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121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Collena Browne

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Name: Collena Browne
Age: 25
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Pink
Height: 5ft 7in
Weight: 137 lbs
Alignment: Tweener (Mostly Face)
Nationality: African American

Fighting Style: Grappler
Finishing move/s: The Dethroner
Personality: Shy, quiet and lewd

History: Collena had a pretty normal life. Besides having long green straight hair unlike a normal black person. Collena got into video games at a young age, she would play them for hours and hours whenever she could. If there was one thing she hated when she was young it would be school. From falling asleep in class to not understanding what's going on and of course getting bullied for being socially awkward. Her only favorite thing at school was lunchtime. Most of the time she would only think and talk about playing video games, or just keep her mouth shut. Although she was capable of doing other things. It wasn't until she was 10 that she was diagnosed with a learning disability know as Asperger's syndrome. Once people understood what she had and with the help of some medication, she was able to learn better in school and interact with people more better. Of course like any other person she had fetishes as well. While in middle school there was wrestling game that came out that had only female characters in it. Knowing the game was mediocre she didn't care and with the help of one of her older brothers she was able to play it. Playing that game always made her horny as she saw humiliating wrestling holds that she didn't know was possible. Her imagination started to run wild with thoughts of doing these moves to other people and being sexual dominant. Unfortunately she couldn't play the game anymore due to one of her brothers borrowing her game console and somehow breaking it. She was angry but luckily she had the internet. As she did research on the game she found out about other humiliating but more simpler wrestling holds like the reverse headscissors and schoolgirl pins. This got Collena into wrestling but not into the type of wrestling you normally see on tv. Grapple and submission wrestling was more for her. But she never did any wrestling, wrestling to her was a sexual fetish and she was to embarrass to do it. Throughout her years in school everything went smoothly for her as she secretly learned more about wrestling on the internet. After high school she went to a community college for only a year until she dropped out. One day a strange man spotted her at a store and offered her a job as a maid at his mansion. She took his offer but she was extremely nervous. It wasn't the cleaning or working with the other maids that made her nervous, it was entertaining the guests at night. She didn't know what to do until her master offered to help her. He asked her to have sex with him but only if she wanted to. She didn't know why but she agreed as her master never force her to do anything she didn't want. Also this wasn't her first time having sex. After having sex with her master for weeks she became more dominant in the bed. She got better in talking dirty, foreplay and making her master cum. She was able to make her master cum without any moment, only squeezing her pussy. This brought new found confidence in her to entertain the guests at night. Exactly what her master planned. (BTW, entertaining the guests only means severing drinks and chatting. NO SEX!) After years working as a maid her master passed away. Without a master no guest would come at night which meant no income to the mansion. As the other maids left Collena continued to stay hoping a new master will come. Months went by as a friend of the previous master told her to pack up her stuff and be prepared to leave to next day. The next day came with a huge surprise. Not only did she found that her master's friend did the same kind of work, but the master's youngest son decided to take over. She was so happy but things were a little different. The new master only hired one other maid, and ordered them to wrestle each other around the mansion from time to time. Both Collena and the other maid were ok with this but Collena always wondered why. But she continued to do it as she knew this could be her chance to live out her sexual fantasy

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