Body to Body Match Request

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Body to Body Match Request

Unread post by LunarOcean » Mon Feb 05, 2018 6:08 pm

So this has been something I've put in the preferred matches section for all my characters but it's something I've yet to actually do. Essentially, it's a match where both women are only allowed to use their bodies rather than their limbs for attacks. In other words, heavily focused on splashing, bearhugs, belly to belly grinding, breast docking, crotch to crotch rubbing and so on. They are allowed to grab one another and scissor, but only to stabilize themselves; they must make the opponent lose consciousness, cum, or submit using their fronts. In the case of one wrestler being caught in a pin they can't escape, the pinned wrestler can call out to the ref and after ten seconds, the pinning one has to release her.

This can be done with any weight class and any of my girls but I'd love to have a match with Nachi for this. Any takers?
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