Handicap Endurance Match - "Muscle Maze"

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Handicap Endurance Match - "Muscle Maze"

Unread post by LunarOcean » Sat Feb 03, 2018 2:23 am

So, I was thinking of something that's not really a conventional match as much as a test of endurance and resilience. Three heavyweight wrestlers vs one of any size. Their goal is to get her to submit, lose consciousness, or cum. Hers is to last for at least 25 or so minutes. The heavyweights won't be able to use any particularly nasty submissions, slams, or strikes - they might only be allowed to squeeze and press. So it's one girl being squished, humped, stretched, pressed, grinded, and basically used as a rubbing post for three busty, hardbodied, lustful women. If she survives the allotted time, she gets quite a reward. If not... well, she gets to be their plaything for the night after.

This could be used as a punishment in say, a high profile match where the winner takes a belt and the loser gets to be a rubbing toy.
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