Krieg's Busty Ladies

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Krieg's Busty Ladies

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Herr-Krieg's Introduction

Greetings, and humbly welcome to my roster page. I just recently joined in L.A.W and decided it would be best to write this roster where people can access my wrestling OCs, where I tell more about myself and what kind of RPing and matches I prefer.

To tell a bit about how I ended up registering into L.A.W, I recently started trying out wrestling RPing with a very good friend of mine here in L.A.W, Devilish53 . After having such good times and RP scenarios going on between our OCs, he told me about this site and wether I would be interested about it. After giving it a bit of a thought, I finally decided to give it a try. And the rest is history. For how much he has helped me with getting started on the site, how to do stuff in practise, writing my OC profiles and such, he deserves special thanks and appreciation from me :D.

Considering as to what kind of RP scenarios and matches I prefer, I'm pretty open for suggestions, ideas and even for more unorthodox and special sorts of match setups, being so new in the business and such. I do however prefer wrestling matches with lots of submission holds and so on. Be sure to contact me so we can discuss about the details and potential match types ;).

Now there is something I wish to specify and make more clear considering RP scenarios and the 'storywise canon stuff' of my OCs in the site. Considering my OCs, I strictly wish to use them for IM's and 'non-canon' matches and RP scenarios only. I don't plan on creating or starting to build up a match record or wrestling history for them here considering trying to get titles or such for them. I sincerely hope that you understand my view on this matter. While I do fully understand and respect such roleplaying here with making match history and such for one's characters and OCs, I just simply don't feel like having the sort of a mentality for such thing of taking this more seriously.I just wish to have fun RPing and meeting new folks who share my passion for the business :).

With that being said, I wish to meet new people here who share my liking and passion for wrestling RPing, make new friends and of course, have good and fun time roleplaying. In advance, I'm happy to meet you all and hoping for good chatting and interaction in the future :).


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