How to Make your GIF Profile Pic on LAW

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How to Make your GIF Profile Pic on LAW

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Just a quick thread on how to create gif profile avatars for your LAW profile. It can be really annoying having to do a search for everything on how to do this so I dumbed it down so you spend less time trying to do this and more time responding to your forums and distracting your fellow peers with foxy animu girls or your favorite Jojo's Bizarre Adventure character. Please see below and have fun can't wait to see what you guys come up with ;)

I'll be straight forward in helping your search. The requirements for a GIF to work on this site

Height : 300
Width : 250

0 -2 Mib/MB File Size

Use for file compression to help shorten the file size


Use the resizer below to set the image size and click resize image below


Please feel free to use GIFRun to use certain youtube clips as well to convert to gifs and follow the same process above to set the file image to the site's standards.
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