Selynda 'Wonder Babe' Star vs Jem Holland: Total Domination Match

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Re: Selynda 'Wonder Babe' Star vs Jem Holland: Total Domination Match

Unread post by winner3 » Wed Oct 31, 2018 6:09 am

The smaller, perkier blonde laid there motionless and sprawled out after suffering a harsh, ring-shaking Avalanche Fisherman's Buster at the hands of the renowned Miss Star! The audience erupted with cheers as the move hit and Selynda made sure to capitalize by plopping herself on top of the showboating streamer to seal the deal with this fall! The referee would wait patiently for Selynda to close the distance and press her breasts against Holland's for a practical, yet tired pin attempt!




With an impressive top rope driver, Selynda was able to earn a three count and the bell went off! The first fall fo the Total Domination match was awarded to Selynda Star via pin-fall! As the fans cheered the Wonder Babe on, the official knelt down beside a limp, Jem. Jem had offered no resistance or struggle as she was pinned. Her eyes practically rolled to the back of her head as she laid there, spread eagle even after Selynda finished pinning her. The referee would raise her arms and cross them to signal her executive decision.

"Jem is unable to continue! Get a medic out here! Victory goes to Selynda Star!" She'd order the timekeeper and announcer to make the call. Jem was in bad shape. It seemed that a pin and knockout were all she could handle while facing the former actress and standout athlete in Selynda.Star earned a convincing ppv win tonight and Jem would be carted off on a stretcher to hopefully begin a speedy recovery process!
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Re: Selynda 'Wonder Babe' Star vs Jem Holland: Total Domination Match

Unread post by 321Shazam » Sat Nov 03, 2018 8:16 am

Selynda would hear the bell ring and she thought this was only the beginning, but it was in fact the end. The opener of the PPV had ended with Jem not being physically able to continue the match. What was a friendly bout between friends turned into a war. One that Jem needed to recover from.

Selynda would go and follow Jem on her way to LAW medical, but she’d be stopped backstage by management due to her actions. This match was going to effect the company’s trust in the Wonder Babe as a headliner.

Winner- Selynda Star

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