into one tiny package. Ember's role is to be the tiny girl that can take down the biggest competition, usually by choking them blue with her big biceps, skull crushing scissorholds, or smothering them unconscious with dat ass. You got a cocky amazon that needs to be brought down a peg? Ember's your gal.

Current and Past Threads

Nha and Sha - The Ancestors of Isis
Tag Team

My sexy sadistic tag team! Nha is the flirty one that will wrap you up into deadly holds while Sha is more of the strong silent type who will piledrive you through the ring. Available for tag team matches, handicap matches or to take on individually!

Current and Past Threads

More to come!
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