JHW TV Tournament Final - Ijeoma vs DeMONIQUE

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JHW TV Tournament Final - Ijeoma vs DeMONIQUE

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Sasha. DeMONIQUE: the holder of Joshi Hail Wrestling’s “Quiet Storm” title decides to drop it due to injury. The violence of her previous title defence had taken it’s toll on her sturdy frame and rather than hold on to a belt that she wasn’t going to defend, she sees fit to hand it over to the greatest champion of all time: vacant.

During Sasha’s recovery a new face appears in JHW as a freelancer. Ijeoma Okafor, a bubbly, seemingly happy-go-lucky wrestler with a hard hitting arsenal in the ring. She would use her thick proportions and outgoing personality to rally the crowd and embarrass her opponents. Along with a following from previous promotions she wrestled in, she started to make a name for herself in JHW. Due to her heritage of Black and Japanese ancestry and afro styled hair she was quickly compared to Sasha in her early days, with some remarking on their resemblance. Ijeoma would jokingly remark “not all Blasians look the same” during interviews, but ran with it and would announce that she was in fact “Sasha-chan’s” little sister. Despite the teasingly fake news, social media would buzz that Sasha had a sister that was also a wrestler and despite Sasha constantly refuting this, Ijeoma’s personality overshadowed the truth of the situation.

Sasha returns to action, mainly in trios matches with stable mates Asiah Silva and Sarah Skull. Sasha would hear from others that Ijeoma is looking to meet her “big sister”, which would annoy her. Mild anxiety would cause Sasha to flee to a locker room, or quickly leave the venue to avoid her “little sister”. In a few matches, Ijeoma would in fact be on the opposing team. Sasha would refuse to engage, deciding to instead tag herself out, causing Ijeoma to spout “aawww… my onee-tan (cute way of saying big sister) would never hurt me”. Despite Sasha trying to keep her distance though, the young upstart would constantly try to get close to her.

The time soon comes for Joshi Hail’s annual television tournament, simply known as the JHP TV Tourney. The one-night elimination tournament comprises 8 competitors, with a monetary prize, trophy and a shot at the Quiet Storm championship. Sasha, due to her status as a former Quiet Storm champ is entered. But to her chagrin Ijeoma is also entered. Her high energy is seen as a boon to television ratings, and her freelance status makes her a wildcard to the competition. Regardless of Ijeoma’s status in the company she defeats her two opponents to make it to the finals. Sasha, almost feeling like her infuriating rival made it to the finals to annoy her, realises that with her own two victories: she now has to face Ijeoma.

JHP TV Tourney final

Sasha and Ijeoma are both about to have their third match of the night. The crowd is excited and TV ratings rise.

Sasha is called to the ring first. Her entrance to Inner Fear’s Lustmistress plays as she calmly walks to the ring, donning her dark and glistening robe. Her inner frustration has turned to hope. Hope that she will finally beat up this agitating menace.

Conversely, Ijeoma skips to the ring to the beat of her entrance theme REOL -Yoiyoi Kokon, excited at the prospect of finally getting to be face to face with a wrestler she looks up to. Her cheery smile lights up the darkness cast by Sasha’s aura, not even trying to hide her enthusiasm. The demon in the ring feels a deep disgust that prevents her from even glancing at her vivacious opponent. As Sasha’s back is turned Ijeoma holds in the urge to pounce and finally touch her. Their first physical contact is through a handshake at the referees request, after both are checked and patted down. Ijeoma can no longer hold it in. She pulls the demon in close and embraces her chest to chest at such speed Sasha can only react with surprise. Surprise turns to outright shock as Ijeoma finally grabs two handfuls of Sasha’s ballooning butt cheeks! The crowd laughs at Ijeoma’s action and Sasha’s reaction. Sasha quickly disengages and backs away as the ref calls for the starting bell.

Ijeoma Okafor reaches for Sasha, both hands thrusting forward. Sasha Monique keenly notices, bares down and quickly reaches for Ijeoma. Both tangle themselves in an aggressive collar and elbow tie up, Sasha with the strength advantage, but Ijeoma being the heavier of the two. Both seem to be at a stalemate, until Sasha uses her powerful thighs to press Ijeoma back into the ropes, almost trying to force her through. The referee steps in to break the hold. DeMONIQUE relents before the ref starts to count, but with a fearsome overhand chop she ripples Ijeoma’s chest! Ijeoma’s eyes bulge as her breath is taken away. Monique follows with a knee to the gut, hunching her opponent over. The ref shouts a warning at Sasha, so the Demon decided on an Irish Whip to pull her thick opposition off the ropes. Ijeoma grasps Sasha’s pulling hand, twists around and instead sends Sasha running to the opposite end of the ring with a reverse Whip. Sasha runs, rebounds off the ropes almost impressed at Ijeoma taking her initial strikes. Ijeoma takes the brief moment to recover before both meet in the centre of the ring. They clash shoulder to shoulder, with the afro sensation almost turned to her side during the ricochet. Ijeoma’s weight usually makes her a powerhouse against her usually lighter Japanese opponents. Now she’s facing someone who can match her.

DeMONIQUE has no time to marvel at the annoyance in front of her, she grabs around Ijeoma’s head with her left hand and blasts her opponent’s face with four forearms with her right. Ijeoma already seems rocked. Sasha follows up with a snapmare, somersaulting Ijeoma onto her back. She sits her foe up and putting her Karate skills to use, kicks Ijeoma in the back! Inside Ijeoma screams in pain, but for the crowd she shakes it off. Sasha steps with mixed sense of surprise and disdain as Ijeoma gets up and replies with a snapmare of her own. Sasha however is too agile and rather than landing on her back, rotates to her feet, her usual reply to a snapmare attempt. Sasha briefly holds her hands out to the side as if to say “how’s that?” and again grabs Ijeoma for a snapmare. This time though, Ijeoma too lands on her feet, wowing the crowd and annoying Sasha. During Sasha’s state, Ijeoma locks onto Sasha’s arm. She holds onto Sasha to throw her with a hip toss, but Sasha while in midair is able to twist out and reverse the throw with an arm drag takedown. Ijeoma quickly rises to her feet, startled by the quick throw, but aims straight for her onee-chan. Sasha quickly locks the arm of her oncoming opponent for her own hip toss, but it’s thwarted by Ijeoma replicating Sasha’s escape and arm dragging the Demon. The audience let out an audible gasp of amazement, but Sasha isn’t impressed. She gets up and runs at Ijeoma with a dropkick. Ijeoma thinking the same thing runs in for her own dropkick, both narrowly missing each other. The crowd claps in approval.

As the crowd claps for both wrestlers, Ijeoma rises to bow and scrape to the audience, causing the audience to chuckle. Sasha is not amused and orders the crowd to “shut up!” in anger. Ijeoma uses the opportunity of brief distraction to roll up Sasha with a school girl pin. Ijeoma seemingly runs as she attempts to keep Sasha’s shoulders to the mat, with the ref almost counting the 3 just before Sasha escapes! The count was so close that Sasha, on all fours, looks to the ref to be reassured that she didn’t just lose.

Ijeoma sees another opportunity here. She grabs and steps over Sasha’s arm, forcing a hammerlock and rolls Sasha over into a La Magistral cradle pin! The ref goes down to count:



Sasha escapes, again just before the referee counts to three!

Sasha is up quickly this time and as Ijeoma steps forward to grapple, Sasha counters with a snap kick to the stomach. Ijeoma doubles over, clutching her gut, as Sasha leaps over Ijeoma with a sunset flip, attempting to throw Ijeoma down for a pinning predicament. But the bubbly beauty keeps her footing, grabs Sasha’s legs that are rapidly kicking to gain more leverage and uses her ample posterior to sit on Sasha’s face to again pin Sasha! Monique’s shock only gives Ijeoma a 2 count. However, Sasha stays on her back once Ijeoma is forced off. Ijeoma, amused at Sasha’s reaction steps over her. Ijeoma slapping her own ass then drops her wide load onto Sasha’s full chest with a butt senton. It’s another pin attempt, but this time it gains a 2(.5) count.

The crowd claps in approval for Ijeoma while laughing at Sasha’s rage as she kicks the bottom rope in frustration. Sasha turns her anger back to Ijeoma and runs towards her, with Ijeoma countering with a headlock takeover. Sasha, on her back, uses her legs to reach and headscissor Ijeoma. Ijeoma is forced to give up the headlock and tries to kip-up out of the headscissors applied to her. Sasha’s thighs are too thick and strong and Ijeoma is unable to slip out so easily. Instead she swivels her body so that she is no longer on her back but on her front. She gives the crowd a show, sticking her large rear in the air and proceeds to headstand and flip out of Sasha’s hold. As Sasha sits up, Ijeoma is standing by and swats Sasha’s head with a standing hip thrust, with the crowd exclaiming with the signature “aye!” on impact.

Sasha is not happy. Ijeoma senses retaliation and quickly wraps her arms around Sasha’s with a sleeper hold. Sasha’s keen senses enables her to guard her neck by tucking her chin. She fights to a vertical position, and upon getting to her feet is able to wrap one of her arms around the back of Ijeoma’s waist. Ijeoma has slightly transitioned to a side headlock, realising she couldn’t properly lock in the sleeper and soon feels herself being lifted into the air, perhaps for a backdrop suplex. Ijeoma in panic shifts her weight quickly using her lower centre of gravity to keep her feet on the mat. With the crisis averted she unintentionally eases up on the headlock. Sasha thuds elbow strikes into Ijeoma’s back and fully escapes Ijeoma’s grasp. Sasha looks to run the ropes but not before Ijeoma clutches at the back of Sasha’s leotard, preventing Sasha from getting too far. Ijeoma gets both hands under the cut of Sasha’s leotard and hikes it right up the middle. Sasha lets out a slight squeal as the wedgie is driven up her centre. The referee, snickering, warns Ijeoma, but Ijeoma has already gotten what she wants. She quickly pulls an uncomfortable Sasha back and flings her over with a snap German suplex. The back of Sasha’s head hits hard and the momentum sends Sasha rolling to the ropes. Sasha in a state of embarrassment seeks shelter on the floor as she adjusts her gear to ease the wedgie and cameltoe, before climbing up to the apron. Ijeoma, chuckling to herself decides to run at Sasha and bounces Sasha off the apron with a hip attack through the ropes. Sasha crashes to the floor while Ijeoma’s phat bottom sits on the middle rope while she manually jiggles it for the crowd. The ref issues a warning to Ijeoma, but it’s drowned out by the crowd’s cheers of commendation.

Ijeoma feeds off the crowd as Sasha tries to get her bearings on the floor. Ijeoma further rouses the crowd, rhythmically clapping above her head as she watches Sasha rise to her feet. With the crowd behind her clapping, the heavyset wrestler runs the ropes, picking up speed on the rebound and using the rope as an aid somersaults out of the ring with a Topé con Giro. There are no barriers or guard rails between Sasha and the front row. Sasha sees it coming too late and both crash to the hard floor and into the front row of the auditorium, with the crowd letting out a rousing “oooh” of wonderment at Ijeoma’s athleticism. The referee, still in the ring, looks over at the two wrestlers and begins the 20 count. Ijeoma is up first at the count of 5 after pretending to take a nap. She warns the nearby audience to move while pulling Sasha to her feet. She then grabs her, wanting to whip Sasha into the sea of chairs, but Sasha reverses the throw and it’s Ijeoma who is sent instead- but she quickly rolls through to stop herself. Sasha exasperated runs in and boots Ijeoma into the chairs with a Yakuza kick as the trainee girls try to separate the nearby crowd from the carnage. The referee fearing what DeMONIQUE might do to the freelancer on the outside makes her way to the floor and beckons Sasha to bring the bout back into the ring. Sasha complies, but has sinister intentions. She pulls Ijeoma up from the wreckage and seemingly to push her into the ring, but rebelliously lifts one of Ijeoma’s thighs grabs under her other thigh, lifting her into a powerbomb position and slams Ijeaom’s body onto the edge of the ring apron. As Ijeoma’s back slides down the edge of the ring to the floor Sasha remarks “oh no, she landed on the hardest part of the ring”. While in agony on the floor Ijeoma replies “the hardest part of the ring is the ring post”. Sasha seethes with anger, but upon hearing the ref restart the outside count, remembers her intention and slides back into the ring. Hunching over the top rope she shouts “just stay there!”

As Sasha recovers and calms herself, Ijeoma is fighting through pain to get back into the ring as the referee administers the outside count. Some members of the audience call Ijeoma’s name, beckoning her into the ring, with more calling out as the referee gets closer to the count of 20. Ijeoma at the count of 18 slides back into the ring under the bottom rope. The crowd cheers and claps for her resilience, but she is hurt and just lays on her back. Sasha just wants to end it and pins Ijeoma with the leg hooked, but only for a 2 count as Ijeoma’s arm gets to the nearby rope, with the crowd again clapping and cheering for the underdog.

DeMONIQUE regains her frustration and pulls Ijeoma away from the ropes to lock in a bodyscissor from behind, with both in a sitting position, applying pressure to all of Ijeoma’s midsection. Ijeoma struggles to free herself, but Sasha pulls Ijeoma’s body back by her neck and violently strikes Ijeoma with crossface strikes. After the fourth strike Sasha releases the bodyscissor and gets up as Ijeoma coils up on the canvas gasping for air. Sasha kicks Ijeoma in the back with the side of her boot and then lands two standing elbow drops, before jumping up for a third, all landing on Ijeoma’s ribs. Ijeoma tries to roll away to defend herself, but Sasha pulls her back down to her back, leaning on her face with a forearm for a painful pin attempt. Ijeoma kicks out at 2, but Sasha quickly jumps up and slams the back of her thigh onto Ijeoma’s chest with a legdrop. As Ijeoma’s lower body recoils off the mat, Sasha is able to grab a leg and holds it while her own thigh still covers Ijeoma’s chest. The pin attempt results in another 2 count, but it’s getting closer to 3.

With each kick out, the crowd claps and rallies behind Ijeoma, but Sasha pays no attention to the crowd and goes to finish off her annoying little sist... – I mean opponent.

With Ijeoma turning to her stomach Sasha mounts her. She goes to place her right leg under Ijeoma’s arm, bending her own foot around the back of Ijeoma’s neck. Ijeoma has seen enough of Sasha’s matches to know what’s coming and with a jolt of adrenaline scurries to the ropes. Even the crowd is amazed. Ijeoma has escaped the set up for Sasha’s DeMONIQUE Dreadlock, a submission technique that taps or snaps opponents! Still Sasha is determined and begins to repeatedly stomp down on Ijeoma while she clutches the ropes. The referee is forced to pull her away from Ijeoma and Sasha receives a chorus of boos.

Sasha does not care about the crowd’s reaction at this point and pushes the referee out of her way to drag Ijeoma to the centre of the ring and get her to her feet. As she does Ijeoma breaks Sasha's grasp and performs a surprising step up knee strike (V-Trigger). The strong strike leaves Sasha standing in a daze. Ijeoma fires herself up and runs the rope. Approaching Sasha she flies for a hip attack but Sasha has recovered and counters with Ijeoma in mid air. Ijeoma is taken over onto her shoulders with a school girl pin. She kicks her legs out to escape and does, at the ref’s count of 2, but Sasha isn’t kicked off entirely and has wrapped both hands deep around Ijeoma’s waist and deadlifts the heavier wrestler into a standing powerbomb, with Sasha then straddling Ijeoma with a jackknife pin. The ref is close and counts



Ijeoma thrusts her legs up to again kick out, but Sasha smiles, transitioning her into a Boston crab to complete the “DeMONIQUE Special”. Despite Sasha’s currently heelish ways the crowd can’t help but respect her and clap at her tenacity. But that doesn’t stop the majority from rooting for Ijeoma, who is bent awkwardly in pain. Her back hurting from the recent offence as well as the previous apronbomb, she cries out as she claws her way to the ropes. Sasha yells “tap out!” but only hears the crowd calling her to the ropes. She grasps the ropes and the referee orders the rope break.

Sasha backs up to recover her stamina after using so many big moves. Meanwhile Ijeoma, almost crying in pain is getting up, aided by the ropes. Sasha cries out “why why?!” and approaches Ijeoma, who responds with punches to Sasha’s abs. Sasha is forced back by the three gut punches. Ijeoma cries out and delivers a left forearm. A right forearm. A European uppercut and prepares for a lariat as the crowd gets behind her. Ijeoma throws out the lariat but Sasha ducks and performs a standing switch, getting behind Ijeoma. She lifts Ijeoma with what looks to be a back drop suplex but drops Ijeoma with a standing powerbomb! All of the wind is blown out of Ijeoma’s sails. Sasha is tired of Ijeoma and from the match in general, but makes her way to the top rope. She makes her way up in good time and leaps off to drop a senton elbow drop combination, but Ijeoma has it scouted and manages to roll out of the way, escaping the piercing blow, as the falling Demon slams into the mat. Ijeoma is now up, she runs the ropes, while Sasha is down on her back and after a forward roll, she performs a somersault senton (rolling thunder) right onto Sasha’s stomach. Sasha is winded, but Ijeoma’s offence was slightly ill-advised as her back spasms in pain. She fights through anyway and hooks Sasha’s leg for a pinfall attempt.



Sasha kicks out. The crowd claps for Sasha’s refusal to lose and Ijeoma smiles through the pain, feeling a sense of pride for getting this far against her opponent. She picks up Sasha to her feet to continue her offence but Sasha breaks Ijeoma’s grasp and with a high roundhouse she aims for Ijeoma’s head. Ijeoma again has Sasha scouted and blocks the head blow, catching Sasha’s foot and violently yanking it back under her, causing Sasha to fall to her front, almost face first. Ijeoma dodged another bullet, but knows Sasha still has ammunition. Unfortunately the match is taking it’s toll and she has to rest slightly just to follow up as she watches Sasha making it back to her feet. It takes hearing one fan call out “Ijeoma” for her to regain enough energy to run the ropes and land a step up knee to Sasha’s face! Sasha covered up slightly but is knocked down. She turns to her front and tries to get up on all fours as Ijeoma rallies the crowd, slapping her ass, signalling she will use her “funky weapon” (alla Ryusuke Taguchi). Ijeoma again runs the ropes, rebounds and all Sasha sees are two huge cheeks approaching her uncovered head as Ijeoma’s giant ass crashes into her! The crowd cheers. Ijeoma sits on top of Sasha’s bosom with her back to her and hooks a leg for the pin



3 doesn’t come as Ijeoma only scores yet another near fall! As the crowd bellow out in surprise.

Ijeoma signals the end. She ties up Sasha’s legs and turns her over for a Texas Cloverleaf. She locks it in, but the pain in her back prevents her from arching Sasha’s back as deep as she normally would. Even so, this is no fun for Sasha. She almost can’t tell if this is truth or dream. Deep down inside she feels the strain and uses her strong arms to raise her body and crawl to the ropes. But the pain is sinking in and Sasha collapses. Ijeoma looks back at Sasha hoping she’s tapped out, or passed out. Sasha’s conscious and looks like she will tap out. The audience’s level of excitement heightens as the Demon looks to end this hell and give in, but the burning anger in her heart powers her to pace forward on her forearms and reach the ropes.

Ijeoma lets go of the submission hold as the referee signals the rope break and checks on Sasha. Sasha rolls under the bottom rope while she’s checked on and at the same time Ijeoma falls to her knees knowing that was her chance to beat one of her idols. As she hears the referee start another count and realises Sasha is outside the ring, maybe she can get a count out victory. However she sees Sasha making it back to her feet and realises Sasha won’t lose to a count out. Ijeoma fires herself up, thumping the mat as she gets up. Sasha is alerted, but in a haze of back pain. Ijeoma runs back to the ropes, rebounds and aims at Sasha with a baseball slide under the bottom rope, not wanting to risk more injury to her own back. Sasha, though, saw it coming and side steps, sliding herself into the ring. Ijeoma is surprised as their situations are reversed and quickly looks to follow Sasha back into the ring. Meanwhile Sasha has enough steam to rebound of the opposite ropes. Ijeoma just makes it to a knee after sliding through the bottom rope and is met by Sasha’s “Sparkling Witch” (shining wizard) kick. Ijeoma flies into the ropes, as does Sasha before slumping to the canvas.

The referee checks on both Ijeoma and Sasha. Both are exhausted but signal they can continue. Still the ref steps back to start a down count. At the count of 1, Sasha pounds the mat and gets up. She drags Ijeoma to her feet by the trunks, still gasping for air. She grits her teeth to lift her opponent’s bulk in the air, although she does so with evident ease. Ijeoma is now caught in torture rack but is soon back down to the canvas with an Argentine neckbreaker. Upon impact Ijeoma clutches the back of her neck, forsaking her already hurting lower spine. However soon Ijeoma realises the pain won’t go away from clutching her spine and assumes the position on her back to signal her defeat. Sasha yells out before going for the cover with a lateral press with some in the crowd almost groaning that Ijeoma’s been beaten.

The ref counts



3 however eludes Sasha as the deflated crowd cries for Ijeoma to continue, clapping and cheering as she does so. Ijeoma has survived a move that would finish weaker opponents. With the state that Ijeoma is in however, DeMONIQUE already feels like she’s meted out justice and proceeds to again stand Ijeoma up. Ijeoma though, despite the pain, doesn’t regret not giving up, feeling like she hasn’t shown Sasha everything she’s got. She can’t lose without truly giving it her all against such an opponent. Sasha aims to Irish whip Ijeoma into the corner, but Ijeoma musters the strength to reverse the whip. But still grasping Sasha’s wrist she pulls her back to herself and headbutts Sasha right on the forehead. The blow sends Sasha down to one knee and while dazed herself Ijeoma still tightly grips Sasha’s hand. She soon appears to snap out of it and pulling Sasha to her feet, lifts her over her shoulder to set up her belly to belly piledriver variation. Ijeoma’s Gyaru Driver. An obstinate Sasha frees herself over Ijeoma’s shoulder and lands on her feet, but still in a daze doesn’t fight back so quickly. Ijeoma again feeling some strain in her back elects to instead now whip Sasha into the corner turnpads. Sasha in a moment of clarity jumps before hitting the corner and uses the ropes as steps to corkscrew senton onto Ijeoma, hitting her on the head with her heel!

Both Ijeoma and Sasha are down again, but not for long as Sasha sees victory. Too tired to again lift Ijeoma she stalks her. Ijeoma slowly stumbles to her feet and as she turns around Sasha runs in for her signature STO backbreaker. Ijeoma, almost out of pure instinct meets her and using Sasha’s momentum swings the former champ off her feet and thrusts her down with a spinning side slam (Deep Six/ Bossman Slam). The crowd erupts. Ijeoma could win with this. Sasha knows it and attempts to roll away. Ijeoma splashes onto Sasha into a lateral press for the pin, but as the ref goes to count the fall, Sasha already has her leg on the bottom rope.

Ijeoma gets up, clutching her back in pain as Sasha stays down on all fours. Ijeoma feels this match can be hers. Sasha’s glistening backside reinvigorates Ijeoma and her playful imagination returns. She goes over to Sasha and begins to spank her ass yelling “ganbatte” (do your best) causing Sasha’s dormant anger to resurface. Ijeoma seemingly runs away to the ropes as Sasha blazes to her feet. Ijeoma rebounds and runs at Sasha but Sasha intercepts and screaming out throws Ijeoma into the air looking for her pop-up gutbuster. Yet Ijeoma manoeuvrers herself and counters with a dropkick. The unexpected kick sends Sasha to the canvas hard. Ijeoma in her excitement tells everyone “Shooting Star!!”. This rouses the crowd further as Ijeoma stomps her way to the apron and up to the top rope. Then she realises: Sasha’s too far away. Worse still: Sasha is already getting up. Ijeoma in a panic leaps off the top turnbuckle and instinct dictates she attack with her ass with a seated senton. Sasha is pressed to the mat as Ijeoma rolls off of her in amazement and screams out to the crowd. The auditorium responds with loud cheers.

Ijeoma, puts her adrenaline to use and grabs onto Sasha’s legs. Like a demon horse Sasha attempts to kick out and escape but Ijeoma persists, hooking Sasha’s legs and tying them up, twisting her body and stepping over for another Texas Cloverleaf, but this time sitting in deep, doing it right to lock in her “Imported Cloverleaf”. The crowd are in awe. Some still scream for Sasha to escape but the bulk of the audience want to to see the underdog get her shine. Sasha refuses to tap, but the pain begins to set in again. The same is true for Ijeoma. Reality begins to hit and she can’t believe it. She is about to let go of the hold as Sasha begins to claw her way to the ropes. But Sasha’s power fails her and she stops. Ijeoma decides to hold on and braces back, almost bending Sasha in half. Sasha is about to tap. She refuses as the referee asks if she gives up. Sasha buries her head into the canvas to hide her pain. The ref looks closer. Ijeoma won’t let go. Sasha powers up and begins to crawl again, but her hand slips. She buries her head in the canvas again, knowing she is forced to make a painful decision and lightly taps out.

The crowd erupt with awe and amazement. Ijeoma can’t believe it despite the ref telling her it’s over. The Imported Cloverleaf is still firmly locked in. The ref calls for the bell and Ijeoma finally realises and drops the hold, collapsing to her knees almost in tears from the joy. Sasha is flat out on her front as the trainee girls spray and ice her back. Sasha can’t believe it and keeps her head buried in the mat, before settling her spirit to show her face. Meanwhile Ijeoma is helped up and her arm raised by the referee as the announcer calls out the winner of the match and this year's JHW TV Tourney winner: Ijeoma Okafor! Sasha lets out a scream as she sees Ijeoma’s arm raised. She is helped up by the girls, with Sasha not making it easy for them like a Diva. Regardless Ijeoma approaches Sasha and goes to shake her hands. Sasha looks Ijeoma straight in the face, almost wishing death on her, but simmers down. She begins to stand under her own strength and reluctantly shakes Ijeoma’s hands. Ijeoma is so happy that she pulls Sasha in and lifts her up with a bearhug, remarking “my back is in agony, but I don’t care because I’m with my big sister!” She then proceeds to clutch Sasha’s butt cheeks. Sasha seething, but with little strength to hurt Ijeoma uses all her remaining energy to shakes herself free and stumbles to the canvas before rolling under the bottom rope and out of the ring, still angry and frustrated.

Ijeoma is awarded a trophy and a giant novelty cheque as confetti and streamers burst over the ring. In her closing speech she thanks everyone for their support and for believing in her. She ends her promo by announcing that even though she beat Sasha, “I still love my big sister!”

Meanwhile Sasha’s deflated in the back, hearing the speech and only uttering “damn it”.

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