Looking for lightweight matches!!!

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Looking for lightweight matches!!!

Unread post by Dragonofdarkness » Sat Jul 20, 2019 6:48 am

I have not had any new matches and some of my matches i already have is winding down and some just up and stop cause rl or whatever fucking reason. sorry im just just annoyed at paused matches thats all...*sighs* anyways i have alot of lightweights that need matches the only one that doesn't need a match is Aoi until after her lightweight title match.

if you want to battle any of my lightweights besides Aoi just dm on discord or pm me here or message here i dont really mind standard but im more so hoping for hentai matches if thats okay with you.

im also hoping newer guys or guys that i dont rp with often or at all before will be intrested so sorry but i will make a list of those i do not want to see reply to this


I dont hate you guys but im almost always rping with you all or talking to you that doesn't mean i dont want to rp i just want to see who here besides you all are willing to rp with me or will even give me a time of day. for those that are reading this thank you and feel free to message me ill leave my discord right here Kevin#5221

my characters are in my sig and notice this is only for the lightweights i will not be doing anything with my middle weights so don't ask okay please

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Re: Looking for lightweight matches!!!

Unread post by Jobberzela » Sun Jul 21, 2019 5:31 pm

I'm down for that challenge!

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