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American Empire

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Team Name: American Empire


Members: Codi Justice & Liberty Moore

Combined Weight: 332 lbs.

Entrance Music:

Wrestling Information
Style: Brutal and tough powerhouse wrestlers.
Strategy: Rely on overt shows of their power, dominating opponents and not shying away from underhanded tactics to keep the upper hand on their foes.

Crowd Reaction: Babyfaces in the United States (though often not even there), the girls revel in riling up international crowds by playing up their ideas of American exceptionalism.

Preferred Match Types: Traditional tag matches, though American Empire won’t shy away from challenges, or any opportunity to show off their brand of domination. Naturally, they would love to take anyone on in a flag match.

Specialied Team Moves: Stand at Attention: with opponents at their feet, Justice and Liberty will lock their foes between their thighs for a standing leg scissor, crushing the opponents heads and necks between their powerful thighs and often stinkfacing them at the same time. They’ll hold this as long as they can, though they can only legitimately win a match this way under tornado tag rules.

Tag Team Finisher:
Mission Accomplished: With both Americans in the ring, Liberty will hoist a vulnerable victim up in a gorilla press position over her head. She’ll then dump them behind her, where Justice is ready to catch the opponent, spin around to carry that momentum and powerslam them into the mat, making for an easy pin.

Team History: Starting out as popular ladies wrestlers in the American south, both Codi Justice and Liberty Moore made names for themselves for leaving their opponents beaten and humiliated in the center of the ring. These dominant runs on the indie scene came to a head when the two finally came into conflict with each other, leading to a brief but intense feud.
That feud eventually gave way to mutual respect, however, as both girls founds themselves drawing smaller crowds. Noticing the increasing popularity of foreign wrestlers, both women decided to band together and ‘remind’ the fans of how great flashy, all-American women’s wrestling could be- forming American Empire, the girls took to the American indie scene by storm, specifically targeting male and female wrestlers from Mexico, Japan and the UK.
Becoming notorious in their own right, eventually the duo would draw enough attention to take their act on the road. Now eager to spread their Empire, Justice and Liberty look to prove their superiority over wrestlers all over the world.

Team Trivia and Fun Facts:
- American Empire once attempted to overturn a double pinfall loss on the grounds that pinning them was a violation of the U.S. Flag Code.
- American Empire has had sponsorship deals from a number of small businesses, which usually just involve them appearing in television ads for car dealerships, bars or pawn shops. They had a chance at GoDaddy, but an untimely brawl ended that.



Hometown: Miami, FL, USA
Age: 22
Height & Weight: 5’9” & 165 lbs.
Personality & History: Codi Justice started wrestling when recruited from her local gym, where her looks and powerlifting prowess drew the attention of a local wrestling promoter. Loving the attention and the rush of dominating her opponents, Codi took to wrestling like a fish to water.
From the start of her career, Codi has been rude, abrasive and far too in love with herself for words. The blonde’s ambitions always reached up to the major companies, and she made no secret of her disdain for her smaller promotions, her rookie opponents or the venues that let her wrestle. Despite this hypocritical stance, Codi managed to thrive in the independent scene by dominating the (usually) smaller men and women she faced off against. This forward momentum only slowed when she ran up against Liberty Moore, a popular and similarly dominant wrestler that ran in the same circles.
Despite some heated back and forth battles, however, these two found themselves being considered less of a ‘draw’ to fans than exotic, international acts that local promoters were able to book. Resentful of this, Codi proposed a team-up to Liberty … shocking fans when Liberty agreed! Branding themselves “American Empire,” Codi and Liberty went on a rampage, dominating visiting wrestlers wherever they found them. American Empire divided crowds, some loving their all-American, cheesy throwback style, while others viewed the two (not unjustifiably) as xenophobic bullies.
Either way, Codi was thrilled when American Empire started getting booking offers in larger companies, and internationally. Still not the American big leagues she’d hoped for, Codi saw a chance to bring her game to the next level.

Wrestling Style: Bullying, brawling powerhouse.
Signature Moves: Body slams, cross-body blocks, lariats, piledrivers, elbow drops, stiff kicks.

Trivia & Fun Facts:
- Codi was once a waitress at a restaurant owned by a famous professional wrestler of the late 70’s and early 80’s.
- Codi prides herself on having an undefeated record on World Star, despite this being the furthest thing from a sports promotion one could find.
- Codi believes that Journey is the absolute epitome of music, and will physically fight anyone that says otherwise.


Hometown: Pensacola, FL, USA
Age: 23
Height & Weight: 5’10” & 167 lbs.
Personality & History: A third-generation army brat, Liberty looked toward athletics as a way to do something different with her life. After forays into boxing and judo, Liberty discovered professional wrestling and fell in love immediately. With an impressive look and powerful build, Liberty became popular on her local scene quickly, and decided that it was worth it to pursue professional wrestling full-time.
Liberty’s momentum only slowed when she ran up against equal competition in Codi Justice. Liberty and Codi exchanged wins and losses across the American Southeast, and Liberty felt as if this were the feud that would get her noticed. When the duo wasn’t treated with the same gravitas as visiting wrestlers, however, Liberty began to worry about her future prospects.
It was this worry that allowed Codi to convince her that an alliance would be a better idea than trying to destroy each other in a feud. With some convincing, Codi turned Liberty’s attention to the international wrestlers that were becoming more popular in their scene and convinced her that overcoming them would be that stepping stone her career needed. In a shocking show, Liberty betrayed the fans and teamed up with Codi to destroy a popular visiting wrestler, and American Empire was born. Now, Liberty and Codi have become popular enough to get attention from international promotions themselves and look to take their American Exceptionalism abroad.
Originally optimistic and enthusiastic, Liberty has always held a strong competitive streak. She loves to make her opponents look weak, feeling like it’s the easiest way to make herself look strong. That same insecurity, however, also drives Liberty’s will to succeed, giving her an enormous fear of failure that can be twisted into courage, when she wishes.

Wrestling Style: Grappling powerhouse.
Signature Moves: Body slams, piledrivers, powerbombs.

Trivia & Fun Facts:
- Libby was a cheerleader in high school and college, mainly because she was outright denied a chance to go on the field.
- Liberty has a cousin who is a well-known MMA fighter, and the two have had numerous family gatherings go awry when their ‘debate’ of which is the superior sport got too intense.
- Libby is enormously into K-Pop, and has an old iPod full of the stuff that is a jealously guarded secret from Codi.
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