Rindo Kobayashi

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Rindo Kobayashi

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Name: Rindo Kobayashi
Nicknames: Rindo-Senpai, The Brutal Barbarian
Age: 24
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Yellow
Height: 171cm (5'6)
Weight: 145lbs

Entrance Attire
Devil cosplay
Casual wear
Alignment: Tweener
Nationality: Japanese
Fighting Style: Rindo is a powerhouse wrestler who makes use of her overwhelming speed and strength to dominate any who would step into the ring with her. She comes at her opponents with the aggression of a beast and savagely beats then down with strikes and throws, favouring raw power and brutality over acrobatics and technical skills. Rindo's love for domination can get the better of her at times and if she is winning a match she is likely to get sexual with her vulnerable foe.
Preferred matches: Rindo's love of sexual domination makes her severely drawn to more sexual match types, such as smother matches, bed matches or especially hentai matches, with her absolute favourite match type being hardstyle hentai matches. Will still gladly participate in any match type, but don't be surprised when she gets lewd.

Signature moves:

Barbarian Atomic Drop- Despite the addition to the name it is just a classic Atomic Drop. After dropping the victim onto her knee she will hold onto them to keep them there. From there she will follow up how she sees fit.
Senpai's Discipline- Rindo will drape a sufficiently weakened victim across her knee and spank them. She usually does this to humiliate her opponent, either to punish them (hence the name) or just because she's feeling raunchy.
Barbarian Buster- A Gorilla Press Gutbuster that she uses for a finisher. Performs this move with the intent to end a match.
Barbarian Special- Rindo will grab a standing bent over foe by the legs and lift them up so that they are upside down with their head against her shoulder. After showboating for a bit she will then jump up and fall back, crashing their shoulders and neck against the mat in an impactful Muscle Buster. This is her favourite way to end a match.
Personality: Rindo is a very playful and carefree young woman who loves the thrill of competition. She is extremely whimsical and has been known to do things purely because she thinks it would be exciting. She has a jovial demeanour at all times which hides her competitive nature. Rindo likes to act like a big sister to those younger than her and will insist that any younger or less experienced wrestlers call her 'Rindo-senpai', she does this because she likes the sound of it.

Rindo loves to fight and dominate others, this can be seen by how she behaves in the ring. Rindo especially loves facing strong fighters and will do so in the ring with such intensity it's as if she is trying to devour them. Despite her voracity she does not have any ill will to those she fights and just considers it to be part of the fun. Rindo is not the type to hold grudges over matches and will gladly befriend her foes after fighting them if she considered it to be an enjoyable match. On the flip side, it is very hard for her to get motivated to fight weak opponents.

History: Rindo was born the only daughter of a millionaire gourmet who runs a very successful chain of 5-star restaurants. Growing up she never wanted for anything and her every desire was seen to. When she was young her father raised her to be a chef and a gourmet like him so that she could one day take over the family business, and at the time she had no complaints as there was nothing else she wanted to do. Unfortunately for her father this would not be the case forever.

One day in her pre-teen years little Rindo discovered professional wrestling and she became obsessed with it. Eventually her obsession grew to the point where it wasn't enough for her to watch wrestling, she had to get in on the action herself. Her father, mistakenly believing her newfound interest in wrestling to be nothing more than a passing phase, arranged for her to get lessons from a professional. She took to it like a fish to water and would soon dedicate more of her free time to practising wrestling moves than cooking, which angered her father.

During the lessons Rindo and her fellow students would participate in mock matches. Rindo was very enthusiastic about these sparing matches, but in secret her father had ensured that none of the other kids were allowed to actually hurt her, so they were forced to let her win. Not knowing the true reason for her flawless string of victories Rindo would playfully tease the other kids about it. One day one of the kids had enough and decided to fight her for real during a sparing match, actually harming the young girl for the first time.

Something in Rindo snapped and she began to fight back seriously, showing the boy the hard way that she was a lot stronger than he had thought and beating him down. Rindo celebrated her victory by abusing the already defeated boy, beating him until the coach forcefully pulled her off of him. Rindo did not quite understand why yet but dominating the boy felt really good. Following that incident Rindo was banned from the lessons, her father thought nothing of it though and simply arranged for her to be given private one-on-one lessons instead.

Years later and Rindo, now a High School student, began to compete in junior wrestling competitions. She found lots of success, winning trophies all over the country. One day she was scheduled for a match against an attractive girl who she had formed a rivalry with, after a long and tense match Rindo came out on top. In the heat of the moment Rindo gave the girl a deep kiss and started feeling up her breasts, right in front of a large audience.

After the incident Rindo was banned from competition and the news spread back to her school, ruining her reputation and social standing. Rindo didn't care though, and only thought about how good it felt and how much she wanted to capture that feeling. Rindo's father had finally had enough and told her that she either had to give up on wrestling and become a chef or leave the family. Rindo chose to keep on wrestling, deciding that it sounded more exciting than a cozy but boring lifestyle in her family mansion.

In the years following Rindo would wrestle in different locations around Japan, and would occasionally travel elsewhere for matches, competing in both legitimate and illegitimate competitions. She even dabbled in some sex fighting. She gained a reputation amongst wrestling fans for being very deadly and talented, and of course for her sexual nature. Due to this reputation Rindo was sought out by LAW and offered a place on the roster.

Rindo getting the life squeezed out of her by Aziza, and enjoying it much more than she should
They're still Wrestling, right?
*Rindo is a gourmet who loves to eat food. She will seek out new dishes to try wherever she can find, whether they can be found in a 5-star restaurant or a simple market stall.
*Rindo is a very skilled cook, if she had dedicated herself to cooking instead of wrestling she could have become a celebrity in the culinary world.
*Rindo is bisexual and will gladly bed either gender, although she leans slightly more towards women.
*Rindo's likes include eating, cooking, travel, fishing and dominating people (Both physically and sexually)
*Rindo's dislikes include being hungry, the cold, being stuck indoors and people with no sense of humour.

Win Rate: 0/2/0
Milestones: N/A

Character timeline:
Rindo vs Samanta Verone Result- ongoing
Rindo vs Finlay Zeffer Result- Loss by submission to Finlay's Aero Zero
Rindo vs Ragna the Mighty Result- ongoing
Rindo vs Yasumi Otsune Result- Loss by KO to Yasumi's All Extinction
Rindo vs Cassandra Devlin Result- ongoing
Rindo vs Karla Reinhardt Result- ongoing
Rindo meets the Hentai Champion Rei Tachibana
Rindo vs Agatha Svensson Result- ongoing
Rindo vs Rose Result- ongoing
Rindo vs Aesira Reinhart Result- ongoing
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