Jessica Parker vs Micaiah Wilson

Analogous to a pre-show, these preliminary bouts precede the action on the main card. See for this topic a full explanation
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Re: Jessica Parker vs Micaiah Wilson

Unread post by SwordSavior1 » Wed Nov 06, 2019 11:24 pm

"Bullseye!" Jessie remarked as if she was actually playing darts. It was definitely just as rewarding as her victim gushed like a fountain while donning quite the comical expression. If there is one part of this match she would to rewind to one tape, the answer would be obvious. With the referee declaring Micaiah's surrender as valid, the bell would ring signalling the end of this exciting match. Jessie pulled the cum soaked kendo stick out and raised it in the air as if she won an actual war. The crowd went crazy after being given such a treat.

However the audience would be still in for some action. This was still a pay per view after all. Dropping the kendo stick, Jessica swayed her hips sideways as she slowly pulled down her knee length skirt revealing a set of black panties. Continuing with the strip tease, the redhead skipped around the ring while kneading the fabric of her bra. With one tug, her cleavage would be entirely exposed. After groping her own breasts for a few seconds, she waved her butt towards one side of spectators as she removed the last bit of clothing. Once completely in the nude, Jessica walked to where the black strap on dildo was. It was lying on the ring for quite a while almost forgotten. Not wanting to put it to waste, the dominant woman secured it around her hips before approaching Micaiah again.

"It's time for the grand finale little girl..." she teased before pulling Micaiah by the cheek for a sloppy kiss. After pulling away she looked into her victim's eyes "Hmmm you taste better kneel!" she muttered before hurling Micaiah out of the ropes and onto the canvas laying on her knees. Lowering herself while behind the defeated woman and holding her by the waist, Jessica with no hesitation inserted her rubber shaft and began thrusting in and out repeatedly.

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