Sakura Haruno (Fantasy)

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Sakura Haruno (Fantasy)

Unread post by ragaz » Tue Aug 13, 2019 8:20 pm

Sakura Haruno, The Brawling Medic.
Name: Sakura Haruno
Age: 30
Height: 5'5''
Weight: 121 lbs
Nationality: Konoha
Alignment: Good

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Background summary.
Sakura was born, raised and lives in a ninja village called Konoha. After many years of training, she ascended to the rank of an elite ninja. That means she can take on various dangerous missions and get paid for it accordingly. While she's not busy with missions outside the village, she spends her time in hospitals healing patients or bossing around other medics, since she's also the boss of the medical department of the village. Sakura usually gets home relatively late, but she has a daughter to meet her, something that brightens up her busy life.
On rare occasions she would meet her husband, but he spends most of his time outside the village on the most difficult missions, so Sakura feels lonely from time to time.

Usually kind and caring, but if the right buttons are pushed, her temper might show itself. Sakura is hard working and determined, these traits developed overtime, mostly thanks to her strict sensei that drilled some discipline into her. Due to absence of her husband, she developed a little more open sexual orientation. In battle she can be rather competitive and stubborn, yet not losing the sight of her goal.

Skills and Abilities

Physical enhancement - Using her energy (chakra), Sakura can enhance her strength to the level where she can punch craters into existence or throw massive objects. Enhancing her strength is her go-to ability in battle.
Sakura can do the same to enhance her speed and durability.

Medical techniques - Sakura can apply her energy (chakra) to various medical procedures such as healing, surgery, poison extraction. She can also can coat her hands in chakra and turn them into chakra scalpels that can cut pretty much any body tissue.

Byakugo Seal and Regeneration - The diamond shaped dot on her forehead is a seal that hoards a massive amount of chakra as a reserve. Upon releasing the seal, marks spread through Sakura's body and further enhancing her physical abilities. In that state, Sakura can survive fatal wounds and they heal automatically in seconds at most.
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Transformation - Sakura can change her appearance into any person or object.

Substitution - Sakura can switch places with a nearby object (a log or a rock). The object appears only after it has been hit. Very good to fool the opponent, making them think that they hit Sakura, leaving them open for a counter-attack.

Clones - Sakura can create a couple of intangible clones that can't attack. They can only work as a distraction.

Equipment/Tools - Kunai knives, shuriken, explosive tags, smoke bombs, sleep gas, poison, food pills (boost her energy).

Skills - Martial arts, medical knowledge, cunning, weapon mastery. Sakura can also walk on vertical surfaces or ceiling or walk on water by focusing her chakra at the point of contact. Sakura can also dispel illusions.

Fighting Style:
Sakura's main method of combat is to overwhelm her opponent with her power, speed and martial arts. Of course not every battle is the same, she was also taught to properly dodge the opponent's attacks. In case she needs to change up her tactics a bit, certain techniques and tools are great for deceiving the enemy in order to score a surprise blow. And in case everything fails, Sakura has her seal and regeneration to endure and outlast her opponent.

1. Even though Sakura has a lot of chakra, it has a limit.
2. The regeneration of the Byakugo seal shortens her lifespan.
3. Her main offense is limited to hand to hand combat.
4. Has a temper.
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