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Torra Shinjiro

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Name: Torra Shinjiro

Age: 20 Years Old

Sex: male

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Red

Height: 6 Feet Tall

Weight: 139 Pounds

Nationality: Japanese/American

Alignment: face

Wrestling stats

Nicknames: the agile pretty boy, the crimson rose, the beautiful speedster.

Strength; 4/10

Stamina: 10/10


Agility: 10/10

Endurance: 7.8/10

Strikes: 8.1/10

Intelligence: 7.3/10

[Theme Song:

favorite moves: Judo like flips, Boston crab, A master of CQC (Close Quarter Combat) power bombing , And Many Other Quick Attacks.

Face Throw:

Air/Land Blackflip Kick: ... o1_400.gif

Going In Fast: ... o1_500.gif

A master of CQC (close quarter combat):

Fighting Style: Fast, Agile And Flexible, striker, grappler

Preferred Matches: Any Match Works

finishing move: Arm Stretcher: (He jumps behind you and grabs both your hands and puts feet on your back and then pulls hard until they give up.)

Back Bender: (He would sweep your legs to make you fall. But before you hit the ground he would go underneath you and grabs your head and feet or ankle *Depending on the foes size* and pulls his legs up to make your back bend up as he pulls to make you feel pain and it'll last until you give up)

Steel Spider Monkey Choke: (He would jump on your back wrap his arms around your neck. And then wrap his legs around your body and squeeze and choke you very tightly until you pass out or give up)

Personality:Torra is a kind hearted and friendly person who loves to help others and loves to fight for fun, people sometimes underestimate him for his slender built, big mistake on their part. Despite his rough past he still has a optimistic point of view, "Its better to look to the future than to mope about the past" he also a bit naive and usually marches to the beat of his own drum, he's a bit of a oddball like bringing food into a match cause he's hungry, or other odd stuff, but he sticks to his ideals, and he likes to act playfully like a cat or tease with words. Also Samantha often jokes about hes too pretty for his own good. He's Truely one of a kind

History: His real parents are unknown as he was abandoned and left in a foster home, he was teased and beaten by the other kids and even the adults for his long red hair and glowing red eyes. He ran away at the age of 6, he was eventually found by a small group of men who were looking for children to sell for child labor, then they took him to america to be sold, and for 3 years he was a slave, forced to do manual work and even some hints of him being trained as a child soilder, (though he will deny it if brought up) one day once he was 9, he was brought with the men to hunt down a woman who failed to pay the money she owed them, 2 of them held her down and the boss beated her pretty badly, the boss handed Torra a pistal, the only gun he could use so far and told him to shoot. The woman begged to be spared as the boss told him to shoot or he'll kill her and him himself, this made torra decided that he had enough! He suddenly shot all 3 of the men in the stomach so they weren't kill her. the woman was happy and shocked but mostly happy, Torra escaped and ran. Eventually after a while in america he was founded by a very attractive woman who took him in and raised him as a son.
This woman had lots of daughters and always wanted a son, they treated him like hes one of their own. He loved them they loved him very much,
He was homeschooled and taught how to fight back.
as he grew older his looks got the many attention of people, not knowing what to do about it he just goes with it. After years of training hes now a lightweight yet a skilled and technical opponent who fights not for any title or fame, no he fights for the fun of it.

record: 1 wins 3 losses


Part 2:

"Hmmm foooooood.... what I'm hungry and thirsty "

"I made a bet with my friend.... and I lost..... this does feel comfy though"
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