Attack on Avatar - Mikasa vs Korra

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Re: Attack on Avatar - Mikasa vs Korra

Unread post by ragaz »

This was a much more vicious than anything one could see on some wrestling federation match. These two women were not gonna let the other to have a breath, they pounce on their opponent immediately and relentlessly.
Just like Korra here, tripping Mikasa and immediately going in to flatten Mikasa's head to the mat, but the latter rolled away and quickly got her feet. However, Korra too was quick to get on her feet and was the first to strike Mikasa in the face, followed with a couple of punches to the ribs, then an uppercut to the chin to straighten Mikasa up before landing a couple more jabs on Mikasa's abs that were making Korra feel slightly aroused, challenged and even jealous, yet feeling admiration as well.
A hard jab to the nose straightened Mikasa up once again.

Korra had the intention of putting her opponent down to the mat with a couple of strong blows, but it seems the Avatar underestimated the Ackerman's tenacity, who in a split second capitalized on Korra standing on a single leg, catching the latter in a grapple and taking Korra down to the mat the same way Eren had once taken the armoured titan down to the ground.


Korra's upper back and the back of her head hit the mat hard. Hard enough to crack the area they had struck. "Uaagh!"

This was only the start of Korra's troubles as Mikasa, not waiting for anything, of course, straddled the tan woman and started pounding her. It took a couple of punches to the face to snap Korra out of her previous dizziness. "ohppf... ghhk!"
But then Korra started guarding her head with her arms, but the punches continued raining for a while and it got Korra quite annoyed.

She didn't care if she would get hit in the process, but she wanted to land some hits of her own. And so, she would wait for what she considered would be the best moment before dropping her guard and sending a swift left-right combo for Mikasa's face.
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Re: Attack on Avatar - Mikasa vs Korra

Unread post by SwordSavior1 »

Having learned the art of combat to survive and protect as opposed to pride, it wasn't too alarming too see Mikasa as this relentless fighter, especially with this being more on the lines of a personal endeavour than just practice.

Having successfully avoided Korra's overhead attack, her still being close to the bender led to Mikasa being punished by further blows. She hasn't recalled fighting someone with bare hands this intensely before, even what happened with Annie paled in comparison to this. Maybe Mikasa would have shown more respect to her opponent's physique and skill if that line wasn't crossed.

Having almost reached a nose bleed, Mikasa pounced at the best time when Korra's form wasn't stable. A listener would presume giant monsters were fighting nearby thanks to uproar's recent slam. How long can this arena hold? Having witnessed this move in motion enough times midst her bitterness, she immediately capitalised with repeated punches. "You are outmatched..." She uttered while continuing to pummel Korra midst her guard, alternating between the body and head even.

However her own progress would be halted by the tanned woman's retaliation. "Ughh!" Her head whipping back as a result of Korra's swift strikes. Yet her legs still remained anchored. Glaring at her foe once again, she tried anticipating for another punch. If the bender were to throw another hand, Mikasa would try to catch said punch and lean to the side. pulling Korra's forelimb in between her thighs for an armbar. If instead no further retaliation came from the tanned woman, the soldier would instead try to incapacitate her target with further punches for a battle of attrition.

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